• On the market
    5 years
  • Rating
  • Countries
  • Free test
  • Individual
  • Ability to replace
  • Type
    ResidentialProxy, IPv4
  • Minimum cost
  • Minimum rental period
    30 days
  • Reviews
  • Authorization
    Login+password, By main IP,
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ProxyScrape was founded in 2018 by Thibeau Maerevoet. While searching for free proxies he discovered that they were not efficiently accessible on the internet. This resulted in ProxyScrape collecting all available proxies online, verifying that they work and providing a straightforward way for users to download them. After seeing the high demand for more reliable and affordable proxies, ProxyScrape incorporated in 2020 and started providing proxy services to our users. ProxyScrape has come a long way from its humble beginnings in Belgium. We now serve customers all over the world and are thrilled that we're able to serve over 10,000 unique customers and are thankful for our many great partnerships.

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Investigator Tom
  • Advantages:
    Quite fine proxies Good website design
  • Disadvantages:
    High prices, not enough traffic sometimes because of that
  • Review:
    This proxy provider used to be among the best in the market until they raised their prices to a minimum of 150 per month. The previous flexibility of being able to purchase proxies according to our specific needs was preferable, as opposed to the current requirement of buying an unlimited package. The change in pricing structure has left many users dissatisfied, as it limits their options and makes the service less accessible.
  • Where used:
    IG, FB, Twitter, DS
  • Wishes to the seller:
    Add more traffic And reduce price
  • Advantages:
    At least some of them were connecting
  • Disadvantages:
    Non working or slow proxies
  • Review:
    I purchased a few thousand proxies, but most of them were not working, and the ones that did connect were very slow. Now they are asking me to explain the purpose of using these proxies or threatening to suspend my account. This has been a very disappointing experience with their service.
  • Where used:
  • Wishes to the seller:
    Disappointment, fix your service