How to change region and currency on Steam, Epic Games, Origin

Region and currency play a crucial role in digital game distribution platforms like Steam, Epic Games, and Origin. They impact various aspects of user experience and purchases on these platforms:

  • Cost and exchange rates. Prices for online games can vary depending on your region due to differences in economic conditions and purchasing power. Exchange rates also affect the final cost of items in the Steam Store, Origin, and Epic Games.
  • Promotions and discounts. These platforms often offer seasonal discounts and special deals for specific countries. Changing your region in Epic Games or other services can sometimes allow you to purchase games at significantly lower prices.
  • Content restrictions. Regulatory authorities, both domestic and foreign, frequently impose regional restrictions that can prevent access to the Steam Store, Origin, and Epic Games Store. Changing your region through a proxy enables you to bypass these restrictions and gain full access to games.
  • Key activation limitations. Activation keys purchased in blocked regions may have compatibility issues with certain countries. Changing your region in Steam or Origin via proxy settings can simplify the use of these keys.
  • Multi-currency wallets. Gaming platforms often offer the flexibility to pay for applications in various currencies, resulting in potential savings due to real-time currency conversion.

Knowing how to change your region and currency in the Steam Store grants you access to all the benefits of the game store and helps you save on exchange rate differences. If you use Steam with a proxy, changing your IP address can further reduce game costs. To correctly adjust your region and currency, you can configure a proxy in your operating system settings, web browser, or through specialized applications like Proxifier. Explore detailed configuration methods in our blog articles.

How to change region and currency in the Steam Store

Before you consider changing the region of your Steam account, it's essential to remember that this action may impact prices, content availability, and other aspects of your account settings. In the past, changing currency simply required selecting a specific country of residence. However, Steam's policy has evolved. For instance, if you previously set Germany as your country, your currency would automatically switch to the Euro, and selecting the USA would display your account balance in dollars. Steam now automatically detects your location and suggests making purchases in your local currency. The platform's policies are illustrated in the screenshot below.

Improper or dishonest use of the region change function can result in account issues. If you are certain that changing your region is necessary, follow the step-by-step guide below:

  1. Close Steam and ensure that there are no active Valve store-related processes in your task manager. This is crucial for a correct IP address spoofing.
  2. Use a trusted VPN or proxy to change your current IP address to that of the desired country for your account (e.g., Turkey or South Africa). We recommend using a reputable, preferably paid, VPN service. Activate the VPN and select your desired country from the list. In this example, we used UrbanVPN.
  3. Launch the Steam application on your PC and visit the page of the game you wish to purchase. Click the "Add to cart" button.
  4. In the new window, select the currency of the country from the context menu. It will display both your current account currency and the currency of the country you chose in your VPN.
  5. You will be directed to a Steam confirmation window for changing your country. Confirm the change to South Africa, and henceforth, the Steam game store catalog will display relevant prices.
  6. Click the purchase button to proceed to the payment page. You can choose either "Purchase for myself" or "Purchase as a gift" if you want to gift the game to a friend.
  7. On the payment page, enter your bank card details. Please note that at the bottom of the form, there is an option to select your desired country.
  8. Under the "Other" menu option, a window will appear suggesting you update your country of residence. You will either be presented with a list of countries to choose from or directed to contact Steam support for further assistance.

Important! After changing your region, you must complete the process by making the purchase with a bank card issued by the selected country. For example, if you chose Turkey, your card must be issued by a Turkish bank.

After finishing the region change process, close Steam and restart it. If your settings are not saved, consider restarting your PC. Keep in mind that altering your region will affect the availability and pricing of products in the Steam catalog. If you plan to use a VPN or proxy to change your Steam region, be cautious, as this may violate the platform's rules and could lead to account suspension.

Step-by-step change of region and currency in the Epic Games Store

In this store, you can find affordable and profitable game purchases, making the platform just as popular as Steam. The reasons for changing the region and currency in the Epic Games Store are similar to those previously mentioned, but the process follows a slightly different procedure.
Important! Before changing your region, ensure you are using a VPN or have set up a proxy server, and make sure that the country of your new IP address matches the country you intend to set in your Epic Games Store (EGS) account settings.

  1. Open the downloaded Epic Games Store app and log in to your account using your email address or through third-party services. The user's main lobby is displayed below.
  2. In the upper right corner of the screen, next to your username, click on the account icon. Select the “Settings” section, and follow the external link labeled “Account”. While previous settings were made directly within the game application, users are now redirected to the official Epic Games website to make adjustments to their accounts.
  3. Upon the transition, a settings window will open, displaying the player’s personal data and providing an opportunity to change your region. To change your country, click on the blue button on the right.
  4. This will trigger another redirect. In the new window, scroll down and click on the “Here” link. A list of available locations will appear, and you need to select the desired one. Note that for some countries, changing the location might not be possible, so it is advisable to use a proxy for Epic Games.
  5. After selecting the desired country from the list, confirm this operation by entering the code sent to your email, which you specified during account registration.

As with the Steam platform, changing the currency in the Epic Store can be a complex process. If you have previously made purchases in the currency determined by the service upon initial registration, you may need to contact support to pay without currency conversion. If you haven't made any purchases before, it is recommended that you add your payment methods through the settings:

  1. As before, open the game menu and select the “Epic Wallet” menu item.
  2. When you visit the platform's official website, pay attention to the “Payment Management” tab. Here, you can choose a credit card, and payments will be made in the currency associated with the card. If you plan to make purchases in euros or dollars, consider connecting your PayPal wallet.
  3. After providing your payment details, be sure to save the information and verify its accuracy in the account settings directly within the application. Some changes may require a store reload to take effect.

Based on user feedback, technical support is rarely accommodating when it comes to changing the country and currency. At best, they may require confirmation of your move. Therefore, many players opt to use proxies and VPNs, but this should be done with great caution.

Changing region and currency in Origin

The Origin platform, while not as popular as the aforementioned ones, is gradually being replaced by the EA app, with the developer not heavily investing in its development. When using Origin, you have the option to employ a proxy or VPN, but exercise caution to avoid potential account blocking. During the initial account creation, users can set their location as per their preference.

It's worth noting that Origin does not operate in many European countries. In cases where there is no store available in the user's location, purchases are made in the nearest accessible region.

Before proceeding, ensure you've selected the desired country in your VPN client or configured a proxy for the necessary location. Then you can begin changing your region.
Instructions for changing your location:

  1. To initiate the process of changing your geolocation, click on your profile icon located in the upper right corner of the main window. Next, select the "Settings" menu item and click on it.
  2. A comprehensive settings menu will appear in the main part of the workspace. Here, you need to select the "Manage" button. The application will redirect you to the Electronic Arts client portal.
  3. Scroll down the page that opens to the very end, and you'll find the penultimate setting titled "Regional settings". Click on the "Edit" link.
  4. A window will then appear where you can edit your regional information. You can select the country, region, and application language by clicking on the arrows located on the right side of the buttons. To confirm the new settings, click the "Save" button.

The currency in the application will automatically change after setting new regional preferences, streamlining your experience with the gaming platform. If following these instructions does not yield the desired results, you may need to resort to using a proxy to modify the currency in Origin (EA app).

Possible problems when changing settings in Steam, Epic Games, Origin

Before proceeding with the change of your region to Argentina, Turkey, or any other country on Steam and similar platforms, it's essential to be aware of potential issues:

  • Using the wrong currency can result in transaction problems or additional fees for currency conversion.
  • Systems may flag a region change as suspicious activity, potentially leading to temporary account blocks or restrictions.
  • Changing your location and currency can sometimes trigger technical problems, such as incorrect language settings or the improper display of content.

Prior to adjusting your settings on these platforms, it is highly recommended that you thoroughly review the platform's rules and policies and carefully consider the possible consequences.

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