Top 10 best sneaker bots in 2024

In this article, we delve into the competitive world of sneakerbots — automated tools for buying limited edition sneakers. We'll examine the top 10 most sought-after bots in 2024, from AIO Bot and Raffle Bot to NSB, EasyCop, and SoleSlayer. Discover the unique features and advantages of each, and learn how they can enhance your chances of snagging coveted sneakers at the best prices.

What is a sneaker bot and why is it needed?

Sneakerbot is specialized software designed for the automatic purchase of sneakers during new collection launches or high-demand seasonal sales. Popular among fashion enthusiasts and resellers, it aims to maximize profits by ensuring successful purchases.

Its necessity arises from the common scenario where popular sneaker releases are limited in quantity, yet demand is exceedingly high. Sneakerbot automates the buying process, significantly enhancing the likelihood of acquiring these coveted items.

The software's algorithms are adept at automatically adding products to the cart and completing purchases in designated online stores. It's capable of filling out forms and selecting sneakers based on specific criteria like brand, model, color, and size.

Using a sneakerbot not only boosts your chances of obtaining rare and limited-edition sneakers but also opens opportunities for profitable resale or expanding personal collections.

Nike SNKRS Bot

In the world of Nike sneaker enthusiasts, the SNKRS Bot occupies a prestigious position as a highly sought-after tool for automated purchasing of limited edition releases. These coveted models often sell out within seconds, making the bot an invaluable asset. Key features that set the SNKRS Bot apart include:

  • AI captcha solver - the advanced feature enables users to effortlessly bypass almost any captcha, streamlining the purchasing process.
  • SNKRS Bot was the first to introduce internal monitoring capabilities, allowing users to link tasks to this monitoring using specific keywords.
  • Users can tailor the bot's settings for optimal performance on any website hosted on the Shopify platform.

The software is available for purchase at $499 per year exclusively on the bot's official website. Currently, there are no options for shorter subscription periods, such as monthly plans, nor are there any trial periods available. This annual subscription is the sole option for users at this time. Nike Shoe Bot enhances the shopping experience by automatically filling out purchase details, bypassing queues, and securing available styles, thereby significantly improving the likelihood of successful transactions.

Benefits of Nike SNKRS Bot

NSB is a dynamic program designed to bolster the chances of securing limited edition sneakers from top brands via the SNKRS platform. Key advantages of the SNKRS bot include:

  1. Automation and enhanced purchase probability. NSB allows users to pre-set preferences and automate the entire purchase process, from adding items to the cart to completing transactions. This feature is invaluable during limited collection releases that sell out in seconds. Additionally, you can customize the bot with your size and style preferences, and it continuously monitors product pages and other sources to alert you when your desired item becomes available.
  2. Time and effort conservation. Manually tracking new sneaker releases on SNKRS can be both thrilling and time-consuming. NSB eliminates the need for constant monitoring and manual purchase processes, saving significant time and effort.
  3. Multithreading and scalability. With its multithreading capability, NSB can manage multiple tasks simultaneously, enabling you to scale up your purchasing activities and increase the number of sneakers you attempt to buy at once.
  4. Proxy server support. The bot's compatibility with proxy servers allows for simultaneous requests from various IP addresses. This is particularly beneficial for circumventing product access restrictions.

These compelling benefits explain why the Nike SNKRS Bot is a popular choice among fashion-forward individuals keen on staying up-to-date with the latest trends.

Disadvantages of Nike SNKRS Bot

While the NSB offers significant benefits for sneaker enthusiasts, it's important to consider its potential downsides before choosing it as your go-to shoe purchasing program:

  1. Cost implications. Utilizing the Nike Bot requires a subscription, priced at $499 per year. This investment may be prohibitive for many consumers, limiting access to those willing to pay the premium. Additionally, the need for renting a private proxy to ensure stable and anonymous connections incurs extra costs.
  2. Risk of account suspension. Employing bots for shoe purchases can violate platform policies, potentially leading to account blocks or purchasing prohibitions. Nike prioritizes real customers and actively combats the use of automated programs. Improper use of proxies or bot misconfiguration increases the risk of account suspension.
  3. Operating system limitations. NSB is compatible only with Windows and Mac OS. Users with Linux-based systems are unable to benefit from the software's features and capabilities.

While Nike SNKRS Bots offer quick access to limited edition releases and other advantages, they also come with risks, including the possibility of account blocking due to the use of third-party software. It’s crucial for potential users to carefully weigh these pros and cons before deciding to use a sneakerbot.


As the demand for exclusive, limited edition sneakers continues to surge, many sneaker enthusiasts and collectors are on a constant lookout for ways to secure these coveted pairs amidst tight inventory and intense competition. Enter the EasyCop AIO Bot, a cutting-edge solution in the realm of online sneaker shopping and collecting.

Designed as a sneakerbot, this software automates the process of purchasing sneakers from well-known online stores, proving invaluable for resellers, collectors, or simply fans of unique footwear. Compatible with both Windows and MacOS, EasyCop AIO Bot offers an array of features to enhance your buying experience:

  • It automatically monitors updates and store restocks, keeping you ahead in the game.
  • This feature allows you to filter products and potentially resell them under your own brand, offering a unique edge in the resale market.
  • Users can link several accounts to a preferred shoe store, increasing purchase possibilities.
  • The bot efficiently fills in payment and delivery details, streamlining the checkout process.
  • Battling captchas becomes hassle-free with this integration, as it offers a high success rate in bypassing captchas for a nominal fee.

AIO Bot, armed with advanced technologies and algorithms, is adept at navigating various online platforms, offering users an optimal shopping experience. The software is priced between $95 to $595 monthly, with a basic annual subscription averaging around $600. While available directly, purchasing from resellers may significantly increase the cost.

This service grants a unique edge to its users, facilitating instant purchases on popular platforms like Nike, Adidas, Supreme, and various Footlocker franchises, among others. Such a broad range ensures a considerable advantage over competitors in the sneaker market. Key features of EasyCop include auto-filling of user data, operating multiple accounts concurrently, and real-time monitoring of new releases, all contributing to a highly efficient and effective purchasing process.

For those aiming to consistently secure the most in-demand athletic footwear, EasyCop serves as an invaluable ally in the competitive realm of online sneaker shopping.

Pros of EasyCop

EasyCop, a leading application in automated online shopping, stands out for its numerous benefits, making it a favorite among sneaker enthusiasts. Here are the key advantages:

  1. Efficiency. EasyCop excels in instantly responding to new sports shoe releases, swiftly executing purchase actions. This efficiency is crucial for securing limited edition sneakers that typically sell out rapidly.
  2. Full automation. The EasyCop AIO Bot automates the entire purchasing process, from filling in payment and delivery details to navigating seller websites. This automation frees users from tedious tasks, saving considerable time.
  3. Multitasking capability. Capable of handling multiple tasks across different platforms simultaneously, EasyCop broadens your online presence and enhances your chances of successful purchases.
  4. Ongoing developer support. Regular updates and patches keep the bot compatible with evolving e-commerce platforms and security systems, ensuring its effectiveness.
  5. Versatility. EasyCop supports a range of popular online platforms, including Shopify, Nike, and Adidas. This versatility expands your shopping options for desired sports shoes.
  6. Analytics and statistics. The bot provides valuable statistical data on the purchasing process, enabling users to analyze their buying strategies and make informed adjustments.

EasyCop stands out as a modern, reliable solution for fashion aficionados. Its extensive functionality ensures that sneaker lovers stay on-trend with their branded collections.

Cons of EasyCop

While EasyCop offers many benefits, potential users should also be aware of its limitations and challenges:

  1. Cost considerations. EasyCop can be a costly investment. The “All Inclusive” plan costs $595, but there's also a less expensive option at $95, albeit with limitations like fewer requests. Users must also consider additional costs for proxies; private proxies, known for their reliability and stability, are recommended but add to the expense.
  2. Technical complexity. Setting up and operating EasyCop requires technical know-how. Beginners may face a learning curve to fully understand and utilize its features and interface.
  3. Compatibility and updates. Online shopping platforms are constantly evolving, which can lead to compatibility issues and necessitate regular updates for the bot. This may result in temporary functionality problems.
  4. Risk of account blocking. Security systems in many online stores can detect the use of automated tools like EasyCop, potentially leading to customer account bans. While private proxies can help disguise bot usage, the risk of detection and subsequent blocking remains.

EasyCop AIO Bot provides unparalleled access to limited edition sneakers, keeping users in vogue. However, its full utilization requires a subscription, and there are inherent risks and costs involved. It's important to carefully consider these factors in relation to your personal needs and goals before deciding to use this or similar sneakerbots.


SoleSlayer is a cutting-edge software crafted for sports sneaker enthusiasts and collectors of limited edition footwear. It revolutionizes the purchasing experience by offering a convenient and automated approach to acquiring highly sought-after sneakers. Key features that make SoleSlayer stand out include:

  • Multi-channel notifications (SMS, mail, Twitter);
  • Supports multiple sites, accounts, and guest sessions simultaneously;
  • Advanced error handling;
  • Automatic verification of payment cards.

SoleSlayer's official website offers four subscription tiers, catering to a wide range of users:

  • Starter subscription - capped at 5 tasks, priced at $150.
  • Standard Subscription - allows up to 20 tasks, available for $250.
  • Business Subscription - permits up to 50 tasks, costing $350.
  • Ultimate Subscription - grants an unlimited number of tasks, for $550.

While the bot can also be acquired from various resellers, this often entails a higher price and the risk of purchasing a counterfeit version. SoleSlayer stands out with its advanced features, including privacy protection, multi-threaded searches, and real-time notifications, making the acquisition of exclusive athletic shoes more efficient and user-friendly. For sneaker enthusiasts keen on staying up-to-date with the latest trends, SoleSlayer is an excellent choice.

Benefits of SoleSlayer

SoleSlayer stands out in the sneaker market with a suite of unique benefits, positioning it as a top choice for sneaker enthusiasts:

  1. Automation. SoleSlayer's automated process simplifies the task of acquiring limited edition sneakers. Set it up to search for and purchase your desired models quickly and without hassle.
  2. Enhanced safety. The bot prioritizes user privacy, neither transmitting nor storing personal data, ensuring your confidential information remains secure from third parties.
  3. Multi-threaded search. A standout feature is its ability to concurrently search across multiple platforms. This multi-threaded approach broadens your scope, increasing the likelihood of securing limited editions by scouring various websites and stores in real time.
  4. Instant notifications. Stay informed with real-time alerts about new releases of your preferred sneakers. This ensures you never miss out on purchasing even the most limited edition models.
  5. Ongoing developer support. SoleSlayer receives continual updates to stay abreast of the latest sneaker market trends. Users benefit from timely access to new products and exclusive shoe releases.

These compelling features make SoleSlayer an essential tool for anyone seeking the most sought-after and exclusive sneakers on the market.

Disadvantages of SoleSlayer

While SoleSlayer boasts numerous beneficial features, it's important to consider its potential drawbacks:

  1. Learning curve. The complexity of SoleSlayer can be daunting for beginners. Setting up the software and profiles might be challenging and time-intensive for those unfamiliar with similar programs.
  2. Cost factor. Reflecting its premium features, SoleSlayer comes with a significant price tag. Its various subscription options – “Starter” at $150, “Standard” at $250, “Business” at $350, and “Ultimate Pack” at $550 – may be prohibitive for occasional buyers. Additionally, the necessity of renting a proxy for optimal performance adds to the overall cost.
  3. Risk of counterfeit versions. The internet hosts numerous unlicensed versions of the software, often distributed by scammers. Using such counterfeit software carries a high risk of personal and payment information leakage.

SoleSlayer is particularly beneficial for bulk buyers and those experienced with automated programs. It offers an extensive range of user-friendly features, granting access to limited-edition sports shoes from top brands like Nike, Adidas, FILA, and Supreme Bot. However, the cost of using this program should be a key consideration when choosing a sneakerbot.


Balkobot revolutionizes the sneaker shopping experience, transforming the often lengthy and tedious task of finding the perfect pair of shoes into a convenient and enjoyable process. As a progressive personal assistant, Balkobot caters to your unique style, comfort, and quality needs in sneakers. Its advanced artificial intelligence algorithms analyze your preferences, style, and size to offer the most suitable and relevant options, making it your go-to companion in the quest for the ideal pair of shoes.

Key functionalities of Balkobot include:

  • Antibot bypass system. This feature minimizes the risk of being blocked during purchases, enhancing your buying success rate.
  • Balkobot supports various captcha bypass services, streamlining the checkout process.
  • The application's analytics section lets you track and analyze both successful and unsuccessful purchases, providing statistics over different periods and offering insights into the profitability of your activities.

The retail version of the software is priced at $220 on the official website, with a six-month subscription extension available for an additional $60. However, due to current sales suspension on the official site, the software can only be acquired through brokers and resellers. The cost from these sources ranges significantly, from $1,000 to $3,750 for the retail version. To stay informed about upcoming restocks directly from the developers, it's advisable to keep an eye on their announcements on Twitter.

Pros of Balkobot

Beginning our review of Balkobot, it's important to highlight the advantages that make it an essential tool for sneaker enthusiasts:

  1. Personalized approach. Balkobot tailors its search to your specific preferences, style, and size, ensuring a highly personalized experience. Whether you're after classic designs or the latest sports models, this Progressive Sneakerbot offers a vast array of options from diverse brands and styles, ensuring you find exactly what you seek.
  2. Cutting-edge technology. Utilizing advanced AI algorithms, Balkobot delivers precise and relevant results. It stays attuned to current fashion trends and expert advice, presenting you with top-notch sneaker choices.
  3. Cost efficiency. The bot not only simplifies your search but also helps you discover the best deals and promotions. This feature enables significant savings on high-quality footwear.

As a technologically advanced and reliable partner in sneaker searching, Balkobot offers convenience, personalization, and a broad selection, streamlining your quest for the perfect pair. Say goodbye to cumbersome searches; Balkobot is ready to assist you anytime.

Cons of Balkobot

While Balkobot offers significant benefits, users should also consider its potential disadvantages:

  1. Setup complexity. Utilizing Balkobot requires technical proficiency. Correct configuration, essential for optimal performance, can be challenging and time-consuming, particularly for those inexperienced with such technology.
  2. Cost factor. Balkobot comes with a notable price tag. The cost of licensing the service may deter potential users, especially those uncertain about its effectiveness or those not planning frequent use. Additionally, the current unavailability of the software for direct purchase complicates matters. The only option to acquire it is through bot brokers, where subscription prices can soar up to $3,750.

In summary, while Balkobot offers advanced technological algorithms and rapid responses, these come at a considerable cost. Obtaining the application, given its restricted availability, adds to the challenge, making it important for users to weigh both the advantages and disadvantages before deciding to use this sneakerbot.

Wrath AIO

Wrath AIO Bot is a sophisticated sneakerbot designed to streamline the online shopping process for sneakers. Created by sneaker aficionados, it leverages cutting-edge algorithms to boost the likelihood of securing in-demand sneakers and limited-release athletic shoes. Compatible with Shopify, Nike, Adidas, Supreme, and other prominent brands, Wrath AIO offers intelligent solutions to navigate through security systems for quick and efficient shopping. It's a popular choice among resellers for its effectiveness in acquiring sneakers for resale.

The bot functions through advanced algorithms, scanning online stores in real-time, and seamlessly adding desired sneakers to the cart, overcoming hurdles like limited availability and intense competition. Users can tailor the bot to their specific preferences, choosing favorite stores, sneaker types, and other criteria for a personalized shopping experience.

Key features of Wrath AIO include:

  • Multitasking support - it can handle hundreds of tasks simultaneously, enhancing the chances of successful purchases.
  • Captcha harvester - the feature helps in efficiently solving captchas, a crucial step in the checkout process.
  • Analytics - the bot tracks actions and calculates profitability and expenses, providing valuable insights into your sneaker purchasing activities.
  • Multiple order verification modes - it offers rapid bypassing of security measures, like those of Supreme, in milliseconds.

The cost of the bot on off. website is 350 USD for the first 3 months, subsequent renewal of the subscription will cost you 50 USD per month. At the moment, the bot is sold out; information about stock replenishment can be monitored on the developers’ Twitter. You can purchase it from resellers, but it will be much more expensive - the cost on a botbroker reaches 3,700 USD for a licensed copy.

Benefits of Wrath AIO

Wrath AIO Bot stands out as one of the most efficient sneakerbots in the market, thanks to its array of impressive features. Key advantages include:

  1. Advanced AI utilization. Employing modern algorithms, the bot excels in the purchasing process of limited edition sneakers. It automatically resolves complex captchas, circumvents anti-bot protections, and significantly boosts the likelihood of successful purchases.
  2. Multi-account capability. Wrath supports the use of multiple accounts concurrently, expanding users' reach and enhancing opportunities to acquire sought-after shoe styles.
  3. Release monitoring. The bot keeps users informed about upcoming sneaker releases, allowing them to prepare in advance for sales and improving their online shopping success rate.
  4. Wide platform integration. Compatible with various brands and retailers like Nike, Adidas, Foot Locker, and Supreme, Wrath offers flexibility in purchasing a diverse range of sneakers.
  5. User-friendly interface. Designed with an intuitive interface, the bot is accessible even to beginners, enabling easy setup and management for effective shopping experiences.

Wrath AIO Bot is an invaluable ally for collectors, resellers, and sneaker enthusiasts, delivering exceptional results in acquiring limited edition sports and casual footwear. It provides a competitive edge, ensuring users can confidently secure their desired models.

Disadvantages of Wrath AIO

While Wrath AIO Bot offers numerous advantages, it's important to acknowledge its drawbacks:

  1. High cost. Regarded as one of the pricier sneakerbots on the market, its $350 price tag for a 3-month subscription can be prohibitive, especially for beginners. Occasionally, the bot may not be directly available for sale, pushing users to auctions where prices can start as high as $6,500.
  2. Performance issues. Some users report instability or sluggishness during peak demand or major releases, potentially leading to missed opportunities in purchasing limited edition footwear.
  3. Limited updates and support. There are concerns regarding the frequency and quality of updates and customer support. Issues with patches, bug resolution, and response to user queries have led to some dissatisfaction.

While WAIO is a sophisticated tool for acquiring limited-release sneakers, these considerations, including cost and performance, should be weighed carefully. For those who can navigate its complexities and afford the investment, WAIO can offer a productive and unparalleled online shopping experience.

Prism Bot

Prism Bot is a cutting-edge program designed for sneaker enthusiasts, serving as an efficient assistant in quickly acquiring desired sports shoes. Compatible with both Windows and MacOS, it integrates advanced technologies and algorithms, giving users a competitive edge over others in snapping up new arrivals from platforms like Supreme, Adidas, Shopify, and Footlocker.

Key features of Prism Bot include:

  • Release calendar. A built-in calendar ensures you never miss a sneaker drop, with options to schedule tasks for specific dates.
  • Grouping and statistics. This functionality allows for the organization of profiles, tasks, and shoe sizes, enabling effective analysis of your purchasing patterns.
  • Antibot system. The bot mimics real buyer behavior, significantly reducing the risk of being flagged and blocked by store systems.

Prism Bot is available for purchase on the developer's official website at a retail price of $400, with a subscription renewal fee of $150 every three months. However, the price from resellers can start at around $2,000, significantly higher than direct purchase.

Pros of Prism Bot

Prism Bot stands out as a premier tool for sneaker enthusiasts, offering several key advantages for efficient and effective sneaker shopping:

  1. Speed and efficiency. Utilizing advanced algorithms, Prism Bot conducts fast and precise searches and purchases, outpacing other shoppers. This automation saves you considerable time and effort.
  2. Release notifications. Stay informed about the latest sneaker drops with timely updates from Prism Bot. This ensures you're always in the loop for upcoming releases, particularly limited edition models.
  3. Versatile functionality. Prism Bot's multifunctional capabilities include working with various online stores, auto-filling purchase forms, and providing updates on available sizes and prices. It can even suggest alternatives if your desired model is unavailable.
  4. Ease of use. Designed to be user-friendly, Prism Bot is suitable for both seasoned collectors and newcomers. Its intuitive interface and comprehensive documentation make it straightforward to use, maximizing your shopping efficiency.

Prism Bot is more than just a tool; it's a reliable companion in the sneaker world, enhancing your shopping experience with convenience, speed, and a wider range of purchasing options.

Cons of Prism Bot

While Prism Sneaker Bot offers significant advantages, potential users should also be aware of its limitations:

  1. Cost factor. The initial investment in PrismBot is considerable, with a $400 price tag for the first three months and a $150 renewal fee for subsequent quarters. Additionally, the cost of renting an anonymous proxy for a reliable connection adds to the overall expense, which might be prohibitive for some users.
  2. Specific use case. Prism Bot is designed exclusively for sneaker shopping. This narrow specialization means it cannot be used for purchasing other types of apparel, like jeans or jackets, limiting its utility for broader shopping needs.
  3. Security concerns. There have been instances of fraudulent activities where scammers impersonating the legitimate Prism Bot compromise user data. Caution is advised, especially against offers of free usage, as genuine sneakerbot access typically requires a purchase.

Despite these drawbacks, Prism Bot remains a leading choice in the sneaker software market, known for its flexible functionality and efficiency. While the subscription cost might be a hurdle for some, the bot's ability to secure limited release sneaker models and its wide range of features often justify the investment.

Kodai Bot

Kodai Bot is a versatile cross-platform tool, compatible with both Windows and MacOS, designed to streamline the purchasing of limited-release items online. It's ideal for enthusiasts, collectors, and anyone keen on acquiring limited edition sneakers, apparel, electronics, and more.

"Kodai" offers a chance to leverage the power of automation in shopping. It boasts user-friendly and dependable features aimed at boosting your likelihood of securing rare finds. Renowned for its effectiveness and speed, Kodai Sneaker Bot is often hailed as a top contender in shopping automation tools.

Key benefits of Kodai Bot include its ability to run multiple tasks simultaneously, additional features to enhance purchase success rates, and sophisticated algorithms for navigating online store security. Its features include:

  • A Captcha Solver for quick and efficient captcha resolution.
  • A Release Calendar to plan and schedule for upcoming releases.
  • An intuitive dashboard providing setup guides and tools to estimate product costs.

Kodai Bot is also economically priced. The developer’s website offers the retail version at just 175 USD for the initial two months. Afterward, the subscription renewal is 60 USD monthly. Alternatively, the software is available through resellers or brokers, though at a significantly higher price of around 4,000 dollars for a retail copy.

Benefits of Kodai Bot

Kodai Bot stands out for its:

  1. High efficiency. Utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms, Kodai Bot swiftly and accurately processes data to pinpoint the best times for purchases. This feature is particularly beneficial for acquiring fast-selling shoe models, enhancing success rates in a competitive market.
  2. Feature-rich. The bot offers numerous handy options, including alerts on new releases and the ability to create profiles for different websites. It simplifies the buying process by automating both the purchase and the input of delivery details.
  3. User-friendly design. “Kodai” is crafted with user needs in mind, ensuring ease of use without requiring special skills or knowledge. Its straightforward and intuitive interface allows users to effortlessly set up and execute optimal strategies for securing limited edition sports shoes.
  4. Support for various Online retailers. Kodai Bot is compatible with several well-known online stores, including Supreme and Adidas. This compatibility broadens the range of available shoe models, further improving the likelihood of successful purchases.

In summary, Kodai Bot is an effective tool for automating online store purchases, particularly useful for acquiring limited edition sneakers. It not only increases the chances of a successful transaction but also simplifies the overall purchasing process.

Disadvantages of Kodai Bot

While Kodai Sneaker Bot boasts numerous features and benefits, it's important to acknowledge some of its drawbacks:

  1. Unfortunately, Kodai Bot does not facilitate the purchase of Nike products, which may be a significant limitation for fans of the brand.
  2. Frequent updates required. As online platforms regularly modify their algorithms and rules, the bot needs continuous updates and adaptations. This can be time-consuming for users who need to keep the software current.
  3. Limited availability. At times, the program itself may become hard to purchase due to the developers limiting the number of copies for sale. This limitation often leads to user frustration when faced with a "Sold out/Out of stock" status, preventing them from acquiring their desired sneakers.
  4. Kodai Bot demands a substantial amount of RAM, making it challenging to operate on older PCs or netbooks with limited memory capacity.

However, it's worth noting that the high subscription cost and the necessity for regular updates are not necessarily major disadvantages. Kodai Bot compensates for these with its cutting-edge algorithms, extensive functionality, and access to premium sports shoe models from renowned brands.


MEKPreme is a cutting-edge sneakerbot designed to streamline the process of buying sneakers and other limited-release items. With the ever-changing trends in sneaker fashion significantly affecting online shopping, the scarcity and high demand for these products turn their purchase into a challenging task. Enter MEKPreme Supreme Bot, an exceptional tool capable of navigating the most demanding situations to secure your desired athletic or casual shoes.

Efficient and dependable, MEKPreme scours millions of web pages to locate each pair. It then purchases them based on your preferences, allowing you to avoid the stress of missing out on your favorite sneakers. MEKPreme serves as a reliable assistant, simplifying and safeguarding the buying process. Compatible with both MacOS and Windows, the bot boasts several key features:

  • Four primary modes: BrowserSafe, BrowserNormal, Super, API, each tailored for various release types.
  • Integration with AYCD AutoSolve for effective captcha resolution.
  • A switchable Release and Restock configuration, enhancing user convenience.
  • Pooky/Ticket Bypass feature to counteract anti-bot measures on shopping platforms.

Currently, MEKPreme is sold out and unavailable for direct purchase. However, the retail version typically costs between $150-200, with an option for a monthly renewal at $50. Brokers offer the standard version starting at $800 and a lifetime version for $2,000. Resellers price it at around $250.

Advantages of MEKPreme

The MEKPreme Bot is more than a typical sneakerbot; it's a dependable assistant in the sneaker-buying journey, offering several benefits:

  1. Enhanced purchase success. MEKPreme is engineered to increase your chances of acquiring limited-release sneakers. It simultaneously monitors multiple sources and autofills forms, significantly boosting the likelihood of a successful transaction.
  2. Time and effort ffficiency. Acquiring coveted limited-edition sneakers often demands considerable time and effort. MEKPreme, with its advanced software, manages all tasks efficiently. Its high-speed operation processes information and acts in real-time, adeptly responding to market changes, available deals, and sneaker release updates. This makes it a valuable partner in securing the latest releases without the stress.
  3. Personalized shopping. The Supreme Bot offers customization options for brands, sizes, colors, and more, tailoring alerts to your specific interests. This not only saves time but also enhances your online shopping experience by focusing on styles that align with your preferences.
  4. Security and privacy assurance. Security is a top priority with MEKPreme. It ensures your personal data remains confidential and well-protected. The bot avoids requesting sensitive information like passwords or bank card details, upholding your privacy and security.

MEKPreme is an essential tool for sneaker collectors and fashion enthusiasts alike. It empowers you to confidently and efficiently purchase the latest and most sought-after athletic and casual footwear in the fashion world.

Cons of MEKPreme

While MEKPreme Bot offers notable benefits, it's important to consider its drawbacks:

  1. Cost factor. MEKPreme is a paid application, which can be a deterrent for some users. The price varies depending on the version and features, and can be steep for those not willing to invest heavily in shopping automation. Its often limited availability also drives up the price. Additionally, the necessity of a private proxy for multi-threading, stable connections, and data protection adds to the overall cost.
  2. Fraud risk. Instances of counterfeit MEKPreme bots are not uncommon, posing a risk of fraud. These illegal copies can lead to financial losses and compromised personal data. Buyers must exercise caution, ensuring they purchase from credible sellers or directly from the official developers to avoid such risks.
  3. Brand-specific limitation. Unlike some other bots, MEKPreme exclusively supports the Supreme brand. This specialization limits its appeal to only those who are enthusiasts of Supreme products.

Despite these limitations, MEKPreme remains a valuable tool for acquiring limited-release sneakers. It offers a flexible, user-friendly interface and enhances the online shopping experience. While there is an upfront investment for accessing the program's features, many users find that the benefits, including time savings and increased purchase success, justify the cost in the long run.


Cybersole is a cutting-edge tool designed specifically for automating sneaker purchases. It stands out as a potent ally for sneaker enthusiasts looking to secure limited-edition or exclusive models that typically sell out quickly.

Key for trend-followers, Cybersole caters to those eager to acquire the latest sneaker collections. Its array of features and superior performance positions it as a top choice for sneaker aficionados aiming to stay ahead in the game. Additionally, it's a highly regarded resale bot among resellers worldwide. However, it's important to note that Cybersole is not cross-platform and operates exclusively on Windows. Its popularity stems from its impressive capabilities, including:

  • Compatibility with multiple captcha solving services like CapSolver, CapMonster, 2Captcha, and others.
  • The ability to run an unlimited number of tasks, a feature not always offered by competitors.
  • A convenient mobile app, allowing users to manage purchases from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Features like task grouping, an analytics section, and a proxy monitoring service.

Currently, Cybersole is sold out on the developer's website. The retail price is typically around $370, with a monthly renewal fee of $50. The bot is also available through brokers and resellers, with prices starting at $800 for the standard version and reaching up to $2,000 for a lifetime version.

Benefits of Cybersole

Cybersole stands out as a top choice among sneakerbots for purchasing limited-release sneakers, thanks to its array of benefits:

  1. High Performance and Functionality: Cybersole utilizes advanced algorithms and technologies, enhancing users' chances of successfully purchasing desired sports shoe models. Its speed and precision in solving captcha challenges and reducing server load rank it among the most efficient sneakerbots available. Features like new release alerts, automatic payment information filling, product search and addition to cart, and bypassing bot protection systems facilitate quick and effective purchasing.
  2. Multiple Account Management: The bot's capability to create and manage several accounts concurrently expands opportunities to access limited-edition shoe collections. Users can operate different accounts across various platforms, increasing the likelihood of a successful shopping experience.
  3. Integration Across Platforms: Cybersole's adaptability and flexibility are key to its effectiveness. It functions on diverse platforms, including desktop and mobile versions of online stores, and supports multiple regions. This makes it a practical solution for brands like Nike, Adidas, Supreme, and Shopify-based stores.
  4. Release Monitoring: The service keeps subscribers informed about upcoming releases and updates in various online stores. This feature ensures users are well-prepared for new releases, maximizing their chances of purchasing.

Cybersole AIO Bot's combination of reliability and efficiency makes it an exceptional automated service for acquiring limited-release shoes. It provides subscribers with the means to successfully purchase sought-after models, granting access to exclusive sneaker releases.

Disadvantages of Cybersole

While Cybersole is a popular choice among sneakerbots, it's important to consider its disadvantages:

  1. High cost. Cybersole is one of the pricier bots on the market, potentially out of reach for beginners or those not willing to invest heavily. Its limited availability means it's often only accessible through rental or at high prices, starting around $5,000. Additionally, costs for renting a personal proxy for reliable connectivity, simultaneous site operation, and security add to the overall expense.
  2. Complex setup and usage. Some users find Cybersole's setup and usage to be challenging, particularly for newcomers. The bot's extensive range of features and settings can be overwhelming, requiring time and patience to master.
  3. Limited availability. Cybersole restricts access by offering a limited number of slots for new subscribers, resulting in a waiting list. This limitation can be frustrating for those eager to start using the bot promptly.
  4. Purchase restrictions. Users have reported purchase limits on certain platforms, which can be a point of dissatisfaction. These restrictions might limit the number of pairs that can be bought, hindering users' buying intentions.
  5. Platform limitation. Currently, Cybersole only supports Windows, and mobile applications are available for Android and iOS. This excludes MacOS and Linux users, limiting the bot's user base.

Despite these drawbacks, such as the high cost and limited user slots, Cybersole maintains its popularity. This is attributed to its high quality and effectiveness, making it a standout sneakerbot for many users.

Sneakerbot: how to choose the best one

When selecting the ideal sneaker bot, comparing key characteristics of the bots mentioned is crucial to match individual requirements and tasks:

  1. Price. Accessibility varies among bots. WAIO and SolSlayer are on the pricier side, especially when availability is limited. In contrast, EasyCop and Kodai are more budget-friendly, with Kodai offering varied tariff plans.
  2. Functionality. The range of features differs significantly. Cybersol and Kodai are renowned for their quality functionality, user-friendly interface, and compatibility with multiple popular brand online stores.
  3. Performance. Efficiency and error rates are pivotal. Bots like Prism and WAIO are recognized for their high performance and reliability, often influenced by the frequency of developer updates.
  4. User-friendliness. Some bots, like MEKPrim, Kodai, and Prism, boast intuitive interfaces ideal for beginners. Conversely, Wrath and Cybersol have more complex configurations, requiring experience and skill.
  5. Proxy compatibility. Successful bot operation often depends on effective proxy use. Wrath, Kodai, and NSB excel in proxy compatibility, supporting various protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, Socks5. NSB and Wrath enhance convenience with list-based proxy loading, allowing automatic IP address switching if issues arise.

Each sneaker bot has its strengths and weaknesses, so your choice should align with your specific needs and budget. Conduct further research and consider user reviews for a well-informed decision.

Proxies for sneaker bots: why is it needed and which one to choose

Proxies are a critical component in the functionality of online shopping bots, especially for the automated purchase of limited edition sneakers. Their advantages include:

  • No regional restrictions. Proxies allow access to stores worldwide, regardless of your physical location. Whether it's an official brand store in Germany or a reseller site in Brazil, a proxy server from the respective country enables seamless access.
  • Bypassing security systems. Proxies help in circumventing security measures like locks and captchas. They make the bot appear as a real user to the online store, reducing the likelihood of detection and blocking.
  • Anonymization and security. Using a proxy hides your real IP address and other potentially visible data when visiting a website. This enhances security, protects against data leaks, and reduces the risk of being banned by the store.
  • Multiple account creation. Many stores monitor and prevent multiple accounts from a single IP address. Proxies overcome this by allowing you to create numerous accounts from different addresses, boosting your chances of purchasing multiple pairs of sneakers simultaneously.

For sneakerbots, paid mobile or residential proxies are recommended due to their safety and reliability. ISP or IPv4 data center proxies are also viable, though they offer lower reliability. It's advised to avoid free, shared, or IPv6 data center proxies, as they are more prone to restrictions or bans.

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