Choosing the right proxy for Shopify

Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform that enables individuals and businesses to set up their own online stores. It offers a wide array of tools to manage products, inventory, payments, and shipping, simplifying the process for merchants to start, develop, and manage their online businesses. Known for its user-friendly interface, extensive customization options, and robust integration capabilities with other platforms and services, Shopify has become a go-to solution for many online merchants.

Using a proxy can enhance the performance and functionality of an online store operating on Shopify. The benefits of employing proxies, especially in conjunction with bots, will be explored further in this article.

Why you need a proxy for Shopify and criteria for choosing one

Proxy servers are essential for enhancing the functionality and performance of an online store on the Shopify platform. Correct utilization of proxies offers substantial advantages for any business aiming to boost its online presence and marketing effectiveness. Here are the main benefits of using proxies when operating with Shopify:

  • Performance optimization: proxies can speed up page loading times and ensure a stable connection, crucial for enhancing the user experience and boosting conversion rates. Using proxy servers geographically closer to Shopify’s data centers can significantly reduce latency.
  • Enhanced anonymity and security: for store owners, maintaining anonymity and securing data is vital, especially when analyzing competitors or handling sensitive information. Proxies help mask your real IP address, lowering the risk of potential data breaches.
  • Bypassing blocks and filters: proxies enable the management of multiple accounts without triggering Shopify’s sanctions, facilitating market testing and geographic expansion of the business without limitations.

Choosing the right proxy is critical to maximizing these benefits, and ensuring efficient and secure operations on the Shopify platform.

When working with the Shopify platform, several types of proxies are commonly employed, each with specific features and benefits:

  • Data center proxies, which use IP addresses belonging to data centers.
  • ISP proxies that use the IP addresses of real Internet providers, make Internet traffic appear as legitimate user traffic.
  • Residential proxies with real IP addresses of users.
  • Mobile proxies that use IP addresses of mobile devices connected through mobile operator networks.

When choosing proxies for Shopify, consider these guidelines:

  • Select the appropriate proxy type based on your needs. Data center proxies are effective for bypassing regional restrictions, while residential and mobile proxies offer higher anonymity and data security.
  • Determine the required protocol. HTTP/S proxies are sufficient for basic tasks. For multi-account management and using Shopify's mobile app, proxies supporting the SOCKS5 protocol are necessary.
  • Evaluate the technical specifications of the proxy, such as bandwidth and the number of supported connections. Higher values are generally better. Consider the speed, especially for mobile proxies, which may be slower than other types.
  • Test the proxy with Shopify before purchasing. Access restrictions may exist at the provider or mobile operator level. Opt for a proxy provider that offers a trial period or a refund policy.

Choosing the right proxy enhances the effectiveness of using bots on Shopify, which we'll discuss next.

Using bots for the Shopify platform

Bots significantly enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of online stores on platforms like Shopify by automating operations and personalizing customer service. Here’s how bots are utilized:

  • Automation of Routine Tasks: Bots can automatically update inventory, process orders, and send notifications about order statuses. This automation reduces the workload on staff, potentially allowing for smaller operational teams.
  • Enhanced Customer Service: Chatbots provide instant support, answering customer inquiries or offering product information 24/7, complementing human customer service efforts.
  • Marketing Personalization: Bots can send tailored offers or product recommendations based on customers' past purchases or browsing behaviors, enhancing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
  • Data Analysis: Bots can parse and analyze large datasets on sales, customer behaviors, and market trends, aiding store owners in making informed decisions.
  • Scaling Operations: Bots are capable of managing multiple tasks simultaneously, which is particularly beneficial during peak sales periods.

When integrating proxies with bots, it's essential to consider not only the proxy type but also the format in which proxies are provided by the vendor. Ensure the proxy format is compatible with your bot for seamless IP address importation.

Employing high-quality proxies alongside bots can markedly enhance sales efficiency and accelerate business growth.

Top 10 proxy providers for Shopify

To effectively unblock Shopify and enhance bot efficiency, here is a list of the most popular and trusted proxy providers available on the market:


Proxy-Seller offers a variety of proxy types for e-commerce and marketplace operations:

  • ISP and data center proxies from over 400 networks and more than 800 subnets, with customizable authorization options.
  • Residential proxies from over 220 countries, featuring advanced geotargeting and an auto-renewal option.
  • Mobile 4G proxies supporting HTTPS/SOCKS5 protocols with selectable rotation settings.

Users note the provider's responsive 24/7 support, automatic discounts, and regularly available promotional codes.


BrightData is renowned for its extensive network capabilities and robust performance, ensuring stable connections even under heavy loads:

  • It offers a comprehensive set of scraping tools, including a Scraping Browser API for efficient data collection.
  • Residential proxies span a pool of over 70 million IPs from 195 countries, with unlimited simultaneous connections.
  • Mobile proxies feature a pool of 7 million addresses, 99% uptime, and customizable tariff plans.

Users highly rate BrightData for its large IP pool and sophisticated data collection tools, crucial for Shopify users.


Proxy-Sale delivers a broad range of proxies suitable for e-commerce:

  • Mobile proxies with HTTPS/SOCKS5 support and unlimited traffic.
  • Residential proxies that offer high anonymity and time or request-based rotation.
  • IPv4 data center proxies with random address issuance, ideal for managing multiple Shopify accounts.

This provider is praised for its excellent cost-effectiveness, diverse proxy options, and dedicated 24/7 customer support.


Stormproxies offers high-speed proxies ideal for web scraping and task automation:

  • Dynamic backconnect proxies with address rotation for each request.
  • Private dedicated residential proxies with options for IP rotation every 3 or 5 minutes.
  • US data center proxies with the option to change the IP address up to 2 times a month.

The service includes instant delivery, and a refund option within the first 24 hours, and guarantees 100% anonymity for proxies.


Youproxy provides high-speed private proxies suitable for social networks and marketplaces:

  • Data center IPv4 proxy for working with Shopify with selectable authorization types.
  • Mobile proxies from real GSM operators with unlimited traffic, selectable rotation types, and speeds up to 30 MB/s.
  • Free tools are available on the website, including a proxy checker and a fingerprint scanner.

The service offers fast 24/7 support, the option to replace proxies, and refunds.


Oxylabs specializes in proxy solutions for scraping and e-commerce:

  • “E-Commerce Scraper API” for data collection from Shopify and other platforms.
  • “Web Unblocker” to bypass anti-bot systems, with payment only for successful outcomes.
  • Residential proxies with a pool of over 100 million addresses, minimal response time, and free geotargeting.

Oxylabs features a rich set of solutions and a large, reliable proxy pool, making it a top choice for complex needs.


Webshare offers anonymous residential and data center proxies, supporting modern protocols with flexible authorization options:

  • ISP proxies with unlimited bandwidth and speeds up to 1 Gbit/s.
  • Residential proxies boasting a pool of 30 million addresses and a 99.7% uptime.
  • Verified high-speed proxies from over 40 countries with unlimited bandwidth.

The provider is renowned for its excellent technical support and adaptable pricing structure.


Proxy-IPv4 provides reliable, fast proxies that ensure smooth operations for data collection and online marketing, with easy setup and management suitable for all user levels:

  • Data center IPv4 and IPv6 proxies optimized for Shopify, offering varied authorization types across networks and subnets.
  • Features like automatic order processing, straightforward proxy purchase/renewal, and address list uploading.
  • A custom API for easy integration into required software systems.

The service offers flexible plans, including options tailored for Enterprise clients, and maintains a 24/7 support service.


Soax excels in diverse proxy solutions, making it a top choice for market research and analytics, supporting HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5 for universal application:

  • ISP proxies with session extension capabilities, are ideal for fast and anonymous scraping of marketplaces like Shopify.
  • SERP API for seamless data collection without captchas or blocks, facilitating online store promotions.
  • Mobile proxies with a 99% uptime guarantee across more than 195 countries and a 3-day trial option.

Soax offers proxy plans billed based on traffic volume, providing cost-efficient solutions for advertising campaigns.


Smartproxy is celebrated for its dependable servers and excellent speeds, ensuring effective e-commerce operations:

  • Mobile proxies from over 160 countries, featuring advanced geotargeting and unlimited request capabilities.
  • Static residential proxies supporting HTTPS/SOCKS5 protocols, with endless sessions and unlimited traffic.
  • “Site Unblocker” tool for advanced scraping, capable of bypassing captchas and filters.

Additionally, Smartproxy provides tools for SEO optimization, multi-accounting, monitoring, and price aggregation, valuable for online store promotions.

After reviewing the key criteria for selecting proxies and focusing on the top-rated proxy providers, choosing an effective proxy for promoting your online store on Shopify becomes straightforward.

The most cost-effective solutions are offered by Proxy-Sale, Proxy-IPv4, and Youproxy. Providers such as Proxy-Seller, BrightData, Webshare, Oxylabs, and Smartproxy offer extensive pools of IP addresses, making them ideal choices for scaling your business on the Shopify platform. For handling advertising campaigns, providers that specialize in scraping solutions, such as BrightData, Webshare, Soax, and Smartproxy, are highly recommended.

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