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Users Feedback: 4.6
Performance: 4.4
Support: 4.9
Price: 4.7
Ease of Use: 4.5

Testers Feedback: 4.5
Performance: 4.5
Support: 4.8
Price: 4.4
Ease of Use: 4.4

Rating-proxy Score: 4.6
Performance: 4.7
Support: 4.9
Price: 4.4
Ease of Use: 4.4

Pros Cons
Extensive amount of proxy types No trial or test periods
Comprehensive IP Support No Free/Shared proxy types
Affordable Average uptime
Abundant Free Tools  
Average speed  
Excellent Support  
User-Friendly Interface  
Large IP Pool  
Wide Coverage  
Decent Affiliate Program  
Wide range of API solutions  


Type of IPs IPv4 and IPv6
Website Registration Date 25.10.2015
Server Locations USA, Netherlands, Spain and other 60+ locations
Proxy Categories Datacenter, ISP, Mobile, Residential
Supported Protocols HTTP/HTTPS, SOCKS5
Size of IP Pool 85,000+ IP's
IP Rotation Capability By time, by link
User Control Panel Available
Affiliate Program Yes
Security Measures Service ensure the security of Personal Data with GDPR and CCPA
Performance Good ping and speed, average uptime
Authentication Methods By static IP, by username and password
Help with settings Yes (Guides and remote configuration)
Free Trial No
Customer Support Channels Support chat, Email, Telegram, Skype
Payment Methods PayPal, Visa/Mastercard, Webmoney, Advcash, Nixmoney, PerfectMoney, Binance, Coinbase, crypto wallets (ETH, BTC, TRX, LTC, USDT and others)
Service Integration API solutions for PHP, Node.JS, Python and Java
Money-Back Guarantee 3 days period, partial refund also possible
Social Media Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, Discord, Telegram
Other Features Selection of certain city/state,
Proxy checker, Port scanner, Ping-IP, My-IP, IP-trace,  two-factor authentication

Briefly about Proxy-Seller

Proxy-Seller is one of the leading providers that has been offering its services since 2015. It supports a variety of IP types and protocols, along with a vast pool of data servers available in 60+ countries. With its extensive selection of subnets and networks, Proxy-Seller offers high-speed rates and diverse proxy types like ISP, Mobile, Residential, DC IPv4 & IPv6 proxies. Best suited for web scraping, affiliate marketing, sneakers botting, online marketplaces and gaming, Proxy-Seller is a go-to solution for those seeking top-quality proxy service.


  • ISP proxies
  • Mobile proxies
  • Datacenter IPv4 & IPv6 proxies
  • Residential proxies

ISP proxies

Proxy-Seller's ISP proxy is a top-notch solution designed to cater to users seeking reliable and high-speed connections. With support for HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5 protocols, users can seamlessly access content while ensuring data security. Boasting a speed channel of 1 Gbp/s, this proxy type guarantees lightning-fast performance for smooth browsing and downloads. What's more, Proxy-Seller offers unlimited bandwidth, allowing users to enjoy unrestricted access without worrying about data caps. The presence of MIX tariffs, combining various locations, further enhances flexibility and convenience, making Proxy-Seller an excellent choice for diverse proxy needs.

Additional features

  • Support for HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS5 protocols
  • 1 Gbps speed channel
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • The presence of the MIX tariffs with the combined locations

Mobile proxies

Proxy-Seller's Mobile proxy is a cutting-edge offering tailored for users who require anonymity and versatility. This proxy type stands out with its support for HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5 protocols, ensuring seamless access to web content. With IP rotation options based on the link or time interval, users can switch between IPs effortlessly, enhancing their privacy and security. Additionally, Proxy-Seller provides unlimited bandwidth for most tariffs, granting users the freedom to browse, stream, and download without limitations. With Mobile proxies from Proxy-Seller, users can harness the power of mobile networks for their diverse proxy needs.

Additional features

  • Support for HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS5 protocols
  • IP rotation by link or time interval
  • Unlimited bandwidth for most tariffs

DC IPv4 & IPv6 proxies

Proxy-Seller's DC IPv4 & IPv6 proxies are a robust solution catering to users in need of both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for enhanced online activities. Supporting HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5 protocols, these proxies deliver seamless and secure browsing experiences. With a 1 Gbps speed channel, users can expect lightning-fast connections, ideal for data-intensive tasks. The unlimited bandwidth ensures unrestricted access without worrying about usage caps. Additionally, Proxy-Seller offers IPv4 MIX tariffs with combined locations, providing users with a diverse pool of IPs to suit various geo-specific requirements. Embrace the power of both IPv4 and IPv6 with Proxy-Seller's versatile DC proxies.

Additional features

  • The presence of the MIX tariffs with the combined locations
  • Versatility
  • Static IP adresses

Residential proxies

Proxy-Seller's Residential proxies are the ideal choice for users seeking authentic and untraceable online experiences. These proxies offer advanced targeting options, allowing users to select proxies from specific states, cities, or providers, enhancing precision for geo-specific tasks. With no thread or proxy list limitations, users have the freedom to scale their operations without restrictions. Proxy-Seller empowers users with an unlimited number of threads and an abundance of proxy lists, ensuring seamless and efficient access to the internet while maintaining the utmost anonymity and authenticity.

Additional features

  • Targeting by state, city, provider
  • Unlimited number of threads
  • Unlimited quantity of proxy lists

Support Service

Proxy-Seller takes pride in its exceptional support service, which is available 24/7/365 to address any user queries or concerns promptly. When reaching out for assistance, users can expect rapid responses, with the support team typically answering within the first minute, ensuring minimal downtime and swift issue resolution. The support team goes above and beyond to aid users with their proxy settings, offering remote configuration assistance through Team Viewer upon request, ensuring a seamless setup process. Moreover, the support service is dedicated to helping users select the most suitable proxy tariffs that align with their unique requirements, providing personalized recommendations and ensuring users get the most out of their Proxy-Seller experience. With Proxy-Seller's customer-centric support, users can rest assured they are in capable hands for their proxy needs.

Additional features

  • Rapid response time
  • Remote proxy configuration assistance upon request
  • Personalized recommendations

Performance Testing

Ping Test

The Ping Test is a crucial measure of the latency between the client device and the server. Lower ping times indicate faster connections. Here's how our test went:

Speed Test

The Speed Test evaluates the data transfer speed when connected to the proxy server. Faster speeds are ideal for streaming, downloading, and other data-intensive tasks. Here's what we found:

  • Before using the proxy. Main location - Ukraine.

  • After using the proxy. Proxy location - USA, proxy type - ISP.

Geolocation & ISP Test

The Geolocation & ISP Test checks the accuracy of the advertised server locations and ISP. Accurate geolocation is vital for tasks requiring connection to a specific location. Here's the result of our test:

IP Addresses Compatibility

The IP Addresses Compatibility Test assesses whether the proxy IP addresses can be used seamlessly across various platforms and services. We tested the compatibility of these proxies with multiple commonly used platforms:

Website/Application Compatible
Netflix Yes
Amazon Yes
Ebay Yes
Google Yes
Facebook Yes
Tinder Yes
SproutGigs No


  DC Ipv4 DC Ipv6 ISP Mobile Residential
Starting price, USD 0.82 per IP 0.4 per 5 IP 1.15 per IP 20 per IP 1.99
Minimum rental period 7 days 3 days
Maximum rental period ∞ days
Model By IP By traffic
Trial No Yes

Proxy-Seller offers a flexible pricing policy to cater to diverse needs. For DC IPv4 proxies, the rental periods range from 1 week to 12 months, with prices starting at $0.82 per 1 IP. DC IPv6 proxies follow a similar rental period range, starting at $0.4 for 5 IPs. ISP proxies have a minimum rental period of 1 week, up to 12 months, with a starting price of $1.15 per 1 IP. Mobile proxies are available for rent from 1 week up to 6 months, with a starting price of $20 per 1 IP. Trial for Residential proxies is priced at $1.99 for 200MB, basic plan cost is $84 for 7GB of traffic. Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) and Individual plans are also available. Choose the most suitable plan and duration for your proxy requirements with Proxy-Seller's competitive pricing options.

User Interface Testing

The user interface is a crucial element of any proxy service. It is not just about looks, but more importantly, about usability and functionality. In this section, we will evaluate Proxy-Seller's user interface, including the registration process and the helpfulness of the articles in their blog.

Registration Process

The registration process is the user's first interaction with the service, and it can greatly influence their perception. A smooth, simple, and secure registration process can set the tone for a positive user experience.

  1. After clicking on the "Login" button, you will be redirected to the login page, where the "Sign Up" button will take you to the registration page.
  2. On the registration page, the user is only required to enter a valid email address. If the user has provided an email address that is not in the database, an account will be automatically created on the site linked to the specified email. Password for logging into the account will be automatically sent to the specified email.
    The process of registration by email takes less than a minute.
  3. It is also possible to register using other platforms - Facebook, Google or Apple ID. The user account will be linked directly to the account on the selected platform.The process of registration via these platforms takes less than a five minutes.
  4. After specifying a valid email or authorization through another platform, customer will be redirected to the "Personal dashboard" of the created account and can use the service immediately. There customer has an option to enable two-factor authentication for authorization, withdrawal of funds and changing email.
  5. It is worth noting that registration is not required to place an order on the site - the order will be executed and delivered to the email specified in the order form.

In the end, the process of registration on Proxy-Seller service is fast and convenient, and the variety of possible ways of registration is able to cover the maximum possible number of users.

Blog Content

A helpful blog filled with informative articles is a significant resource for users, especially for those who are new to using proxy services. It can provide guidance on how to best utilize the service, as well as useful tips and industry updates.

Proxy-Seller's "Blog" section is a comprehensive resource with 150+ articles, primarily focusing on proxy settings in various software and operating systems. Additionally, it covers topics related to proxy servers, including web scraping program recommendations, sneaker bots, and guides on enhancing online anonymity. It serves as a valuable knowledge hub, providing users with essential insights and tips to make the most of their proxies and optimize their online activities.

Final Assessment

After a comprehensive evaluation of Proxy-Seller, we have reached a conclusion on its overall performance, suitability, and value for users.
Proxy-Seller has shown impressive results in proxy speed and stability, comparability with other platforms, and exceptional lightning-fast 24/7/365 support makes the difference when choosing a proxy service. It is especially beneficial for web-scraping, online marketplaces and sneakers botting.
However, there were some areas where Proxy-Seller could improve. It would be nice to be able to test proxies before making a payment, as well as the ability to use proxies on a subscription basis for the amount of traffic.
Proxy-Seller offers a value that can be considered "great" compared to other proxy selling services. The provider stands out with a diverse range of proxy types, including DC IPv4 and IPv6, ISP, Residential and Mobile proxies, catering to various user needs. Their pricing policy is flexible, allowing users to select rental periods based on their preferences. Moreover, the support service is available 24/7/365, offering rapid responses and assistance with proxy settings, tariffs, and even remote configurations. The "Blog" section further enhances the value by providing a wealth of information on proxy-related topics. When considering the features, support, and pricing options, Proxy-Seller offers a competitive package that delivers great value for users seeking reliable and versatile proxy solutions.

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