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Smartproxy is determined to provide easy-to-use data access solutions and proxy management tools for anyone. With us, you level the playing field against huge data hoarding companies, competitors and more technically-able companies. Why Smartproxy? The product – data access solutions Smartproxy gives users access to 50M+ unique IP addresses every month in 195+ locations, states and cities worldwide. Our products are easy to use with any software, automation script or web scraper. Smartproxy offers a suite of free tools that help clients access data in any location around the world. The backbone of this platform are Smartproxy’s free proxy management solutions: an on-site dashboard, a public API, browser extensions, Address Generator and more. The platform prices access to residential, mobile, and datacenter proxies. Smartproxy is used by clients ranging from individuals to universities and Fortune’s 500 companies. Most of our clients can be defined by their need to access public data en masse, be it for data gathering (usually called web scraping), retail price comparison or market intelligence. Unlike other proxy providers, Smartproxy gives clients access to any number of exit nodes, thus users are extremely unlikely to lose access to the data they need. With globally available IP addresses, Smartproxy ensures access to localized data for everyone. As Smartproxy strives to create an environment for business growth, it is the go-to major proxy provider for startup founders and single-preneurs – people exploring new and experimental ways of making money by accessing data and goods. As a major proxy provider Smartproxy prevents abuse on its network by blocking some servers targeted by fraudulent activity. No legal use case is prevented after a simple KYC process where a suspected fraudulent client provides information about their use case. Thanks to this, Smartproxy gains a lot of information about the newest and most unorthodox business cases.