Choosing the right proxy for unlocking Instagram

Instagram is a social platform centered around visual interaction, presenting information through images and short videos. Users can create personal or business profiles, share life moments, and promote products and services. The platform is widely used for marketing, facilitating diverse interactions between users and brands.

Users in certain countries may encounter various restrictions or blocks on Instagram. Since it's a platform of opportunities and development across different industries, using proxy servers can provide access to the social network and facilitate the work of professionals involved in brand promotion, sales, and arbitrage.

The need for a proxy for Instagram

Unlocking Instagram can be achieved using a proxy. If it's blocked by region, purchasing a proxy from the desired country can bypass the restriction. In this case, both IPv6 and IPv4 data center proxies are suitable, with IPv6 being more cost-effective while IPv4 is more stable.

For long-term account registration, consider ISP proxies. And for mass Instagram account registration, residential and mobile proxies are recommended as they are the most reliable due to address rotation and high trust levels. Note that residential proxies consume traffic unlike other types. Selecting the best private proxy for Instagram depends on defining precise usage goals and prioritizing tasks on the social network.

Using Instagram bots for promotion

Using proxies in IG allows users to expand their capabilities and apply them to product and service promotion through automated posting, subscriptions, likes, and comments. As a result, specialists can determine which strategies work best for enhancing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Optimal proxy types for promotion include all mentioned earlier, but it's advised to opt for proxies with a higher trust level such as ISP, residential, or mobile to avoid the risk of being blocked by the social network.

Apart from native audience interaction, many specialists resort to bot applications for IG promotion. They can be used for various purposes within account or business promotion. The main functionality of bots enables:

  • Automatically scheduling posts;
  • Commenting and liking posts automatically;
  • Automatically following user accounts;
  • Gathering analytical data about the profile, aiding in tracking follower growth and interaction with other metrics.

When using bots, the account may be blocked by the platform due to suspicious activity. For safe operation, it's recommended to use 1 proxy for 1 account. Residential proxies have the widest range of geolocations and allow obtaining the required number of addresses in a specific region, as well as selecting the desired provider. Mobile proxies are equally effective for working with bots.

Top 10 proxy providers for unblocking Instagram

We have compiled a list of providers that provide proxies for unblocking IG. Based on your goals, you should determine the required type of proxy and choose the optimal provider for yourself. Let's take a closer look at the specialization and brief characteristics of proxy providers.


This provider offers high-quality static and dynamic proxies with HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 connection protocols to ensure stable operation with social networks, including Instagram.

  • Access to 200+ locations thanks to residential proxies.
  • Wide selection of ISP and IPv4 proxies for bypassing Instagram blocks and account registration.
  • Mobile proxies from the USA, Europe, and Asia for effective multi-accounting on the social network.

For corporate clients, the provider offers personal managers and individual cooperation terms.


BrightData provides effective proxies of all types for working with Instagram. Additionally, the service has one of the largest proxy databases not listed in blacklists.

  • Wide selection of static proxy geolocations for bypassing regional Instagram blocks.
  • Support for stable connection protocols HTTP/HTTPS, and SOCKS5.
  • Extensive pools of residential and mobile proxies for integration into bots and mass Instagram account registration.

Tools for automation and optimization of proxy server work in large volumes are provided, which will be useful for specialists working with Instagram.


Proxy-Sale offers static and dynamic proxies for working on Instagram with support for HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols.

  • The service provides its own tools for IP checking, which is relevant before starting work with the social network.
  • Large pool and choice of IPv4 and ISP static proxy subnets for creating new profiles on Instagram.
  • Residential and mobile proxies are available to speed up quality account promotion on the social network.

The provider's round-the-clock technical support provides consultations and assistance in setting up proxies for Instagram.


The service offers a wide range of proxies with rotation, as well as static proxies from data processing centers for Instagram. They will be relevant for ordinary users and specialists in promotion.

  • Static IPv4 proxies from the USA to bypass Instagram restrictions.
  • Residential proxies for multi-accounting and botting.
  • Customer support is available round the clock.

Proxies from Stormproxies can be used for surfing on Instagram and mass registration of accounts using bots.


Presence of server static IPv4 and IPv6, as well as mobile proxies supporting HTTP/HTTPS, and SOCKS protocols. Suitable for ordinary users and those working in Instagram promotion.

  • Regular updates of locations, which is relevant for multi-accounting on Instagram.
  • Fixed price for all static proxy geolocations.
  • Mobile proxies from European and American countries for integration into automation bots.

Youproxy has a loyal pricing policy for all types of proxies for Instagram, allowing for the most advantageous and effective promotion of brands or services.


Oxylabs service offers proxies of all types to choose from, along with proprietary tools and add-ons for advanced user capabilities when working with social networks.

  • Static and dynamic proxies for promotion and multi-accounting on Instagram.
  • Server uptime of 99%. Instagram accounts operate seamlessly.
  • Availability in over 195 countries for account registration and bypassing Instagram blocks.

With Oxylabs' proxy servers, performing tasks of any complexity in Instagram will be rational and high-quality, as they can easily be used by ordinary users as well as professionals.


Webshare provider offers anonymous private HTTP and SOCKS5 proxies, specifically server and residential ones, for unlocking and promoting on Instagram.

  • IPv4 and ISP proxies from around the world for unimpeded access to Instagram.
  • Residential proxies with the ability to obtain thousands of IP addresses for integration into bots and automation of likes, subscriptions, and comments.
  • Proxies from 40+ countries for account registration and bypassing blocks.

Thanks to Webshare's proxy servers and technological specificity, working with Instagram will be safe and efficient.


Proxy-IPv4 provider offers individual static and dynamic proxies for simple and professional use in Instagram.

  • A loyal pricing policy for all types of social network proxies, including Instagram.
  • Support for two types of protocols, HTTP and SOCKS5, for stable connections.
  • IPv6, IPv4, ISP, and mobile proxies available for bypassing restrictions, account registration, and bot applications.

The service offers proxy rental for periods starting from 3 days and has responsive customer support.


This provider offers all current types of proxies for Instagram and has a unified control panel for user convenience.

  • Residential data collection is done ethically, significantly impacting profile security.
  • Possibility to purchase packages with access to 200+ geo locations for multi-accounting.
  • Wide geography of static proxies for bypassing Instagram blocks.

Soax frequently updates its IP address database and has proxy servers available for both regular use of the social network and brand development on Instagram.


The provider offers server, residential, and mobile proxies for various Instagram use cases.

  • Residential and mobile proxies for bypassing captcha and IP blocks during automated work with Instagram.
  • Large pool of IP addresses and wide choice of locations, allowing smooth access to Instagram.
  • Support for HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 connection protocols.

Availability of API for social media and e-commerce scraping, which can be useful for specialists involved in Instagram account promotion.

After reviewing the details of each service, you can choose the optimal option for your tasks. For working with promotion bots on social networks, we recommend focusing on residential and mobile proxies. For simpler tasks, all types of static proxies will suffice. The most advantageous purchase of proxies for brand development and promotion on Instagram will be from Proxy-IPv4, Youproxy, and Proxy-Sale providers, as they have both static and dynamic proxies in their arsenal. Purchasing mobile and residential proxies should be considered from Proxy-Seller, Smartproxy, Oxylabs, and Soax providers, as they have the largest databases. Webshare and Stormproxies offer a smaller selection of proxy types for Instagram, but they can effectively address individual user tasks.

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