Top 5 programs and services for social media

The modern lifestyle is deeply intertwined with social networks, which provide unparalleled avenues for communication, marketing, and brand management. To fully leverage social media's potential, dedicated tools and programs like Loomly, PVA Creator, Hootsuite, Oktopost, and Brandwatch are essential. Each of these offers distinct features that facilitate professional and efficient management of your content and accounts. Whether you're using social networks for business promotion or personal reasons, these smart services are key to achieving your objectives.

What is Loomly

Loomly is a comprehensive social media management tool designed for both companies and professionals. It streamlines the creation, scheduling, optimization, and automation of social media activities. With Loomly, you can enhance your presence on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, boost audience engagement, improve content quality, and achieve peak performance in your strategic approaches. Key features include post scheduling, team management, and detailed social media analytics. For those in search of a reliable and user-friendly management solution, Loomly stands out. Its functionality extends to:

  • A versatile notification system including email, push notifications, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.
  • A recommendation engine that utilizes RSS feeds, Twitter trends, events, holidays, memorials, and best practices for social networking.
  • A rich library containing audio, video, templates, assets, notes, and links.
  • The Loomly Media Studio and Hashtag Manager, along with a UTM parameters generator.
  • Integration capabilities with platforms like Unsplash, Giphy, and Google Drive.

The developer offers five subscription tiers, each with varying functionality. Monthly prices range from $35 to $359 for standard plans. Enterprise agreements are tailored and negotiated separately. Additionally, an annual subscription option is available, offering a 25% discount. For those interested in sampling the software, a trial version with limited functionality is also accessible.


Loomly's smart and efficient software offers several key advantages, making it an essential tool for management:

  1. Publication planning. Loomly enables you to schedule your messaging plan in advance, saving time and streamlining your account management.
  2. Optimal post timing. The software helps determine when your audience is most active, allowing you to schedule posts for maximum engagement, audience growth, and improved productivity.
  3. Team management. Loomly facilitates collaborative content management and tracking by allowing team member invitations, enhancing communication among participants.
  4. Analytics and reporting. Built-in tools enable you to track the performance of your posts and generate reports to assess the effectiveness of your strategy.
  5. Social network integrations. Loomly supports numerous popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, enabling unified account management.
  6. Personalization and branding. The assistant offers customization options for themes, logos, and color schemes to align with your brand, boosting the visibility and professionalism of your publications.

In summary, Loomly provides all the essential tools and functions for automating social networks, enabling you to create high-quality content, attract audiences, and successfully develop your brand online.


While Loomly is a popular and feature-rich tool, it's important to acknowledge some of its limitations:

  1. Limited integration. Although Loomly integrates with several social media platforms, its range is still limited. Users of social networks not included in Loomly's list may find themselves restricted in terms of features and functionality.
  2. User experience and learning curve. Some users have reported that Loomly's interface is not the most intuitive. Certain features can be confusing or challenging to navigate, particularly for new users. This could lead to difficulties during initial setup and ongoing management.
  3. Cost and license limitations. For small businesses or individual entrepreneurs, Loomly's pricing might be steep, especially when multiple team members need access to the platform.
  4. Functionality gaps. Despite its extensive automation options for social media, Loomly does have some notable absences. Users have pointed out the lack of direct posting to Instagram without notifications, the absence of built-in analytics reports, and limitations in mass posting capabilities.

It's crucial to recognize that these drawbacks can impact users differently, depending on their specific needs and expectations. Despite these cons, Loomly remains a highly regarded tool in social media management, offering many valuable features and broadening opportunities for its users.

PVA Creator

PVA Creator is a social networking tool designed to streamline the creation and management of multiple accounts on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This service facilitates easy development and handling of numerous accounts, offering a high level of automation in social media management. Key features include the ability to generate unique logins and passwords, specify geographic locations, set up profiles, and add photos and biographies.
PVA Creator also boasts comprehensive account management capabilities, such as automatic profile updates, unsubscribing from and following other accounts, mass liking, mass following, and providing graphical statistics. This versatility enables users to effectively control, grow, and enhance their online presence.
The software's ease of use makes it a valuable tool for brand promotion, content popularity analysis, and account development. Additional functionalities include:

  • Support for proxy servers and captcha solvers.
  • Anti-fingerprint technology to evade security systems.
  • Multi-threaded task support.
  • A Smart Task Manager for analyzing and managing tasks.

PVA Creator offers various versions, including full and limited editions specific to certain social networks/services. The cost for a service-specific version is 217 USD, while the Social Media version is priced at 900 USD. The full version is available for 1534 USD. The software is a one-time purchase with free updates from the developers, and no subscription model is involved. Additionally, the official website occasionally offers discount coupons, potentially saving buyers up to 30% on their purchase.


PVA Creator stands out as a highly beneficial tool for social networks, offering several key advantages:

  1. Multiple account creation. It enables the registration and maintenance of numerous accounts across various social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This feature is particularly advantageous for marketers, who can use these accounts for product promotion, services marketing, or competitor monitoring.
  2. Task automation. The service automates routine tasks associated with account creation and management. Users can simultaneously register several accounts, automate login processes, populate profiles with information, upload avatars, and more. This not only saves time but also streamlines the workflow.
  3. Enhanced security. PVA Creator enhances account security by generating random passwords and using captcha, thereby guarding against spam bots and unsolicited direct messaging.
  4. Support for various social networks. The service's compatibility with several popular social networks allows users to register, maintain, and develop accounts across different platforms, with settings tailored for each.
  5. User-friendly interface. “Creator” features a simple and intuitive interface, making it accessible even for beginners. Comprehensive user documentation and support are provided to assist users in navigating and utilizing the features of this smart social networking service.

In essence, PVA Creator is a convenient and effective solution for managing social media accounts. It simplifies the processes of registration, profile completion, and multi-account management. By automating routine tasks and ensuring security, it becomes an indispensable tool for professionals in social marketing and active social network users.


While PVA Creator offers significant benefits like automating account registration and managing multiple accounts from a single device and IP address, it's important to be aware of its disadvantages:

  1. Risk of account blocking. Creating multiple accounts with PVA Creator could breach the terms of social networks, which often restrict registering numerous accounts from one device or IP address. Such actions could lead to a ban on all profiles created. Using a proxy is a recommended way to mitigate this risk.
  2. Low-quality generated accounts. The automated process of account creation might result in lower quality profiles. Issues such as SMS or email confirmation failures can reduce the functionality and effectiveness of these accounts.
  3. Limited functionality. Compared to official social network applications, PVA Creator might offer limited features. Certain capabilities like API access or geolocation services might not be available in this third-party program.
  4. High cost. The use of PVA Creator can be costly, especially if there is a need to purchase multiple numbers for account registration confirmation.
  5. Safety concerns. Utilizing PVA Creator involves sharing sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, or phone numbers with a third party, posing risks of personal data leakage.

Although PVA Creator provides several useful features and capabilities, it's crucial to weigh these drawbacks carefully before opting to use the service for optimizing social media profiles. Considering these factors can help avoid issues like rule violations, account quality problems, and other nuances.


Hootsuite is an invaluable tool for managing and enhancing activities on popular social media platforms, especially in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape. It offers a comprehensive and efficient approach for managing various social media accounts simultaneously. Hootsuite is ideal for marketers, entrepreneurs, or any active social media user looking to streamline and optimize their online interactions. Key features include:

  • Unified chat. A general chat feature for all incoming messages, enabling responses in one window, regardless of the number of connected social accounts.
  • “My Industry” monitoring tool. This built-in feature tracks reviews and trends within a selected industry.
  • Content scheduler. Allows for the scheduling of posts and drafting of content in advance.

Hootsuite also offers a 30-day trial period, and three subscription tiers on the developer’s website: Professional, Team, and Enterprise. Each tier varies in terms of the number of users, social network accounts, and available features, with the Enterprise version offering advanced functionalities. The Professional subscription is priced at 99 USD per month, the Team subscription at 249 USD, and the pricing for the Enterprise subscription is negotiated individually.


Hootsuite is a robust social media management tool that offers a myriad of benefits to users worldwide:

  1. User-friendly interface. Hootsuite boasts a simple and intuitive interface, allowing easy management of multiple social network accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn from a single control panel. This centralized approach simplifies the handling of various accounts and enables efficient tracking and management of activities across multiple channels.
  2. Publication planning and automation. The tool allows for the automation and scheduling of posts. Users can specify the exact time and date for their messages, optimizing their development strategy, maintaining consistent activity, and fostering audience growth.
  3. Team management. For collaborative efforts, Hootsuite provides functionality to add team members, assign different roles and tasks, and monitor their activities, enhancing productivity.
  4. Monitoring and analytics. Hootsuite's analytics tools offer comprehensive monitoring of social media channels. Users can track hashtags, mentions, comments, and messages, search for keywords, analyze content popularity, and receive reports and statistics on account performance.
  5. Integration with other tools. The platform integrates with many popular marketing tools such as Google Analytics, MailChimp, Salesforce, and others. This integration consolidates marketing efforts and data for greater impact and more insightful analysis.
  6. Training and support. Hootsuite provides extensive resources for training and support, including online courses, webinars, how-to articles, and a community for users to share experiences and discover new ideas.
  7. Time and resource efficiency. Utilizing Hootsuite can lead to significant savings in time and resources. With capabilities for scheduling and automating posts, along with activity monitoring and analytics, users can focus more on creating quality content and engaging with their audience.

Overall, Hootsuite's comprehensive range of features and benefits make it a highly popular choice among social media managers. It is a valuable platform for businesses of all sizes, marketers, and entrepreneurs looking to enhance their presence on the internet.


While Hootsuite is a popular and widely utilized tool for social media management, it's important to acknowledge its limitations:

  1. Limited monitoring capabilities. Users have expressed concerns about Hootsuite's monitoring features, noting they sometimes fail to provide detailed insights into account performance and effectiveness. The analytics might not offer a comprehensive view of audience engagement and growth.
  2. Restricted integration. Hootsuite supports major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but its integration with less-known platforms can be limited. This may restrict users' ability to expand their content reach across a wider range of social media platforms.
  3. Usability challenges. Due to its plethora of features and settings, some users find Hootsuite complex and challenging to navigate, especially for beginners. The learning curve can be steep, requiring time to fully grasp all its functionalities.
  4. Limited support services. Users may encounter limitations in customer support responsiveness. When facing issues or questions, the wait for assistance from the Help Desk can be prolonged, potentially delaying problem resolution.
  5. Cost concerns. The pricing of Hootsuite, depending on the chosen plan, can be prohibitive for smaller businesses or individual users. Those seeking more budget-friendly options might find Hootsuite's cost to be a significant barrier.
  6. Constrained analytics features. While Hootsuite offers basic social media analytics, some users require more advanced features for in-depth understanding and optimization of their social media strategies.

In summary, while Hootsuite is a popular choice for managing social media accounts, these drawbacks are important to consider when selecting a tool for social media management.


Oktopost is a contemporary platform designed for effective brand management and promotion in the digital realm. Recognizing the critical role of social media in business strategies, Oktopost equips users with the necessary tools to expand their online influence and achieve their goals. This robust tool facilitates the management of multiple accounts across different web platforms, automates social media posting, and analyzes campaign effectiveness. Oktopost enables users to maintain an active, engaged audience and make well-informed decisions using detailed statistical analysis. It is adept at handling various tasks, including managing corporate profiles, boosting audience growth, and monitoring competitors. Key features of Oktopost include:

  • A scheduler that allows for automated and delayed posting on social networks.
  • Compatibility with various platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Marketo, HubSpot, Eloqua, Pardot, and Google Analytics.
  • Comprehensive tools to generate reports and analyze social media performance.

Currently, Oktopost provides personalized subscription plans tailored to the user’s specific needs based on the required functionality. Interested users are encouraged to contact support and explore the service through a demo version before receiving a customized cost estimate.


Oktopost stands out with several advantages that significantly enhance work efficiency:

  1. Multiple profile management. Oktopost's social media software enables you to manage multiple accounts through a single, convenient interface. This streamlines the process of content publishing, results tracking, and audience interaction.
  2. Automation and scheduling. The platform allows for the automatic scheduling of content at specified times and days. This feature ensures a consistent presence on social networks, even during busy periods.
  3. Analytics and reporting. Oktopost provides comprehensive reports on company performance, including key metrics like views, reactions, comments, and conversions. This data is invaluable for evaluating results and making informed decisions to refine your marketing strategies.
  4. Collaboration opportunities. Oktopost facilitates collaboration with team members, enabling shared responsibilities in creating, editing, and planning publications.
  5. Integration with other tools. Oktopost offers marketing integration with popular tools such as CRM systems, analytics platforms, and email marketing services. This integration simplifies data sharing and strategy enhancement.

These benefits make Oktopost an essential tool for effective brand promotion on social networks, helping users to achieve optimal results.


While Oktopost is a sophisticated tool for content management and analytics, it's important to consider its disadvantages:

  1. Limited social platform support. Oktopost doesn't encompass all popular social networks, potentially reducing the reach of your audience.
  2. Complex user interface. New users often find the interface of Oktopost complex and challenging to navigate. With its multitude of features, there can be a significant learning curve to use the platform effectively.
  3. Restricted analytical capabilities. The platform offers basic analytical tools, which might not suffice for companies seeking detailed reports and deeper insights.
  4. No real-time publishing. Oktopost lacks the ability to publish content in real-time. This limitation can be problematic for companies that need to respond swiftly to current trends and events.
  5. Limited community management features. The service does not fully support community management functions, such as responding to comments and messages directly through the platform.

In summary, while Oktopost is a powerful tool for content management and analytics, its limitations may impact its appeal to some companies. It's crucial to thoroughly assess its features and their alignment with specific business needs before implementation.


Social networks have become pivotal in our daily lives, serving not only as platforms for communication but also as powerful tools for businesses. They are the spaces where millions engage daily, sharing opinions, making purchases, leaving reviews, and expressing preferences. In this vast ocean of information, finding a place and extracting valuable data for informed decision-making is crucial.
Brandwatch is an innovative solution designed to meet this need in social media analytics. It offers brands and companies a technology-driven platform to understand their audiences, listen to opinions, identify trends, and comprehend consumer behavior.
Brandwatch employs unique algorithms and features to analyze extensive data volumes, enabling entrepreneurs to turn this information into growth and development opportunities. The service provides brands with critical insights necessary for making informed decisions, formulating strategies, and enhancing product or service quality. Key features of Brandwatch include:

  • Brandwatch Insights Central - a comprehensive dashboard supporting 44 languages, equipped with notifications, a database, an analytics section, and more.
  • Mention Finder - a tool designed to locate hard-to-find web pages.
  • Explore and Entities functions - “Explore” filters search results and presents them as a word cloud, while “Entities” classifies mentions and sorts them based on specified criteria.

Brandwatch offers three subscription plans, each with individual pricing to suit different needs. Prospective users need to contact the support service for pricing details and can explore the software's capabilities through a demo version. On average, the cost is around 1000 USD for 10,000 mentions.


Brandwatch's popularity in the realm of social networking services stems from its significant advantages:

  1. Extensive monitoring capabilities. The program excels in tracking and analyzing mentions of a brand, product, or industry across various platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. This broad scope enables companies to stay informed about discussions and opinions surrounding their brand and respond appropriately.
  2. Advanced data analysis functions. Brandwatch is equipped with powerful tools for content popularity analysis. It includes sentiment analysis of mentions (positive, negative, or neutral), key trend identification, geographic distribution analysis, and more. Such capabilities allow businesses to deeply understand public perception of their brand or products.
  3. Integration with other tools and platforms. The software seamlessly integrates with other systems like Google Analytics, Salesforce, and Tableau. This integration facilitates a more extensive and comprehensive collection of statistical data, eases the service's use within existing company infrastructure, and enhances competitor monitoring.
  4. Flexible configuration. Brandwatch provides customizable reports and notifications, keeping companies informed about significant changes and events related to their brand or products. This feature enables swift responses to emerging trends and issues and allows for effective measurement of marketing campaign outcomes.
  5. Professional support and training. The service offers high-quality customer support and training. A team of experts assists in setting up and utilizing the software, and regular updates and new features are provided, ensuring users maximize the platform's potential.

In summary, Brandwatch offers brands sophisticated monitoring and analysis solutions, empowering them to derive detailed insights from public opinion, make informed decisions, and manage marketing campaigns effectively.


While Brandwatch is a highly effective solution for consumer analysis and enjoys widespread popularity, it's important to consider its disadvantages:

  1. High cost. The expense of using Brandwatch can be substantial, posing a financial challenge for small and medium-sized businesses with limited budgets.
  2. Complexity of use. Brandwatch's in-depth and intricate functionality might require significant time and effort to master fully. This complexity can be daunting for beginners or those without prior experience in similar software.
  3. Limited analytics capabilities. Compared to some of its competitors, Brandwatch may fall short in terms of the depth and granularity of its statistical and data visualization capabilities. This limitation can be a drawback for users needing detailed data for decision-making.
  4. Restricted social media interaction. The software's limited capacity to interact with certain social media platforms can negatively affect its overall functionality and efficiency.

Despite these drawbacks, Brandwatch's extensive functionality and integration capabilities make it a preferred choice for many brands and companies looking to analyze and understand consumer behavior effectively.

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