Choosing the right proxy for Minecraft

Minecraft, a popular sandbox game developed and released by Mojang, allows players to create and destroy blocks in an open world using various resources. In multiplayer mode, gamers interact in real-time, collaborating on projects and exploring each other's worlds. Minecraft supports mods that can change the game by adding new blocks, items, monsters, and more.

Many users seek to protect their achievements and servers from malicious actors. This security can be ensured by closing ports or using a proxy, with the latter being more reliable and functional. Let's explore the optimal proxy for a Minecraft server.

Why use a proxy server in Minecraft

Proxy servers for Minecraft can be useful in various situations. For instance, if multiple users are playing from the same home or office using a shared external IP address, there's a risk of being blocked from servers due to connection limits from a single IP. A proxy can avoid this problem by providing unique IP addresses to different devices. Some Minecraft servers may block access from certain regions or countries. In such cases, acquiring a proxy from the required location can circumvent this block.

Additionally, proxy servers offer an extra layer of protection for the client server from malicious activities and hacking by other gamers. Static IPv4 and ISP proxies are suitable for long-term and stable server operation and safe gameplay. They can bypass Minecraft restrictions and secure the server. Also, using a proxy can enhance efficiency when working with the Minecraft launcher, which grants users access to the client side of the game. This allows for logging into accounts, installing updates, choosing game versions, and launching Minecraft without risking the client server's security.

Top 10 proxy providers for Minecraft servers

For gamers who want to improve their anonymity level and security in Minecraft, we recommend paying attention to the proxy providers presented below.


Proxy-Seller boasts one of the largest databases of static proxies worldwide for gamers.

  • ISP proxies from European and US countries for long and secure online gaming sessions.
  • Over 50 countries' IPv4 data center proxies for server connection optimization.
  • Client support and proxy setup assistance for Minecraft available 24/7.

These provider's proxies support HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols, ensuring stable connections for players.


BrightData, one of the largest proxy suppliers in the market, offers suitable IP addresses for Minecraft.

  • 99.99% uptime of network operation, guaranteeing uninterrupted game access.
  • Proxies from more than 200 countries.
  • IPv4 and ISP proxies to protect Minecraft user servers.

The provider allows an unlimited number of simultaneous sessions without the risk of account loss.


This provider offers IPv4 and ISP proxies that help users secure their servers and play Minecraft without interruptions.

  • Available IPv4 from European, US, and Asian countries to unblock Minecraft.
  • ISP for account registration and client server security.
  • Reliable HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 connection protocols.

For those in need of consultation or technical assistance, the provider offers round-the-clock customer support.


StormProxies offers static residential proxy servers and data center IP addresses, enabling gamers to choose the proxy that best fits their needs.

  • Support for HTTP and SOCKS proxy protocols for maximally efficient proxy use.
  • IPv4 proxies for Minecraft access.

The provider features an intuitive proxy management interface and allows users to unblock Minecraft.


Youproxy offers static IPv4 data center proxies for accessing Minecraft.

  • A fixed price for all IPv4 proxy locations that can unlock the sandbox game.
  • Allocation of maximally diverse subnets and selection of the most suitable for the game upon client request.
  • 24/7 user support.

The main advantage of this provider is its customer-friendly pricing policy and prompt resolution of client inquiries.


Oxylabs mainly specializes in rotating proxy servers but also offers data center proxies for users wishing to play securely.

  • IPv4 proxies provide reliable protection and operation for client servers.
  • 24/7 customer support for problem and inquiry resolution.
  • 99.9% uptime for proxies.

Although the provider's primary focus is data collection, static IPv4 proxies are suitable for Minecraft, allowing for active gameplay.


For Minecraft, Webshare offers various types of proxies, depending on the specific goals of users.

  • IPv4 from more than 50 countries worldwide with HTTP and SOCKS5 protocol support.
  • Residential ISP proxies with unlimited bandwidth for comfortable, lag-free gameplay.
  • An option to test 10 proxies for free before purchasing the main package.

The service is technologically advanced and provides reliable proxies for gamers and tasks of varying complexity.


Proxy-IPv4 could be an excellent choice for Minecraft users, as it has a suitable selection of reliable connection protocol proxies - HTTP(S) and SOCKS5.

  • The possibility to rent proxies for a minimum of 3 days to determine the best proxy use.
  • A large database of IPv4 proxies from various countries in Europe, the USA, and Asia to bypass regional restrictions.
  • Reliable ISP proxies with a high trust level for security and access to Minecraft client services.

This provider offers a flexible pricing policy and effective technical support.


Soax offers a large database of reliable proxies that are not on blacklists, enabling restriction bypass and access to Minecraft.

  • Provider's servers are located worldwide, ensuring unrestricted access to resources, including Minecraft.
  • High-performance IPv4 data center proxies.
  • US ISP proxies for stable and prolonged sessions.

Users can fully appreciate the quality of Soax proxies in Minecraft, as the provider regularly updates its IP address database.


To protect client servers in Minecraft and access the online game, Smartproxy offers:

  • IPv4 proxies ideal for ensuring connection stability and optimal speed.
  • ISP proxies that allow working with multiple sessions simultaneously.
  • 99.99% server uptime.

This provider's proxies easily bypass geographic restrictions, enabling users to fully engage in Minecraft and use all the game's functionalities.

Each provider has suitable proxies for Minecraft. The choice of the best proxy server depends on the specific task of the gamer. As we've learned, static IPv4 and ISP proxies are most optimal for Minecraft, available from all the providers. However, services vary in the specificity of offerings and various technological factors.

For purchasing proxies at the most favorable price, consider providers like Youproxy, Proxy-IPv4, and Proxy-Sale, which have the most flexible pricing policies and offer 24/7 technical customer support. If the main indicator for a user is a voluminous pool of IP addresses from around the world, providers like Proxy-Seller, Soax, Oxylabs, and BrightData have the largest proxy server databases globally, which are regularly updated. Smartproxy, Webshare, and Stormproxies offer additional tools for users' enhanced capabilities.

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