Selecting the best proxy for botting in Silkroad

Silkroad Online is an MMORPG developed by Joymax, themed around the historic Silk Road trade routes. Players engage in quests, combat against monsters and other players, and trade resources between cities. The game boasts a skill system, diverse weaponry, and armor, catering to the interests of MMORPG enthusiasts.

However, the use of bots in online games, including Silkroad, poses a risk of account blocking due to suspicious activity detection. Proxies offer a solution by helping users avoid bans and safeguard their accounts.

The benefits of proxies for Silkroad

Bots utilized in online games exhibit diverse capabilities contingent upon their software implementation and the intentions of their creators. These capabilities encompass automatically controlling character actions, hunting monsters, completing tasks and quests, and engaging in trade. In Silkroad, leveraging bots provides players with a significant advantage, enabling them to manage multiple characters and rapidly level them up.

Proxies prove invaluable in overcoming local restrictions, such as access blocks in school or office environments, by facilitating IP address changes to gain access to the game server.

For safe botting in Silkroad and to mitigate the risk of account bans, static IPv4 and ISP proxies are recommended. Players employ bots in the background, often creating numerous accounts that operate autonomously in automatic mode. To minimize the likelihood of account loss and bans, it's advisable to assign one proxy per account when running bots. Sufficient proxies for botting ensure efficient character leveling in Silkroad.

Top 10 proxy providers for Silkroad

To accurately select the optimal proxy and attain maximum success in Silkroad, we advise checking our review of the top 10 proxy providers.


Proxy-Seller offers a vast database of stable static proxies worldwide, tailored for Silkroad.

  • ISP proxies from Europe or the USA ensure stable and enduring online gaming sessions.

  • With 50+ IPv4 proxy geolocations, players can seamlessly connect to the server.

  • The service guarantees refunds and provides prompt customer support.

Proxies from this provider support HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 connection protocols, ensuring a stable connection for Silkroad players.


BrightData boasts a selection of suitable static IP addresses for Silkroad.

  • With 99.99% network uptime, players enjoy uninterrupted access to Silkroad.

  • Proxies available from over 200 countries ensure seamless game access.

  • IPv4 and ISP proxies enhance Silkroad server security.

Using a BrightData proxy allows for simultaneous Silkroad sessions without risking account loss.


For comfortable Silkroad gameplay, Proxy-Sale offers proxies ensuring safe bot usage.

  • A wide range of IPv4 and ISP proxies facilitates effective botting in Silkroad.

  • All proxies support stable HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 connection protocols.

  • Channel bandwidth is 1 Gbit/s.

The service offers automatic discounts on proxy package purchases and maintains a generally customer-friendly pricing policy.


Stormproxies provides resident static ISP proxies and IPv4 data center proxies tailored for Silkroad botting.

  • Proxy protocols HTTP and SOCKS optimize proxy usage in the online game.

  • IPv4 and ISP proxies enable efficient operation of Silkroad automation bots.

  • Access to the online game is facilitated through US proxies.

An intuitive interface and proxy server management ensure secure Silkroad botting.


Youproxy offers static IPv4 data center proxies designed for Silkroad access.

  • Fixed pricing for all IPv4 proxy geolocations specific to Silkroad.

  • The provider offers a variety of subnets or specific proxies upon client request for Silkroad botting.

  • 24/7 user support assists with proxy setup for online play.

A customer-friendly pricing policy and swift resolution of client queries characterize the provider's service.


Oxylabs specializes in rotating proxy servers, and for Silkroad, data center proxies are recommended.

  • Players can select an IPv4 proxy for botting and character leveling in Silkroad.

  • The service offers 24/7 user support throughout all stages of proxy usage.

  • With a server uptime of 99.9%, stable gaming sessions are ensured.

While the service primarily focuses on data collection tools, Silkroad players can benefit from using IPv4 proxies, especially for bot usage.


Webshare offers various proxy types for Silkroad, tailored to users' specific goals.

  • Choose from IPv4 proxies across 50 locations worldwide, supporting HTTP and SOCKS5 connection protocols.

  • Safe gaming with no delays is facilitated by ISP proxies with unlimited bandwidth.

  • Prior to purchasing the main package, users can test 10 proxies for free.

Webshare proxies serve as reliable tools for character development and Silkroad botting.


Proxy-IPv4 provides up-to-date proxies suitable for Silkroad, featuring stable connection protocols - HTTP(S) and SOCKS5.

  • Proxy rental is available from 3 days for client convenience in selecting Silkroad servers.

  • A large pool of IPv4 proxies from around the world facilitates bypassing regional restrictions on Silkroad account registration.

  • ISP proxies with a high trust level ensure secure botting in Silkroad.

Prompt technical support and a customer-friendly pricing policy are offered.


Soax regularly updates its proxy pool, ensuring proxies are effective for Silkroad with no blacklist or spam database inclusion.

  • The provider's global servers grant Silkroad access from anywhere in the world.

  • High-performance data center proxies, namely IPv4, guarantee uninterrupted gaming.

  • Soax ISP proxies, available exclusively from the USA, offer stable, long sessions and botting.

Utilizing a Soax proxy enables Silkroad players to tackle tasks of any complexity with qualified support.


Smartproxy facilitates character leveling in Silkroad and efficient bot usage.

  • IPv4 proxies aid in bypassing online game limits and restrictions, enabling Silkroad account registration.

  • ISP proxies ensure security and stable operation under high loads.

  • With a server uptime of 99.9%, effective botting is guaranteed.

Smartproxy's proxy servers allow Silkroad players to bypass online gaming restrictions, unlocking the game's full developmental potential.

After reviewing information about proxies and the specifics of provider operations, selecting a suitable server for Silkroad is streamlined and contingent upon gamers' ultimate objectives.

Each provider offers proxies for effective Silkroad botting; users simply need to identify relevant factors important to them. The most cost-effective static proxy purchases can be made from Youproxy, Proxy-IPv4, and Proxy-Sale, which boast customer-friendly pricing across all proxy types.

Providers like Proxy-Seller, Soax, Oxylabs, and BrightData offer extensive pools of global addresses and diligently update their IP databases. On the other hand, advanced technological solutions and functionalities are available from Smartproxy, Webshare, and Stormproxies.

By considering these factors, gamers can make informed decisions tailored to their specific needs and preferences in Silkroad proxy usage.

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