How to unblock and gain access to Twitch

Access to Twitch can be restricted for various reasons, including country-level, ISP-level, or local laws and policies. Here are the primary reasons for these blockages:

  • In some regions, Twitch may be blocked due to content deemed objectionable or illegal, which may include provocative material.
  • Government censorship of the internet can lead to the blocking of Twitch along with other social media and streaming platforms to control the spread of certain foreign or political ideas.
  • Twitch's content related to gambling and betting might lead to its blockage if it violates laws against promoting gambling.
  • Specific Twitch users might be blocked for copyright infringement or for violating the platform's rules.
  • Technical filters from providers or temporary blockages due to network or service infrastructure attacks, like DDoS, can also restrict access.

Blocking can be full, completely barring access to Twitch and its data within a region or globally, or partial, restricting certain content types or individual users. There are methods to circumvent both full and partial blockages, which will be discussed later in the article.

Methods to bypass Twitch blocking

When attempting to unblock Twitch on various devices, including school or work computers, home PCs, or other digital devices, it's crucial to use only legal methods and regularly change your IP to maintain anonymity and security. Here are steps to follow:

  • Check blocking status. Confirm if Twitch is actually blocked in your region or network. Try accessing the site from different browsers and devices, and ask a friend to check the site's availability.
  • Wait for temporary blockages to resolve. Sometimes, blockages are temporary and resolve within a few hours to a few days. Stay updated by checking the news, asking on forums, or waiting for an official announcement from Twitch regarding the resumption of service.

If Twitch is still inaccessible or there are regional restrictions, consider the following legal methods to bypass these restrictions:

  • Use a VPN. A Virtual Private Network changes your IP address, allowing you to bypass geographic restrictions.
  • Enable proxy connection. Unblock Twitch using a proxy by selecting a proxy service and purchasing an IP address. This method is cost-effective and easy to implement.

If your account is specifically blocked, contact Twitch support for assistance or clarification.

TOP 5 proxy providers for unblocking Twitch


  • The site offers an extensive range of proxy servers compatible with TCP protocols, crucial for high-quality data transmission when accessing Twitch.
  • Proxy-Seller ensures a highly reliable and stable connection, vital for seamless viewing and streaming experiences.
  • With a variety of geographic locations available, the site provides HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS proxies, offering enhanced flexibility in configuring your connection.


  • BrightData's vast global server network guarantees low latency and superior performance for Twitch streaming and viewing.
  • The site's wide array of server locations across the globe aids in circumventing regional restrictions.
  • The provider offers a selection of ISP, residential, and mobile proxies, with the option to connect through SOCKS5 in IPv4, TCP, and UDP protocol networks.
  • BrightData also offers proxy management tools, including IP rotation.


  • Proxy-Sale prioritizes connection security by offering multiple authentication methods.
  • Proxies support TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5 protocols.
  • The provider's wide range of locations and proxy types, including IPv4, IPv6, ISP, Residential, and Mobile, ensures reliable network access and fast data transfer.
  • Customers have access to various proxy packages, which differ in levels of anonymity and connection speeds.


  • Stormproxies provides a range of proxy packages, including options with multiple IP addresses and varied pricing plans.
  • The service supports TCP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5 protocols, catering to a wide array of tasks with efficient performance.
  • Users can choose from static, dynamic, and rotating proxies, which feature private ISP addresses and dedicated channels for enhanced network connectivity.


  • Youproxy offers a selection of protocols such as HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS proxies, including servers that support TCP connections.
  • The site provides specialized solutions for Twitch bots and automation, catering to accounts seeking promotional tools.
  • With thousands of tested proxies, Youproxy ensures a high standard of safety and reliability for its users.

To select the ideal proxy provider, customers can either purchase economy packages individually or try a demo. For those seeking simplicity, consider using a VPN for effortless IP switching with a single click.

TOP 5 VPN services for Twitch


SurfShark provides rapid servers and supports an unlimited number of device connections. It includes robust security protocols such as OpenVPN and IKEv2. The "NoBorders" feature allows users to circumvent censorship and geo-blocking effortlessly. The software is user-friendly and highly customizable, with mobile and desktop applications for seamless integration.


HotspotShield is renowned for its speedy servers and robust defense against DNS leaks. It features the unique "Catapult Hydra" mode, enhancing performance to the maximum. The service provides a user-friendly, one-click app for easy server connection, allowing users to choose servers in various countries to bypass blockages. While the program offers limited features initially, purchasing the PRO version unlocks its full potential.


NordVPN provides extensive geographic coverage and enhanced security with dual authentication, alongside access to log-free servers. Compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS, the utility can also be installed as an extension in popular browsers. This virtual private network vigilantly monitors traffic and alters IP addresses to safeguard user privacy. While NordVPN is a paid application, it offers a trial version for users to experience its features.


TunnelBear stands out for its user-friendliness and includes a Kill Switch feature that halts internet access if the VPN connection drops. The program boasts a welcoming interface. It operates on a shareware basis, remaining free as long as your data usage does not exceed 500 MB. The paid plan offers connectivity for up to 5 devices per account, providing enhanced flexibility and coverage.


Speedify enhances connection speed and reliability by merging multiple connections, like Wi-Fi and mobile data. It supports both TCP/UDP protocols, excelling in streaming video and VoIP tasks. Prioritizing streaming, it allows users to test broadcast quality in a dedicated test mode. With servers spread across five continents, regional bans are not a concern. The software is virus-free and offers a limited free version, with more comprehensive features available in the paid version.

To summarize, for unblocking Twitch, Brightdata, Proxy-Seller, and Proxy-Sale stand out as top choices due to their extensive range of geolocations. They offer residential proxies, which are particularly effective for channel promotion through subscriber and viewer growth on the streaming platform.

Regarding VPN services, free and limited versions may not suffice for seamless viewing and streaming. Opting for a paid version is necessary for effective block bypassing. HotspotShield, NordVPN, and TunnelBear excel in user-friendliness with browser extensions for popular browsers. Surfshark boasts a highly intuitive desktop interface, while Speedify is tailored for streaming services, though it may not be as user-friendly as its counterparts.

In any case, the choice between a proxy server or VPN for Twitch unblocking depends on your specific needs, and this review aims to assist in making an informed decision.

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