Proxy settings in Zennoposter

Zennoposter is a time-saving tool that automates repetitive tasks. It allows you to delegate similar processes to a robot, including various operations on the Internet such as mass registrations, message sending, and account subscriptions. To ensure anonymous online activities, it is recommended to connect proxy servers to Zennoposter. The steps to do this are outlined below.
Why use a proxy in Zennoposter
Proxy settings in Zennoposter

Why use a proxy in Zennoposter

A proxy server acts as an intermediary between your device and the websites you visit. It hides your actual data and instead presents the IP address and geolocation of the proxy server. This effectively ensures anonymity during your online activities. Setting up a proxy in Zennoposter benefits different categories of users, including:

  • Internet marketers;
  • SMM managers;
  • Traffic specialists;
  • Internet entrepreneurs;
  • Process automation specialists;
  • Other users who wish to automate similar actions on the network.

Proxy settings in Zennoposter:

To connect your proxy server sources in Zennoposter, follow these instructions:

  1. In the application's main menu, click on the "Proxy Checker" button.
  2. Go to the "Sources" tab.
  3. Click "Add Source".
  4. In the source settings window, enter the link that contains the data of your proxy servers in the "Address" field.
  5. If the proxy servers are displayed only when JavaScript is loaded at the specified address, activate the corresponding option in the ProxyChecker settings. It is recommended to set the "Auto-detect" option.
  6. Set the protocol of the proxy servers contained in the source.
  7. Check the box next to "Check for any URL".
  8. Click on "New rule".
  9. Create a rule to check proxy servers, for example, on the website. Enter its name, specify the site address, and click the "Load" button to load the web resource's icon.
  10. Select "Contains text" as the check type.
  11. Enter a specific text found on the site in the "Value" field. For example, "Internet Search".
  12. Click the "Test" button first and then "OK".
  13. Check the box next to the created rule to activate it.
  14. Go to the "Auto-mode" tab and set the proxy download interval from the source. An optimal value would be 30 minutes.
  15. Check the box next to "Check proxy once" and click "OK" to close the source settings.
  16. Go to the "Control" tab and click the "Start" button.
  17. The automatic check of proxy servers will begin. Once the program filters out working IPs, proceed to the "Projects" section.
  18. Next to the "Proxy" option, select "Use".
  19. In the "Rules" option, choose the rule you created earlier and click "OK".
  20. The setup is now complete, and you can start your project.

It is advised not to use free proxies with Zennoposter, as they are unreliable and unstable, and cannot ensure full anonymity while browsing the Internet. It is recommended to use paid proxies for their safety and effectiveness.

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