Top 10 VPN extensions for Mozilla Firefox in 2024

Explore the top 10 VPN extensions available for the Mozilla Firefox browser in 2024. These cutting-edge extensions offer enhanced functionality for Firefox users. By utilizing one of Mozilla's premier VPN browser extensions, you can safeguard your IP address and protect your geolocation information. With a VPN, you can bolster your online security and effortlessly access restricted content.
List of the Top 10 VPNs for Mozilla Firefox
Which VPN to Choose for Mozilla Browser

List of the Top 10 VPNs for Mozilla Firefox:

This ranking is determined by considering the number of downloads and user ratings in the Mozilla Firefox browser extension catalog and identifying the VPN providers that excel in these categories.

VPN extension

Average Mozilla Firefox rating (max. is 5)

Brief description



Launches with just a few clicks, offering 60 geolocations to choose from



A straightforward extension with a user-friendly interface and the ability to customize the connection settings



One of the most popular VPNs known for its simple and pleasant interface



A free and easy-to-use VPN with an automatic startup feature

Hotspot Shield


A VPN service that provides a comprehensive working panel, displaying session duration, connection speed, and more



Offers reliable servers and impressive connection speeds

Urban Free


An excellent choice for webmasters and advanced users, featuring detailed statistics and a range of useful options



A robust VPN extension with a built-in IP address checker



An enhanced alternative to the SetupVPN service, offering an expanded selection of geolocations in its free version



A convenient and efficient free VPN extension with a limitation of 2GB traffic usage

Let's move on to a detailed overview of each of the VPN services presented above.


By connecting VeePN to your browser, the extension will automatically redirect you to a web page that describes the benefits of the paid version of this VPN extension. If you decide to purchase it, you'll enjoy ad blocking, the ability to connect multiple devices under one subscription, and access to a broader range of countries where VeePN servers are located. However, if these advantages are not essential to you, the free basic version is sufficient for anonymous browsing on the Internet. Free version:

  • No traffic limits;

  • Constant display of ads with a call to purchase the paid version;

  • No logs and mandatory registration;

  • 6 locations;

  • 24/7 technical support;

  • Blocking of WebRTC IP address.

Paid subscription features:

Monthly payment

Yearly payment

5-year payment




  • 2500+ servers from 60 countries;

  • Detailed connection settings;

  • Connect up to 10 devices simultaneously;

  • 30-day money-back guarantee upon request.


Browsec is one of the most popular VPN services for the Mozilla browser, with over 8 million users, confirming its reliability and effectiveness. The program offers a wide range of functions and options to fine-tune your anonymous internet connection. Activating the VPN with Browsec only takes 2 clicks. Free version:

  • No need to register;

  • Banner advertising the paid version;

  • WebRTC blocking;

  • Ability to connect a specific server to a particular site;

  • Health Check function to test the internet connection;

  • 4 locations: Singapore, Netherlands, US, and UK.

Premium version:

Monthly payment

Yearly payment

2-year payment




  • Additional 43 locations and servers with speeds up to 100 Mbps;

  • Timezone change option;

  • 7-day refund policy.


With the TunnelBearVPN extension, you can bypass blocks and visit websites anonymously. By connecting it to Mozilla Firefox, you can ignore online tracking, IP bans, and regional restrictions. Activating the VPN with TunnelBearVPN is as simple as a couple of clicks. Free version:

  • Can be used for free;

  • Registration required;

  • Easy VPN activation with a couple of clicks;

  • Access to servers in 46+ countries;

  • Monthly traffic limit of 2GB;

  • Hotkeys.

Paid version:

Monthly payment

Yearly payment

3-year payment




  • No traffic restrictions;

  • Unlimited number of devices;

  • Mobile application is available.


The TouchVPN extension is fast and user-friendly. It allows you to unblock platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, LinkedIn, and more, free of charge. TouchVPN enhances your internet security, keeps your personal data confidential, and allows you to visit any website without leaving a trace. With one click in the control panel of this extension for Mozilla Firefox, you can start the VPN, and the server location will be selected automatically. Here are the features of TouchVPN:

  • No need to register;

  • Free to use;

  • No ads;

  • Servers available in 80+ locations;

  • Automatic location selection with the fastest servers;

  • Option to configure VPN autorun when visiting specific sites;

  • Ability to blacklist websites where VPN will not be enabled.

Hotspot Shield

With the Hotspot Shield free VPN extension, you can access websites that are currently blocked for you. This service helps bypass restrictions imposed by certain countries and personal IP blocking. By ensuring privacy and protecting your personal data, you can browse the internet, download files, and watch videos without leaving a trace. The developers of Hotspot Shield position their product as the fastest VPN available, and in practice, its speed is indeed impressive. Here are the features of Hotspot Shield:

  • Free to use;

  • Daily traffic consumption limited to 500 MB;

  • Malware blocker;

  • One virtual location;

  • No logs;

  • Server speed of 2 Mb/s;

  • Automatic selection of optimal geolocation;

  • Detailed statistics including traffic consumption, session duration, connection speed, prevented threats, and current location;

  • Multiple settings;

  • White lists of sites where the VPN will work;

  • Ability to block WebRTC, cookies, ad trackers, and malware.

Paid version pricing:

Monthly payment

Yearly payment



  • Increased internet connection speed;

  • Connect up to 10 devices with one subscription;

  • No traffic limits;

  • Additional servers;

  • Advanced settings;

  • 24/7 technical support;

  • 45-day money-back guarantee within the specified period.


To use the ExpressVPN extension in the Mozilla Firefox browser, a paid subscription is required. There is no free version available. However, ExpressVPN is highly regarded for its reliability and efficiency. With its powerful servers, you can freely browse the internet, bypassing blocks, censorship, and malicious content. Here are the features of ExpressVPN:

  • No free version;

  • 160+ locations across 105 countries;

  • 24/7 technical support;

  • Private DNS;

  • Built-in speed tester;

  • Unlimited traffic;

  • Emergency shutdown function in case of connection loss;

  • Advanced security technologies like split tunneling;

  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


Monthly payment

6-month payment

Yearly payment




Urban Free

The Urban Free VPN extension allows you to establish an anonymous connection using Mozilla's browser. The extension features a complex interface that appeals to web professionals and advanced PC users. Once launched, you can activate the VPN with one click. The working panel provides detailed statistics for session analysis. Here are the features of the Urban Free extension:

  • Free to use;

  • No advertising, mandatory registration, or traffic limits;

  • 80 available locations;

  • Display of current session duration;

  • Ad blocker with tracking statistics on blocked content;

  • No logs kept;

  • Display of server country in place of the extension icon.


You can ensure complete data privacy when browsing the web and engaging in other types of networking using the SetupVPN extension. By connecting this extension to your browser, you can immediately select your preferred language (Russian is available). Registration and entering a confirmation code are required before you can use the encrypted VPN connection for free. Here are the features of the free version of SetupVPN:

  • Registration required;

  • No traffic limits;

  • Cluttered interface with many minor details;

  • 100+ locations;

  • Occasional long server search times;

  • Advertising;

  • Built-in IP address checking option;

The paid version of SetupVPN:


30 days

90 days

Half a year







  • 2000 fast servers;

  • Additional 40+ locations.


Hoxx is an improved alternative to SetupVPN, offering a similar interface and a set of procedures to get started, including language selection, registration, and entering a confirmation code. Here are the features of Hoxx:

  • Free to use; no payment required;

  • Available in 50+ countries;

  • Offers free, premium, and residential servers;

  • No traffic restrictions;

  • Occasionally, server search times may be long;

  • Displays advertisements for other developer software and the paid version of Hoxx;

  • One-click IP address determination.

Features of the paid version of Hoxx:



3 months

Half a year







  • Unlocks access to 2000 additional high-speed servers and 35 more locations.


To browse anonymously with Windscribe, registration is required after installing the extension. By providing your email, password, and login, you can activate an encrypted connection and use a reliable VPN for web surfing and other tasks. With Windscribe, you can use the Mozilla Firefox browser anonymously by hiding your computer's real IP address and geolocation. Here are the features of Windscribe:

  • Free to use; no payment required;

  • Limited traffic (2GB) on the free version;

  • Auto-search for servers;

  • 69 locations available;

  • Ability to add your favorite servers;

  • Customizable ad blocker and cookies;

  • Auto-enable VPN on Mozilla startup;

  • Custom notifications.

Paid version pricing:



Individual plan



$1 per month per location

  • Windscribe premium subscription adds approximately 50 additional locations.

Which VPN to Choose for Mozilla Browser:

To simplify your decision-making process, here is a summary spreadsheet of VPNs for the Mozilla Firefox browser based on key indicators.


Appropriate VPN extensions

Bypass bans on social media, streaming services, torrents, and other sites

All extensions included in the top 10 VPN extensions for the Mozilla Firefox browser

Server auto-selection and VPN activation in a couple of clicks

TouchVPN, VeePN, ExpressVPN, Browsec, TunnelBearVPN

Many settings for professional work

Hotspot Shield, Browsec, ExpressVPN

The maximum number of locations on the free version of VPN

SetupVPN — 100+ locations

The ability to use a large number of devices on 1 subscription

TunnelBearVPN — unlimited number of devices

You can download any of the add-ons presented in the top 10 VPN extensions for the Mozilla Firefox browser in the extension directory for this browser. You can test each VPN for free after installation in Firefox.

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