Proxy for Betting and Gambling websites. Main advantages

Games and betting in bookmakers offer accessible entertainment to many. Slots and sports event bets not only heighten the excitement in games or matches but also offer the chance to earn money. While betting in bookmakers is a legally permissible form of gambling, slot machines or video casinos, often found in bookmaker lobbies, are officially banned in several countries.

Access to a bookmaker can be blocked either temporarily or permanently due to various reasons. Key factors for bookmaker blocking include:

  • Government restrictions prohibiting access to bookmakers or gambling sites due to legal constraints.
  • Temporary blocks on gambling resources due to technical issues, in which case, it's advisable to wait and revisit the site later.
  • Bookmaker administrators or founders might block access to their services for reasons such as rule violations or policy breaches.
  • Frequent or careless use of a VPN to circumvent bookmaker blocks or regional restrictions might lead to detection and complete blocking from online gambling websites.

To determine the reason for access restrictions, contacting the bookmaker's support service is the best approach. If the issue doesn't originate from the bookmaker, the block might be external, prompting the need to utilize proxy services for online casinos.

What is gambling and why do you need a proxy?

Online gambling involves participating in gambling activities via the Internet. “Gambling” refers to various gaming activities like betting, slots, poker, slot machines, roulette, etc, while “online” indicates that these activities take place in a virtual network. “Crypto gambling” categorizes gambling sites that accept cryptocurrency for playing and betting. Online gambling casinos offer several advantages and some limitations. Pros include:

  • Convenient and easy access to a diverse range of gambling games from anywhere with internet connectivity.
  • A broader selection of games than physical casinos can offer, including slots, poker, sports betting, and roulette.
  • The comfort and privacy of gambling from one's own space, with security usually provided by the bookmaker. However, using a VPN or proxy is advisable for enhanced safety.

A significant benefit of virtual gambling is the opportunity to participate in loyalty programs, along with numerous prizes and gifts from bookmakers. Many online casinos offer bonuses and promotions to attract players, potentially increasing winning chances. Regular gamblers enjoy incentive levels with greater privileges for higher statuses.

Restrictions are typically set by the portal administration or through administrative regulations. Bookmakers may restrict user access for cheating, violating game rules, registration non-compliance, or providing incorrect verification data. Severe penalties, including lifetime bans, are imposed for multi-accounting and repeated bets on individual events.

Disadvantages of online gambling include the risk of developing an addiction and potential leakage of personal and payment data when engaging with unregulated sites. Not all online casinos are trustworthy, posing risks of fraud or legal disputes. To avoid such issues, it’s crucial to choose licensed platforms and use proxies for safe online gambling.

The main advantages of proxies when working with bookmakers

Proxy servers serve various purposes in bookmaking, primarily ensuring anonymity for bets when a bookmaker doesn't require account verification with passport data. Most gambling projects have mirrors and redirects to facilitate access in regions where the bookmaker is blocked by network providers or due to legislative restrictions. Finding up-to-date mirror links can be challenging, as they are frequently changed or removed.

Using a proxy for sports betting offers direct access to the bookmaker's lobby, circumventing the need for mirrors or other alternative methods. The convenience of proxy servers is notable, and some platforms provide additional tools for automating website interactions. Integrating these secondary methods with a proxy can automate and optimize the betting process, potentially increasing winnings and streamlining the betting experience.

Operating with multi-accounts

The use of multiple accounts is often against bookmakers' rules and can lead to account blocking in 99% of cases. However, managing multiple accounts can be advantageous for professional players and high-stakes betting. By placing varied bets on the same event, a gambler can minimize losses and often secure significant wins. Despite its effectiveness, this method is considered fraudulent by bookmakers and is usually promptly stopped. Betting with gambling proxies offers several benefits:

  • Anonymity. Proxies hide your real IP address, making it harder to trace and link multiple accounts. This helps avoid blocks and restrictions that could occur when creating several accounts from the same IP.
  • Strategy diversity. Professional bettors often analyze data extensively and use multiple accounts to test different strategies across various sporting events. Proxies enable seamless switching between accounts without the need to log out each time.
  • Data security. Some gaming platforms might share player information with third parties. Using a proxy ensures online anonymity. For added security, especially when using an encrypted connection, avoid providing your bank card number; instead, use a cryptocurrency account or virtual wallet.

For optimum privacy, steer clear of public proxies. Paid providers offer greater reliability at a reasonable cost.

Bypass restrictions

By “restrictions”, we refer to various limitations, ranging from regional blocking to prohibitions on using a wallet number not owned by the player. Many gambling settings and preferences can be easily modified using a proxy. For example:

  • Paid servers allow the use of an IP address from a different country or region. Proxy providers offer IPs from the US, EU, and other geographic areas, with some offering a choice of 50+ locations worldwide. Selecting a geolocation is beneficial for betting on sports events exclusive to certain countries.
  • Proxy providers can conceal your real IP address, crucial for maintaining anonymity, especially when circumventing legal restrictions or bookmaker-imposed blocks.
  • Some bookmakers impose age restrictions and distribute 18+ content. Enhanced data encryption between the user’s device and the server makes tracking the gambler's identity and age impossible.
  • If a bookmaker blocks certain IP addresses or ranges, a paid proxy can bypass these by providing a new IP not on the blacklist.

To overcome geo-restrictions, you can opt for residential or elite IPs. Remember, a proxy acts as an intermediary, processing data through its servers before sending it to the destination. The location of these servers influences the connection quality and ping speed. Opt for stable providers with a network bandwidth of 1 Gbps or more to prevent delays in data packet transmission and reception.

Making repeated bets on one event

Betting on the same event from the same IP is often restricted or outright prohibited by bookmakers. A player might bet on a team's victory and then, from a different account, bet on their loss. This strategy, though financially unfavorable for the bookmaker, guarantees the user a win or at least a return on the bet, leading to potential rule violations and account blocking. Here's how using a proxy can assist:

  • Paid proxies enable IP address changes, making it difficult for the bookmaker's security systems to detect that the bets are from the same user. For enhanced privacy, consider using different methods for depositing and withdrawing funds on each account.
  • Proxies also help maintain anonymity. If you're a notable gambler seeking to conceal your identity, or if you've been blacklisted by casinos, changing your IP, geolocation, and other connection parameters can effectively mask your presence from both the bookmaker and the internet provider.
  • Rotating IPs, which change automatically every few minutes from a purchased pool, allow the management of multiple accounts across different bookmakers from a single device, circumventing blocks and restrictions.
  • Altering geographical location can be advantageous since bookmakers may offer different odds based on client location. A proxy disguises your real location, granting access to more favorable odds.

However, some advanced bookmakers might restrict repeat bets or detect fake IPs, even when using a proxy. Therefore, it's advisable to purchase residential addresses - real IPs that are genuinely assigned to a specific network - for more reliable and undisputed access.

Top 5 proxy providers for betting and gambling

Sports betting and gambling are gaining immense popularity in the digital realm. However, contemporary regulations often impose restrictions and blocks, complicating access to these platforms and successful wagering. We present the TOP 5 proxy providers that enable continued enjoyment of your favorite slots and enhance your engagement in sporting events through betting at bookmakers.


Proxy-Seller offers a diverse range of proxy types, including HTTP/HTTPS, SOCKS, and rotating proxies. Known for its high-speed service and enhanced anonymity, the provider has several advantages:

  • Its proxy packages amalgamate multiple IP addresses into a single pool.
  • These connection types offer more reliability and scalability compared to using public proxies for bookmaker access.
  • The tariff plans are well-suited for long-term engagement with bookmakers, ensuring a stable connection.

Given its reliability, anonymity, and swift connection speeds, Proxy-Seller's proxies are highly advantageous and suitable for gambling purposes.


BrightData is a specialist in network proxies, offering access to an extensive pool of IP addresses. The provider ensures high connection reliability and complete anonymity online.

  • It features rotating proxies that periodically change IP addresses.
  • The proxy pools are compatible with both HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS protocols, connecting through IPv4.
  • The vast array of geolocations is beneficial for circumventing blocks and enhancing anonymity.

BrightData provides numerous solutions for automating proxy changes, making it a valuable resource for optimizing online gambling experiences.


The provider offers both HTTP/HTTPS proxies for website-related tasks and SOCKS proxies, which operate at the application level and are versatile for various purposes.

  • All IPs are effective for bypassing geo-restrictions and overcoming URL blocking.
  • The utilized protocols ensure reliable connection speed and stability.
  • The IP services ensure a high level of anonymity and are suitable for a wide range of protocols and applications.

Clients have access to IPs from 400 networks and 1000 subnets. All proxies can be categorized and rotated upon each visit to a bookmaker's website.


The provider specializes in rotating proxies, making it an excellent choice for bypassing blocks and ensuring anonymity.

  • The service's policy strictly prohibits hacking, fraudulent activities, and other actions that contravene legal regulations. It's essential to adhere to the bookmaker's rules when using a proxy.
  • The provider exclusively supports HTTP, making it particularly useful for sports betting and similar activities rather than video slots or interactive applications.
  • The resource network is designed for multi-threaded connections, ensuring a stable connection, especially when dealing with multiple accounts.

The service allows you to start using a proxy almost immediately after payment, typically within 2-3 minutes, enabling you to access the bookmaker with a new IP address.


Youproxy offers high-speed HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS proxies known for their reliability and exceptional user support.

  • The provider offers options to purchase IPv4/IPv6 and mobile proxies, ensuring access to the lobby from both PCs and smartphones.
  • When buying a proxy pool, you can select them by geo/network/subnetwork, simplifying the process of finding a suitable connection and enabling automation.
  • All proxies are 100% personal, ensuring the security of your data and a guarantee that the IP addresses are not blacklisted.

Choosing the right proxy from Youproxy can help you effectively bypass bookmaker restrictions and confidently place sports bets.

If you're managing multiple bookmakers concurrently, consider the services of Brightdata, Proxy-Seller, and Proxy-Sale as your top choices. These providers offer dynamic proxies that help you evade bookmaker blocks, and their extensive geographical coverage allows you to register accounts with nearly any bookmaker.

For those looking to streamline the selection process, Proxy-Sale, Proxy-Seller, and Youproxy offer pre-packaged proxy solutions tailored for betting. Proxy-Sale even allows you to pick proxies for specific bookmakers like Bet365. These providers also offer proxy packages suitable for casinos and slots.

Youproxy, Proxy-Sale, and Proxy-Seller websites allow you to request specific network/subnetwork configurations through their support services, a valuable feature for working with bookmakers that saves you time. Additionally, you have the option to exchange non-functional proxies within the first day of purchase, a service also provided by Stormproxies.

No matter your preference, whether it's sports betting, casinos, or slots, you'll find the perfect solution with these top providers.

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