Choosing the right proxy for web scraping Pinterest

Pinterest ranks among the top global media platforms, widely utilized by businesses to promote their products and services. By posting visual content on business accounts, the platform offers vast opportunities for discovering new customers. Particularly prevalent in the USA and European countries, Pinterest facilitates entrepreneurs from various geographic regions in reaching new target audiences. The platform operates by allowing the posting of images or videos of products with links to the resource for purchase.

Web scraping of Pinterest is employed to keep business accounts trendy. This involves using scrapers to study audience interests for further interaction and content plan development. When web scraping data from the platform, proxies become an essential tool. This is because, with a high volume of server requests from a single IP address, there's a significant risk of account suspension. Integrating static or dynamic IP addresses into parsers ensures safe data collection and operation on Pinterest.

The benefits of web scraping on Pinterest

Web scraping on Pinterest allows for the collection of valuable information for brand development and the promotion of products and services. A variety of parsers created in different programming languages exist, as do open-source programs for algorithm customization. For safe operation with Pinterest, it is advisable to purchase a necessary amount of static IPv4 or ISP proxies. However, a more optimal choice would be the use of dynamic residential or mobile proxies, which are the most effective due to IP rotation. Examples of web scraping programs include A-Parser, ScrapingBot, Zennoposter - all of which are capable of efficiently completing tasks in tandem with static or dynamic proxies. The use of scrapers on Pinterest enables:

  • Competitive analysis by tracking popular pins and boards to develop a promotion strategy.

  • Collection of information on images and their metadata, aiding in the analysis of visual factors that attract user attention.

The exact number of proxies needed for web scraping depends on the specific user task. It's important to note that the approximate limit for Pinterest requests is about 300 per hour from a single IP address. Mobile and residential proxies offer access to thousands of IPs and are the best option for parsing the media platform.

Top 10 proxy providers for web scraping Pinterest

To acquire the optimal proxy for web scraping on Pinterest, familiarize yourself with the review of the Top-10 proxy providers.


At Proxy-Seller, users can purchase reliable static IPv4 and ISP proxies for accessing Pinterest, as well as residential and mobile proxies for more complex tasks.

  • IPv4 and ISP proxies can unblock Pinterest from anywhere in the world.

  • The service offers a wide range of geolocations, both static and dynamic proxies.

  • Mobile and residential proxies ensure effective operation with scrapers for information gathering.

The provider boasts a large network of proxy servers, with the option to select a specific location, state, or city to minimize the risk of blocks by Pinterest.


BrightData is a supplier offering all current types of proxies for tasks of varying complexity and for working with Pinterest.

  • For web scraping on Pinterest, the provider has its own data collection software.

  • The service offers a free trial period for clients wishing to find the suitable type of proxy for Pinterest.

  • Stable mobile and residential proxies for working with multiple profiles and integration into parsers.

Additionally, there is the option to connect to the provider's servers via API, a proxy manager, or a Chrome browser extension for enhanced user capabilities.


This provider offers high-speed proxies for profile registration and multi-accounting on Pinterest.

  • A wide selection of ISP proxy locations with a high trust level, for long-term work with Pinterest profiles.

  • A customer-friendly pricing policy, with automatic discount calculations on the website when purchasing proxy packages for scraping.

  • Mobile and residential proxies from around the world for data parsing and multi-accounting.

The service provides a refund within a day after payment upon customer request, and also features effective technical support.


The proxies from this provider are optimized for parsing large volumes of data, facilitating the promotion of Pinterest business accounts.

  • IPv4 proxies for Pinterest account registration.

  • Stormproxies' servers are optimized for integration into bots, including Pinbot, Followlike, Massplanner for gathering information from Pinterest.

  • Reliable residential backconnect proxies for efficient platform operation.

It's important to note that for Pinterest, the provider offers US proxies only.


This service offers proxies supporting HTTPS and SOCKS5 connection protocols, ensuring a stable connection when working with Pinterest profiles.

  • Mobile proxies from the US and Europe for multi-accounting.

  • Customer-friendly pricing policy with a fixed price for static IPv4 proxies.

  • Refund within 24 hours upon customer request.

An optimal price-to-assortment ratio of proxy servers for both ordinary users and Pinterest promotion specialists.


Oxylabs provider has available IPv4, ISP, mobile, and residential proxies for Pinterest.

  • Provides a web scraper API for easy data collection from the platform.

  • The service offers a chance for a free trial of proxies and tools for one week.

  • A large pool of mobile proxies, numbering over 20 million addresses, for bypassing geographical restrictions and multi-accounting.

The service's tools allow for scanning web pages and parsing information to stay on top of Pinterest trends and tendencies.


This provider is one of the technology leaders and offers proxies for comprehensive work with Pinterest business accounts.

  • Static ISP proxies for registration and long-term use of accounts.

  • Residential proxies from over 195 countries for parsing.

  • More than 40 available locations for multi-accounting and scraping Pinterest.

The service provides proxies with a 99.9% uptime with HTTP/SOCKS5 connection protocols, enabling seamless web scraping of Pinterest.


Proxy-IPv4 offers static and dynamic proxies for Pinterest, providing the option to purchase various types depending on the tasks at hand.

  • Individual IPv4 with high uptime and the possibility of replacement within a day after payment.

  • ISP proxies for Pinterest profile registration and long-term operation.

  • Mobile proxies for multi-accounting and working with web scrapers.

A significant advantage of this provider is the option to purchase proxies for a minimum of three days and round-the-clock support.


With the products of this provider, automating data collection processes from Pinterest becomes effortless.

  • An API for social network parsing is available without the need for additional scanners or scrapers.

  • Mobile 3G/4G/5G/LTE proxies allow for data collection without CAPTCHAs or blocks, managing multiple social media accounts, including Pinterest.

  • Daily update of the proxy server database.

Soax's proxies are not listed in spam databases or blacklists, ensuring efficient operation in multi-accounting and parsing Pinterest.


This provider offers access to over 60 million unique IP addresses in 195 locations for easy and secure parsing of Pinterest.

  • Private IPv4, ISP proxies available for account registration.

  • A universal tool for extracting structured data from platforms and social networks - parsing API.

  • A large pool of rotating proxies - mobile and residential for integration into scrapers.

The resource's tools allow for the creation and management of Pinterest accounts, accessing local content without IP blocks or CAPTCHAs.

Once you've defined your specific task for working with Pinterest, you can choose one or several proxy providers. Oxylabs, Smartproxy, and Soax are suppliers with advanced functionalities and API tools for simplified and quality information gathering on the platform. For multi-accounting, mobile proxies from providers like Proxy-Seller, BrightData, Proxy-Sale, and Stormproxies become a priority, and these services also offer residential proxies for web scraping. Servers at the most affordable price for profile registration and parsing can be purchased from Youproxy, Proxy-IPv4, and Webshare.

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