Setting up a proxy in Wget

Wget is a non-commercial utility designed for network-based package downloads. It serves as an equivalent to built-in command-line tools and supports the HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP protocols. Wget is commonly employed for automating the process of fetching files from web servers. What sets Wget apart from conventional downloaders is its extensive customization options, including the ability to recursively download entire websites and set speed limits for data transmission and reception.
Wget is a cross-platform tool compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS. To get started with the utility, you'll need to install the appropriate software version for your specific operating system:

  • For Windows users, you can download a precompiled version of Wget from the developer's website or utilize tools like Cygwin or Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).
  • On many Linux distributions, Wget is already built-in, allowing users to access it directly from the command line.
  • macOS users can integrate Wget from third-party sources such as Homebrew or use third-party software like MacPorts.

Wget commands are issued through the terminal or command line using standard syntax. For example, you can use "wget <URL>" where "<URL>" represents the address of the file or website you wish to download. For ease of use, it's recommended to include various flags to configure downloads, such as "-P" to specify the save path, "-r" for recursive downloading, and more.

How to set up a proxy in Wget

The use of a proxy in software is essential for safeguarding user privacy, managing IP addresses, and bypassing restrictions when accessing information. To configure proxy settings in Wget, it's advisable to perform debugging at the system level to ensure that all PC requests are routed through a specific proxy.

  1. To get started, open the shell. Depending on your operating system, this could be the terminal, command line, bash, or another interface. To configure Wget, enter the commands shown in the screenshot below into the terminal. Be sure to replace "proxy_address" and "proxy_port" with the correct proxy information.
  2. If your proxy provider requires authentication, you'll need to enter the credentials in a specific format. Instead of using "username" and "password," specify the login and password provided by your proxy provider. To activate the new connection, restart the command line or terminal.
  3. After adding these lines, restart your shell or execute the source .bashrc or source .bash_profile command, depending on the file you used to apply the changes.

Once you've configured Wget with the appropriate proxy flags, you can use the application to download files. It's important to note that using public proxies for downloading may pose security risks and lack user encryption on the network. Therefore, it's recommended to consider using paid private proxies for enhanced security.

Top 10 proxy providers for working with Wget

Third-party providers offer dedicated proxy servers renowned for their high request processing speed. These servers come with several additional advantages, including a reliable internet connection, secure proxy interaction, and customizable HTTP headers. These websites also provide the option to download comprehensive lists containing proxy server addresses and ports. This feature enables users to establish multi-channel connections, facilitating the swift retrieval of large amounts of data within a short timeframe.


The provider offers a range of proxy types, including personal and elite IPv4 and IPv6, as well as mobile, ISP, and residential proxies.

  • Pricing varies depending on the type of proxy. For instance, IPv4 proxies are supported by all websites and thus come at a higher cost than IPv6 proxies.
  • Proxies support standard protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5. Users have the option to choose from over 52 geolocations.
  • Proxy throughput reaches an impressive 1 Gbit/s, with connections originating from more than 800 networks.

When utilizing a SOCKS5 proxy with Wget, users can enjoy high throughput of up to 1 Gbps, enabling swift file downloads. The maximum IP dispersion helps mitigate the risk of blocking when sending multiple requests for the same data packet.


On the provider's website, users can purchase a variety of proxy types, including super proxies, server proxies, ISP and residential proxies, as well as mobile proxies.

  • For Wget users, it's advisable to opt for server or super proxies with the SOCKS5 and IPv4 protocol, as this choice ensures a stable connection and high-speed data transfer.
  • The service guarantees both security and complete anonymity when connecting to the global network.
  • Furthermore, the provider offers real-time tracking of consumed traffic, providing complete transparency.


The web resource offers a range of popular proxy types, including IPV4, IPV6, ISP, and Mobile. The site supports connections through HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5 protocols.

  • A set of useful tools, such as a proxy checker, port scanner, IP trace, and others, are available to help diagnose and optimize your Internet connection when using Wget.
  • In the event that a specific proxy doesn't function as expected, the provider's administration offers a free replacement within 24 hours.
  • The service allows users to implement proxies individually or in packages. Opting for the latter option can be more cost-effective and provides greater flexibility for downloading files using various IPs.

One of the notable advantages of integrating a proxy into Wget is the high server response speed, typically under 3 seconds.


The service offers the option to purchase dedicated data center proxies, backconnect proxies, or rotating proxy servers.

  • When working with Wget, private ISP addresses are highly recommended as they excel in scenarios where an authentic location is crucial.
  • The channel capacity boasts speeds of up to 1 Gbps, ensuring rapid downloads.
  • Dedicated proxy servers are ideal for streaming data downloads or uploads, optimizing proxy integration with Wget for maximum efficiency.

Please note that the site does not provide a demo version, and all servers are located in the USA. This geographical limitation may impact data transfer speeds. Additionally, users have the option to purchase an entire pool of IPs, with a minimum requirement of at least 5 proxy servers, starting at a package cost of $10.


This provider offers a range of proxy servers supporting HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS 4, and 5 protocols. The provider offers high-speed private proxies in IPV4, IPV6, and mobile proxy connections. Notably, users can request proxies from specific networks and subnets.

  • All IP addresses provided are personal, reducing the risk of user blocks in cases where spam is suspected.
  • The service boasts minimal ping, high connection speeds, 100% connection security, and round-the-clock technical support, making it one of the top choices for Wget users.
  • Buyers have praised the swift application processing, with the ability to become the owner of a new proxy in just 3 minutes.

When paired with Wget, the constant availability of servers and the option to rent a proxy for up to one year are advantageous for seamless data exchange with a server or another PC.


The website offers proxies designed for use with standard HTTP and SOCKS protocols. Users can purchase residential, mobile, private, and rotating ISP proxies, and the service also supports data center proxies.

  • In addition to the standard protocols, users have the option to utilize the SSH type of connection, which ensures anonymity and leaves no traces of their presence on the internet.
  • The server provides access to web crawlers, API Scrapers, and other resources for searching and retrieving data before downloading.
  • A unique feature of this provider is Shared Proxy, which allows multiple clients to use the same proxies simultaneously.

The portal also offers tools for comprehensive network monitoring, facilitating the discovery of licensed content suitable for downloading via Wget.


This site exclusively supports HTTP and SOCKS5 protocols. It offers the purchase of Anonymous Proxy, static, and residential addresses.

  • During the trial period, the site provides up to 10 proxies free of charge, which is sufficient for downloading a small amount of data via Wget.
  • The service boasts the fastest proxies, with testing data available on the official website showcasing impressive download and upload speeds for packages.
  • When integrating a proxy for your home Internet or data center, the provider guarantees throughput of up to 100 Gbps. This high-speed capability is highly advantageous for efficiently uploading or downloading information using utilities like Wget.

The only drawback reported by app users is the perceived complexity of API integration.


This proxy server-selling service comes highly recommended by up to 70% of its previous clients.

  • The provider supports HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5 protocols, distinguishing itself with its higher cost.
  • In return, users gain access to both static and dynamic IPs, with connections available through various channels.
  • High-capacity proxy servers with ample bandwidth can be promptly acquired in a package and seamlessly integrated into Wget or other software tools.

Users of this service have praised its exceptionally low ping and the option to bind an IP for authentication, which streamlines the process of downloading files from diverse sources.


The provider offers support for HTTP protocols and the utilization of SOCKS proxies. What sets it apart from competitors is its dynamic rotation and resident proxies available across a wide array of geolocation points.

  • With a total proxy pool of approximately 9 million, clients can simultaneously utilize up to 300 ports.
  • The website offers a 3-day trial period for nearly $2, with subsequent services being available for monthly subscription with automatic renewal.
  • Residential, mobile proxies, and ISP proxies from US-based providers are available here.

A handy feature for integrating a package with Wget is the availability of traffic consumption statistics on the provider's website, allowing users to monitor all their downloads.


The provider supports both HTTP and HTTPS protocols and operates via IPv4. Users can access residential, static, and mobile proxies, as well as dedicated proxies designed for data centers.

  • Users also have the option to purchase APIs designed for collecting extensive data and assisting in data analysis before initiating downloads.
  • When connecting to the network through the provider's proxy for downloading files, users can bypass captchas, which often interrupt the download process.
  • The bandwidth offered reaches an impressive 1 Gbps, facilitating faster file downloads. The technical specifications of a specific proxy package depend on the chosen tariff plan.

The tool is well-suited for working with Wget, particularly when correctly managing traffic while consistently downloading and uploading files on a virtual network.
When dealing with extensive data downloads via Wget, it's crucial to prioritize proxy providers that offer high throughput, ideally around 1 Gbps or higher. Notable providers in this category include Proxy-Seller, Proxy-Sale, Brightdata, Oxylabs, Stormproxies, Webshare, and Smartproxy.
Additionally, it is advisable to opt for tariff plans that do not impose traffic restrictions or select providers that offer tools for monitoring consumed traffic. Providers like Proxy-Seller, Brightdata, Proxy-IPv4, Youproxy, and Webshare offer such tariff plans or tools.
For those seeking a provider with a diverse range of support tools to enhance their Wget experience, Proxy-Sale, Brightdata, Oxylabs, and Proxy-Seller are excellent choices. These services offer a multitude of useful tools, ranging from proxy checkers and IP tracing to APIs and browser extensions.

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