Choosing the right proxy for web scraping Amazon

Amazon stands as the largest marketplace, offering a diverse array of goods from around the globe. Purchasing products at American price points on the marketplace often proves more advantageous, even when factoring in the cost of shipping to some European and Asian countries. To make a purchase on Amazon, the user's IP address must correspond to Europe or the United States; otherwise, the account may face potential blocking.

To bypass restrictions and resolve registration issues on Amazon, private proxy servers come to the rescue.

Why use proxies on Amazon

Let's delve deeper into the necessity of proxies for Amazon. For accessing the marketplace and registering, one can utilize static private IPv4 proxies and ISP from European countries as well as the USA. After configuring these proxies, the platform's security system will detect a new unique IP address. It is not recommended to use free proxies due to their presence in blacklists; profiles registered via public servers are likely to be blocked. Integrating private proxy servers will enable customers to avail themselves of the full spectrum of Amazon services: making wholesale purchases, participating in promotions, and programs like Fulfillment by Amazon, thereby boosting trust ratings and customer loyalty towards sellers.

Brand and product promotion on Amazon with proxies

The marketplace serves as an excellent resource not only for buyers but also for business owners looking to expand their profiles. Promoting a brand and products on Amazon necessitates a comprehensive approach, encompassing various strategies. One of the pertinent tools becomes information gathering on the platform - web scraping. Through parsers, one can gather necessary information about competitors, popular products, and analyze price statistics to shape their marketing strategy for product promotion on Amazon.

Scraper operations entail sending numerous requests to the server. Such activity from a single IP address can be detected by the security system, leading to IP address blocking. Utilizing additional private proxies mitigates the risk of blocking, with an even distribution of the number of requests sent from IP addresses. In this case, acquiring dynamic residential or mobile proxies is advisable. Additionally, one can purchase the requisite number of static IPv4 or ISP proxies.

Entrepreneurs conducting trading activities on Amazon using multiple accounts should also consider mobile and residential proxies. The advantage of these types lies in their large pool of dynamic IP addresses with rotation, provided by mobile network operators and users. Residential and mobile proxies present a reliable option not only for multi-accounting but also for web scraping, owing to their high level of trust and functionality.

Top 10 proxy providers for web scraping Amazon

To purchase the best proxy for Amazon marketing, we suggest checking out our top 10 providers that provide different types of proxy servers.


The provider boasts a vast server base and offers both static and dynamic proxies suitable for trading platforms, including Amazon.

  • Stable and fast proxies with a 1 Gbps channel speed for efficient parsing of Amazon.
  • A wide selection of IPv4, ISP proxies from European countries, as well as numerous specific locations in the USA for accessing the marketplace.
  • Residential proxies from 200+ countries for working with scrapers.

Proxy-Seller's customer support operates 24/7 and provides necessary consultation to users regarding suitable proxy types and their configuration for use with Amazon.


BrightData offers stable proxies for working with the Amazon marketplace with a 99.9% uptime.

  • The service provides over 72 million IP addresses worldwide for web scraping Amazon.
  • It has its own browser parser with an automatic bypass system for marketplace blocking.
  • Powerful infrastructure of mobile and residential proxies with stable connections for multi-accounting and data collection.

The provider offers a range of proprietary tools for e-commerce and marketing on Amazon.


Proxy-Sale provider offers users wanting to work with Amazon proxies, including IPv4, ISP, residential, and mobile proxies with support for HTTP(s) and Socks5 protocols.

  • For entrepreneurs, services, and partners engaged in multi-accounting on Amazon, the service offers individual commissions.
  • Assistance is provided in selecting a specific city/state for registering an Amazon account.
  • Mobile and residential proxies from around the world for web scraping the marketplace.

A convenient pricing calculation system based on the types and quantities of proxies allows customers to test and determine the best type for their Amazon tasks.


The specialization of this provider is rotating proxies, which are prioritized for information gathering and marketing research when working with Amazon.

  • High data transmission speeds, up to 1 Gbps, for stable profile operation.
  • The service has developed a unique technology providing 100% user anonymity for accessing Amazon.
  • Refunds within 2 days upon user request.

Round-the-clock support is available for customer convenience to provide consultations.


For users looking to make purchases or develop businesses on Amazon, Youproxy service provides static and dynamic proxies.

  • Stable IPv4 data center proxies ensure access to the marketplace from anywhere in the world.
  • Availability of 10+ mobile proxy locations for mass registration of Amazon accounts.
  • Prompt order delivery to users, provision of various subnets.

The provider maintains a highly accessible pricing policy and fixed proxy costs, as well as round-the-clock technical support.


Oxylabs offers proxies and proprietary scraping tools suitable for Amazon.

  • Availability of IPv4 and ISP proxies for seamless access to the platform and account registration.
  • A proxy IP rotation system designed for collecting publicly available data from Amazon.
  • The Oxylabs API can gather and analyze various types of data from Amazon, including search results, products by ASIN, offer listings, and questions.

For purchasing and promotion on Amazon, Oxylabs provides all types of proxies, including mobile and residential, for tasks of varying complexity.


Webshare offers two types of proxy servers for working with Amazon: static IPv4 and dynamic residential proxies.

  • Secure private proxy servers supporting HTTP and SOCKS5 protocols.
  • The provider offers a 10-day free proxy trial to determine the best proxies for user tasks on Amazon.
  • Residential proxies for scraping and multi-accounting.

Using Webshare proxies provides seamless access to the marketplace and purchases, while ensuring user information remains secure.


The provider offers proxies for various purposes, and for working with Amazon, users can purchase private proxies with unlimited traffic usage.

  • Support for two types of protocols: HTTP and SOCKS5 for stable connections when working with profiles.
  • Availability of static IPv4, ISP, and dynamic mobile proxies for access, multi-accounting, and data parsing on Amazon.
  • The option to purchase proxy servers for a minimum of 3 days for testing and selecting the most suitable type of proxy.

Proxy-IPv4 stands out for its flexible pricing policy and high customer service speed.


SOAX offers the possibility to use static and dynamic proxy servers from around the world, integrate them into your software, and efficiently manage everything with a unified control panel.

  • For Amazon account registration and long-term work, the service provides reliable ISP proxies.
  • Automated data extraction from Amazon using API, eliminating the need for manual input.
  • SOAX Web Unblocker - a tool that bypasses the marketplace's bot protection system and allows data parsing regardless of the number of requests.

The service is focused on providing proxies and tools designed for the most demanding data collection tasks and building effective promotion strategies on Amazon.


This provider offers private IPv4, ISP, residential, and mobile proxies for users working with Amazon.

  • Mobile proxy uptime is 99.99% for secure operation under conditions of high traffic from anywhere in the world.
  • Proxies easily bypass CAPTCHA and Amazon IP bans.
  • For customer convenience, the provider offers a free trial period with a 14-day refund option.

Smartproxy is a service that provides easy-to-use data collection tools and enjoys a high level of user trust.

In conclusion, for ordinary users wishing to log in and make purchases on Amazon, it is sufficient to acquire private IPv4 or ISP proxies. If price policy is the key factor, attention should be paid to providers such as Youproxy, Proxy-IPv4, and Proxy-Sale.

Entrepreneurs operating multiple profiles are still recommended to consider purchasing stable mobile and residential proxies from providers like Proxy-Seller, BrightData, and Smartproxy to ensure quality multi-accounting.

Soax and Oxylabs are proxy providers with their powerful data collection tools, suitable for professionals involved in promotion. For long-term account registration with maximum security, Webshare and Stormproxies providers are excellent options. The final choice of a proxy provider depends on the specific task when working with Amazon.

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