Choosing the right proxy for Playwright

Playwright, developed by Microsoft, is a platform for automating web browsers. It offers APIs for scripting tests and automating web apps across browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. This tool simplifies the testing process, ensuring web app functionality on different browsers. It supports several languages, including JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, and C#, offering flexibility for developers. Playwright enables actions like page navigation, element interaction, network management, and event handling. It also features capabilities for taking screenshots and recording videos to document test outcomes. Moreover, Playwright's proxy server use is crucial for network traffic monitoring, circumventing restrictions, and simulating various network conditions in testing scenarios.

The purpose of using proxies in Playwright

In Playwright, proxies are key for tracking traffic and dissecting network queries made by web apps during testing. They help circumvent regional restrictions, server-side limitations, or local network filters. Proxies enable the simulation of access from different locations, crucial for geo-specific functionality testing.

For effective Playwright integration, using dedicated proxies is advisable due to the limitations of shared servers, including potential interference from other users and reduced speed. Stable and secure usage is achievable with static IPv4 and ISP proxies, as well as dynamic mobile proxies, which support thread-safe operations and prevent blocking through IP rotation. For static proxies, it's essential to prepare an adequate number of IPs to meet your testing objectives.

Top 10 proxy providers for testing in Playwright

To determine the optimal proxy for the user’s tasks and work with Playwright, let’s consider the top 10 proxy providers.


Proxy-Seller boasts an extensive collection of both static and dynamic proxies designed to enhance testing efficacy across diverse functions.

  • It features ISP and IPv4 proxies from countries in Europe, the USA, and Asia, specifically tailored to circumvent restrictions while using Playwright.

  • Offers both exclusive and shared mobile proxies, ideal for conducting tests in a multi-threaded environment.

  • Delivers exceptional technical support, offering guidance and proxy setup assistance to users.

The platform ensures a stable operational environment, even during peak loads, by providing proxies equipped with robust HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols.


BrightData offers an expansive global IP address pool, facilitating the handling of diverse and complex tasks within Playwright.

  • Its mobile proxies are ideal for web application testing and automation.

  • ISP proxies are available to navigate around Playwright's restrictions.

  • High-performance IPv4 proxies ensure seamless global connectivity.

Clients can control IP addresses through BrightData's dashboard or API, with comprehensive developer documentation also available.


Proxy-Sale offers an array of proxy types, tailored to facilitate both the automation and testing of web applications via Playwright.

  • It provides mobile proxies across more than 15 geographic locations, perfect for Playwright’s multi-threaded activities.

  • An extensive range of ISP and IPv4 proxies from Europe, the USA, and Asia is available, designed to overcome geographical restrictions and for testing purposes.

  • The service supports robust HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 connection protocols.

Additionally, Proxy-Sale has an automated discount system for bulk proxy purchases and delivers round-the-clock customer support.


Stormproxies specializes in rotating proxies and provides static IPv4 proxies for Playwright use.

  • With a bandwidth capacity of 1 GB, it guarantees smooth operation in multi-threaded scenarios.

  • Allows selection of a specific IP address from the USA.

  • Provides round-the-clock customer support.

Stormproxies' proxies for Playwright operate with IP-based authorization, omitting "user:pass" authentication. Each proxy package is designated for use on a single PC only.


Playwright users can achieve comprehensive functioning and testing across diverse load scenarios using Youproxy's reliable proxies.

  • Offers global IPv4 addresses equipped with HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols, ideal for circumventing restrictions.

  • Mobile proxies are available for seamless automation and testing in environments requiring concurrency.

  • Static proxies are offered at a uniform price for all available geolocations on the website.

Youproxy enables efficient and economical task execution with Playwright through its proxies, underscored by the provider's competitive pricing strategy.


Oxylabs delivers proxy solutions and tools designed to navigate around blockades, perfectly suited for Playwright applications.

  • It boasts an extensive ISP proxy pool to overcome any constraints and quotas.

  • Offers mobile proxies with access to an expansive network of over 20 million IPs, ideal for comprehensive testing.

  • Equipped with an API, Oxylabs facilitates efficient data gathering and analysis, enhancing testing and automation of web apps via Playwright.

Additionally, Oxylabs provides advanced tools for proxy management along with exceptional customer support.


Webshare offers current static proxies tailored for optimal performance with Playwright.

  • Features individual proxy servers equipped with HTTP and SOCKS5 protocols for versatile connectivity.

  • Provides access to static IPv4 proxies across more than 40 locations, enabling efficient bypass of restrictions and testing limits.

  • Delivers static residential ISP proxies capable of speeds reaching 1 Gbps, suitable for handling high-demand scenarios.

The platform enables easy proxy server management via a custom-developed client dashboard.


Proxy-IPv4 stands out as a prime choice for Playwright users, supplying a comprehensive range of proxy server types.

  • Offers IPv4 proxies across different locations to navigate regional restrictions and facilitate uninterrupted Playwright performance.

  • Features mobile proxies from leading cellular network providers, suited for tasks requiring a substantial IP pool and advanced Playwright functionalities.

  • ISP proxies from this provider enhance platform performance significantly.

With round-the-clock support and adaptable pricing for Playwright-compatible proxy servers, the service caters to varied user needs.


Soax stands out as a premier supplier of diverse proxy servers, catering to a wide range of needs, including Playwright applications.

  • It provides residential ISP proxies that ensure safe testing and efficient automation.

  • Offers mobile proxies, granting users the freedom to operate Playwright from any location worldwide.

  • Features data center proxies, adept at navigating through restrictions, filtering, and overcoming usage caps.

Soax maintains a commitment to quality, continuously refreshing its proxy server pool to meet the demands of intricate tasks seamlessly.


Smartproxy provides proxy servers, facilitating users in circumventing limitations, executing diverse automation scripts, and conducting web application tests with Playwright.

  • Boasts a mobile proxy uptime of 99.99%, crucial for reliable testing amidst heavy loads and significant traffic.

  • Features ISP and IPv4 proxies, aimed at boosting automation and testing efficiency within Playwright.

  • Compatibility with HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols is ensured.

The service also includes a complimentary trial period and dedicated customer support, enhancing user experience.

Having information on various proxy servers and the providers offering these services enables users to quickly determine which proxies will be best for their individual tasks in Playwright.

As mentioned earlier, static IPv4 and ISP proxies, as well as dynamic mobile proxies, are suitable for working with Playwright. For those prioritizing cost-effectiveness, providers like Proxy-IPv4, Proxy-Sale, and Youproxy should be considered. Providers such as Proxy-Seller, BrightData, and Stormproxies boast large pools of mobile proxies. Users interested in additional tools and technological enhancements should look into Soax, Webshare, Smartproxy, and Oxylabs. This approach helps users to tailor their proxy choices to their specific Playwright needs, balancing between functionality, price, and additional features.

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