Top 3 bots for Old School RuneScape

Old School RuneScape (OSRS), a massively popular online game, attracts millions of players globally. However, reaching high skill levels or achievements can be challenging for many. This has led to the creation of OSRS bots, which are programs designed to automate tasks, thereby aiding players in attaining their gaming objectives more efficiently. Popular examples include Dreambot OSRS, RuneMate, and EpicBot. Each bot offers unique features and benefits, proving to be valuable tools for both novice and veteran Old School RuneScape players.


Dreambot stands out as a leading farming bot for Old School RuneScape, garnering recognition within the user community. This advanced software product boasts a plethora of features that empower players to automate diverse in-game tasks, resulting in the attainment of impressive skill levels. "Dream Bot" offers an extensive array of scripts, enabling users to automate tasks such as woodworking, fishing, mining, and more. Thanks to its professional development and robust security measures, Dreambot stands as a trustworthy choice for those seeking an efficient and user-friendly solution for automating their OSRS gameplay.

The developer provides three purchase options. The first is a Free version, which allows for the use of two bots, access to free scripts, script creation capabilities, proxy support, and access to Dreambot manuals. The VIP version, priced at $9.99 USD per month, offers expanded functionality, including the ability to run an unlimited number of programs concurrently, access to a hidden mode and exclusive scripts, a 10% discount on premium scripts, and the option to disable advertising. For $49.99 USD per month, the Sponsor plan offers all the benefits available to VIP subscribers, along with the privilege of direct communication with the bot developers, special ranks on the forum, a colored nickname, and various other valuable features.

Pros of DreamBot

Dreambot offers numerous compelling advantages, cementing its status as one of the premier bots for RuneScape:

  1. Diverse script selection. Dream Bot boasts an extensive script library, enabling players to automate a wide range of tasks and enhance their skills. This includes scripts for woodworking, fishing, mining, combat, treasure farming, and more. The abundance of scripts provides the flexibility to tailor various parameters and functions to suit individual preferences. Players can customize the program to align with their play style, whether it's farming or fishing, and set task-specific parameters such as resource collection or treasure hunting.
  2. Professional development. The OSRS farming bot is the creation of a seasoned team of developers dedicated to ongoing updates and enhancements. This commitment ensures the software's high quality and reliability when used in the game.
  3. Security. Dream Bot prioritizes security and offers features to assist users in evading detection by the game's security system. These features include the ability to conceal in-game actions and bypass anti-bot systems.
  4. Supportive community. Dreambot fosters an active and welcoming user community ready to assist newcomers and share experiences. This community provides valuable support and resources to help users maximize their program utilization. On the bot forum, users can engage in discussions spanning various game aspects, troubleshoot technical issues, explore published scripts, buy and sell in-game items and currency, and much more.

In conclusion, RuneScape Dreambot stands as a robust and dependable gameplay automation tool, enabling users to save time and achieve impressive results in their gaming endeavors.

Cons of DreamBot

Despite its numerous advantages, DreamBot does have some drawbacks worth considering:

  1. High cost for full version. DreamBot is a commercial application, and its usage requires a subscription purchase. This cost can lead to dissatisfaction among users who may not be willing to invest in software.
  2. Functionality limitations. The program relies on data-driven learning for its operation, which means its capabilities are primarily limited to what it has encountered in the past. This can reduce its effectiveness in handling non-standard and unpredictable situations.
  3. Dependency on stable internet connection. DreamBot necessitates a consistent, high-speed internet connection for optimal performance. This dependency can pose challenges in environments with poor or unstable internet connections. To address this issue, users can utilize proxies that cache data, thereby improving speed, quality, and connection stability. It is advisable to opt for paid versions of the IPv4 standard, as they ensure reliable traffic transmission compared to free versions, which are accessible to multiple users. Additionally, connecting through residential proxies allows users to run multiple bots concurrently. Setting up a virtual intermediary is a straightforward process, following the instructions provided on the official Dream Bot website. Users simply need to launch the bot client, select "Proxy Editor", enter the "Proxy IP" and "Port", along with the authorization data ("Username" and "Password") provided by the provider.

In summary, while DreamBot offers many benefits, including active community support and a wide script selection, its high cost and reliance on a stable internet connection should be considered when making a choice for OSRS farming bots.


RuneMate serves as a robust tool designed to enhance and automate gameplay within the popular online game, RuneScape. This software is specifically crafted to execute scripts, enabling players to tailor their solutions to a variety of tasks, including resource mining, skill training, quest completion, and more.
RuneMate stands as one of the foremost and dependable hunting bots for OSRS, offering a wide array of features and capabilities that empower players to elevate their gaming performance. Equipped with an intuitive user interface and a plethora of customizable settings, RuneMate can be finely tuned to cater to each player's unique preferences and objectives.
The primary objective of this Oldschool Runescape bot is to provide users with a tool that enhances their gaming experience by minimizing the time spent on routine tasks and character leveling. Additionally, the developers foster a supportive user community, facilitating script sharing, mutual assistance, and the celebration of achievements.
RuneMate is an indispensable tool for RuneScape enthusiasts seeking to expedite their progression and overall enjoyment of the game. Whether you are a newcomer to OSRS or a seasoned veteran, RunMate offers a comprehensive set of features to help you achieve your desired milestones.

RuneMate offers both free and paid subscription options, each with extended functionality. By opting for the "Supporter" subscription at a cost of 3 USD per month, users gain access to benefits such as an increased number of accounts launchable from the bot, extended usage hours, access to new bot configurations, and a special rank on the forum. For those choosing the "Sponsor" subscription, in addition to the aforementioned perks, they also enjoy the privilege of posting external links on the forum, a unique title on the forum, and most importantly, an ad-free experience in the bot client and on the forum.

Pros of RuneMate

RuneMate, a comprehensive review of which should begin by highlighting its numerous advantages, stands out as one of the most popular bots for OSRS, and this popularity can be attributed to its undeniable strengths:

  1. Task automation. "RunMate" excels in the realm of task automation. It empowers players to automate a wide array of activities, including resource and gold mining, skill training, and monster hunting. This feature liberates players from the burden of repetitive actions, allowing them to invest their time in more engaging and pivotal aspects of the game.
  2. Robust scripting capabilities. The program offers a powerful set of tools for script development, enabling users to craft customized automated tasks tailored to their specific needs. This flexibility facilitates the creation of unique scripts designed to accomplish distinct in-game objectives and strategies. For instance, players can construct fully functional mining bots, optimizing their resource gathering efficiency.
  3. Efficiency and multitasking. RuneScape bot excels in terms of speed and efficiency when it comes to automation. It can execute multiple tasks concurrently, enhancing productivity and accelerating progress towards gaming goals.
  4. User-friendly interface. RuneMate Bot features a user-friendly and intuitive interface that is accessible even to beginners. Users can effortlessly tailor the program to their preferences by selecting the desired functions and parameters.
  5. Active community support. RuneMate boasts a vibrant user community where members can freely exchange scripts, engage in discussions to resolve issues, and provide assistance to fellow players. This fosters a positive environment for sharing experiences and receiving support from the gaming community.

In summary, RuneMate emerges as a valuable tool for automating gameplay in RuneScape, offering a wealth of features that expedite leveling up and resource farming, while also promoting a collaborative and supportive gaming environment.

Cons of RuneMate

While RuneMate boasts numerous convenient features, it's important to acknowledge a few significant drawbacks:

  1. Low adaptability. RuneMate, like any program, has its limitations. It may struggle with handling complex tasks that require decision-making based on the in-game context. Additionally, new patches and updates often negatively impact the software's functionality, leading to delays and issues for users.
  2. Incomplete compatibility. The program does not offer full compatibility with all versions of the game. As a result, certain features or functionality may not be available in specific patches, diminishing the overall effectiveness and utility of the software.
  3. Security risks. Users face a potential security risk when downloading and using the bot. While the program itself is safe, third-party sources may contain malicious files or links that can harm your computer or compromise personal data. To mitigate this risk, private proxies can be employed. These proxies reroute traffic through an intermediary server, concealing the user's true geolocation and IP address, while also providing protection against hacker attacks and data breaches. It's important to note that the bot client itself does not natively support proxies, so users must rent one from a reputable third-party provider. Selecting a reliable operator with a stellar reputation, extensive experience, positive reviews, and a wide range of servers supporting the Socks5 protocol is crucial.

Despite these security concerns and compatibility limitations, RuneMate maintains its position as one of the top bots for RuneScape. Its extensive functionality and user-friendly interface continue to make it a preferred choice among players.


EpicBot emerges as a cutting-edge bot tailored for Old School RuneScape, offering players the ability to automate various tasks and enhance their gaming experience significantly. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned player, Epic Bot offers a broad spectrum of options to expedite your progress.

Professionally designed and continuously updated, Old School RuneScape EpicBot provides a plethora of invaluable tools and features to automate mundane tasks such as resource gathering, fishing, crafting, and more. Additionally, the program incorporates several supplementary options to enhance your gaming strategy.

Currently, EpicBot offers both a free version and a VIP subscription, providing users with flexible choices. The VIP subscription can be obtained on a monthly basis for $10 USD or as a lifetime version for $100 USD. This premium subscription unlocks several benefits, including the use of an unlimited number of bots, access to unique scripts, proxy support, and an exclusive rank on the forum. Furthermore, users can also purchase scripts individually from the developer's website at a price of $7 USD each.

Pros of EpicBot

EpicBot for OSRS stands out as one of the most popular programs, and this popularity can be attributed to its numerous undeniable advantages:

  1. Automation. "Epic Bot" empowers players to automate a wide range of in-game tasks, from fishing and hunting to ore mining and woodcutting. This automation liberates users from the monotony of repetitive actions, enhancing the overall gaming experience and productivity.
  2. Gold farming. The program offers a valuable feature for automatic gold generation, allowing players to rapidly accumulate the necessary in-game currency. This is particularly beneficial for users aiming to acquire items or gear without investing extensive time in farming.
  3. Versatile scripts. Epic Bot provides an extensive selection of scripts, enabling players to automate a multitude of tasks. Whether it's skill training, monster slaying, or treasure farming, users have ample opportunities to customize the program to align with their playstyle and objectives.
  4. Security. EpicBot prioritizes the security of player accounts, implementing anti-ban measures to mitigate the risk of using prohibited methods. The "anti-afk" feature further extends gaming sessions to avoid suspicion from developers.
  5. Support and updates. The service is regularly updated to remain compatible with the latest Old School RuneScape updates. Users also benefit from free support provided by a team of experienced specialists.
  6. Active community. EpicBot boasts a large and active user community where members share their experiences, suggest scenarios, and offer support to one another. This collaborative environment enables users to receive valuable advice and recommendations from seasoned players.
  7. Proxy server support. The bot seamlessly integrates with proxies, enabling users to bypass restrictions and enhance the quality and stability of data transfer. Utilizing private proxies of the Socks5 standard further ensures the highest level of protection and anonymity. Setting up a proxy is a straightforward process, involving minimal time and effort.

In conclusion, EpicBot for OSRS provides users with a powerful tool to automate and enhance their gaming experience. With its multitude of features, user-friendly interface, security measures, regular updates, and active community, it stands as an excellent choice for those seeking to achieve more in the expansive gaming universe.

Cons of EpicBot

An EpicBot review would indeed be incomplete without addressing its shortcomings:

  1. Limited functionality. Some users may find that EpicBot lacks as many features as certain other similar bots. This limitation can lead to frustration among users who seek a wide array of options to expedite their tasks.
  2. Instability. Reports from users indicate that EpicBot can occasionally exhibit instability and may be prone to crashes. Such instability can result in data loss, interrupted gaming sessions, and other inconveniences.
  3. Experience required. Utilizing the software effectively necessitates a certain level of knowledge and skills in programming or configuration. Users who are not familiar with these topics may find themselves investing significant time and effort to grasp the intricacies of EpicBot's settings and capabilities.

However, despite these stability issues and the requirement for some experience, EpicBot shines thanks to its numerous functions, "anti-bot," and "anti-afk" systems. It remains one of the top automation programs for OSRS, allowing users to save time and effort while expediting the achievement of their goals.
In summary, when considering automation programs for Old School RuneScape like Dreambot, RuneMate, and EpicBot, it's crucial to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each. "Dream Bot" excels in its extensive script library and user support, "RunMate" offers a user-friendly interface and an active community, and EpicBot provides an intuitive interface and an "anti-cheat" function. The choice ultimately depends on individual preferences and goals. Familiarizing oneself with the pros and cons of each program is a prudent step in making an informed decision.

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