How to choose a proxy for Taobao

Taobao, owned by Alibaba Group, is one of the largest online trading platforms in China. It serves as a virtual marketplace where individuals and small businesses can sell directly to consumers. The platform offers a diverse array of products, including clothing, accessories, electronics, furniture, and food, available both new and used. Primarily targeting the Chinese market, Taobao also appeals to international buyers thanks to many sellers offering worldwide shipping.

The article will further explore the benefits of shopping on Taobao using a proxy and will examine the necessity of using a proxy for Taobao. This consideration can be particularly relevant for users outside China, aiming to navigate potential regional restrictions or enhance their online privacy and security.

The role of proxies for Taobao

Using a proxy for Taobao can significantly enhance your experience on the platform. Here are the main reasons and purposes for utilizing a proxy when accessing Taobao:

  • Regional restrictions: in some regions, access to Taobao might be restricted or blocked. A proxy can help bypass these blocks, allowing you to continue shopping on the marketplace.
  • Improving connection quality: proxy servers can optimize the internet route, potentially speeding up the loading of pages on Taobao.
  • Marketing: proxies enable uninterrupted access to Taobao for various automated marketing tools, which can significantly ease the promotion of products online.
  • Multi-accounting: managing multiple Taobao accounts through a proxy can mitigate the risk of account blocks, which is particularly useful for scaling businesses.
  • Data collection: for effective scraping of data from Taobao using bots without triggering captcha challenges, using a proxy is essential.

In summary, Taobao proxies not only provide safer access to the platform but also enhance functionalities for both buyers and sellers, improving overall efficiency in the marketplace.

Top 10 proxy providers for Taobao

To ensure uninterrupted access to Taobao and effectively bypass regional restrictions, selecting trusted proxy providers is crucial. This section will introduce the top proxy providers for online trading, highlighting their reliability, speed, and security features.


Proxy-Seller stands out as a preferred option for users who face access restrictions to Taobao:

  • Offers private IPv4 proxies from over 50 countries, featuring unlimited bandwidth to facilitate unblocking of the marketplace.
  • Provides residential proxies with advanced geo-targeting capabilities at the ISP level, ideal for managing multiple Taobao accounts.
  • Supplies ISP proxies supporting HTTPS/SOCKS5 protocols, ensuring a comfortable and secure shopping experience.

The website includes special sections dedicated to IP pools for marketplaces. Additionally, a 24-hour support service is available to assist with consultations and proxy setup.


BrightData presents a comprehensive range of proxy solutions tailored for online shoppers:

  • Delivers ISP proxies from a pool of over 700,000 addresses, with a 99.99% uptime, making it optimal for shopping on Taobao.
  • Offers a Web Scraping API that enables efficient scraping of prices and data for further business promotion on Taobao.
  • Features a proprietary Chrome extension for quick and convenient interactions with marketplaces.

BrightData is a leading proxy provider for Taobao users, renowned for its extensive address pools and useful tools for product promotion on the platform.


Proxy-Sale offers versatile solutions for marketing, online shopping, and data collection:

  • Provides private IPv4 proxies from over 40 countries, supporting all marketplaces with the option to select IP addresses by state or city.
  • Features static ISP proxies from more than 400 networks and 1,000 subnets, with automatic connections and a 1 GB/s channel.
  • Supplies residential proxies from more than 200 countries, enabling unlimited list operations and straightforward IP address management for multi-accounting on Taobao.

The site includes dedicated sections for the most popular marketplaces and offers free tools for testing purchased proxies immediately after purchase.


Stormproxies is dedicated to providing US proxies that are particularly effective for Taobao and other online stores:

  • Offers residential dynamic backconnect proxies from a pool of over 700,000 addresses, suitable for multi-accounting.
  • Provides IPv4 data center proxies with a 1 GB/s channel, designed to bypass regional restrictions on various trading platforms.
  • Features dynamic residential proxies with options to change locations directly from your personal account, enhancing trading efficiency on Taobao.

Stormproxies ensures customer satisfaction with a refund guarantee within the first 24 hours after purchase, high-quality user support, and a profitable affiliate program.


Youproxy is a premier proxy service provider for Taobao and other marketplaces:

  • Supplies mobile proxies from more than 15 countries with speeds up to 30 Mb/s, manageable via API, and offering unlimited traffic.
  • Offers residential static ISP proxies supporting HTTPS/SOCKS5 protocols, specifically for overcoming Taobao's access restrictions.
  • Delivers IPv4 proxies from over 20 countries with automatic selection and connection features for secure online shopping.

Youproxy is known for its excellent customer support and regularly provides updated promotional codes.


Oxylabs is favored among Taobao users for its extensive range of products designed to promote businesses and ensure secure shopping:

  • Provides residential proxies with a massive pool of over 100 million IP addresses, offering free geotargeting for use on multi-account marketplaces.
  • Features the "E-Commerce Scraper API," a tool for scraping marketplaces with payment required only for guaranteed results, aiding in business promotion on Taobao.
  • Supplies dynamic ISP proxies from more than 20 locations, supporting HTTPS/SOCKS5 protocols.

Additionally, Oxylabs offers API tools for scraping other major marketplaces such as Walmart, eBay, and AliExpress, useful for business owners who operate across multiple platforms.


Webshare offers robust proxy services to help users bypass regional blocks on the Taobao website:

  • Provides IPv4 data center proxies from over 50 countries, boasting an uptime of 99.97% and a channel capacity of up to 1 GB/s, ideal for circumventing Taobao's regional restrictions.
  • Offers ISP proxies with unlimited bandwidth, suitable for multi-accounting and maintaining anonymity while shopping.
  • Delivers residential proxies from 195+ countries, supporting HTTPS/SOCKS5 protocols, complete with a dashboard for monitoring traffic consumption and advanced analytics.

Webshare features a flexible plan structure, beneficial affiliate programs, and a complimentary Chrome extension.


Proxy-IPv4 caters to a variety of online activities such as arbitration, SMM, SEO, and PPC on marketplaces:

  • Supplies IPv4 proxies from more than 20 countries globally, with support for all marketplaces and extensive distribution across networks and subnets.
  • Provides mobile dynamic proxies from over 15 countries, designed to bypass captchas and IP blocks, facilitating access to Taobao.
  • Offers ISP proxies that support HTTPS/SOCKS5 protocols, ensuring a high level of trust for multi-accounting across various trading platforms.

In addition, the service includes a Chrome extension for easy proxy setup and an API for convenient integration and proxy management.


Soax is a leading provider of proxy solutions for scraping marketplaces, including Taobao:

  • Features the “eCommerce API”, a tool for one-click marketplace scraping without a captcha or blocking.
  • Offers mobile proxies from 195+ countries with a reliability of 99.55%, enabling access to Taobao.
  • Provides residential proxies from 155+ countries, supporting HTTPS/SOCKS5 protocols and advanced geo-targeting.

Soax offers a 3-day trial period and a refund option, supported by a 24-hour customer service team to assist with setup and consultations.


Smartproxy is a prominent provider of marketplace scraping solutions:

  • Introduces the “eCommerce Scraping API”, a tool for extracting data from Taobao with a guarantee of results and options for scheduling tasks
  • Supplies residential proxies from 195+ countries, with a pool of over 50 million addresses, suitable for multi-accounting.
  • Offers mobile dynamic proxies supporting HTTPS/SOCKS5 protocols from 160+ countries and over 700 mobile operators.

Smartproxy allows users to configure purchased proxies using a free extension for Firefox or Chrome and verify them using the on-site proxy checker.

Understanding the key reasons for using a proxy with Taobao and considering the top ten best proxy providers, we can conclude that Proxy-Seller, BrightData, Oxylabs, and Soax offer the widest variety of available countries. The most cost-effective solutions on the market are provided by Proxy-Sale, Proxy-IPv4, and Youproxy. For purposes such as multi-accounting, it is advisable to choose providers that offer residential proxies, like BrightData, Webshare, and Proxy-Seller. Additionally, API tools for scraping Taobao pages are available from providers such as BrightData, Oxylabs, Soax, and Smartproxy.

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