Choosing the right proxy for Discord

Discord is a communication platform originally designed for gamers but has since become widely used across various communities. It allows for the creation of text and voice channels for real-time message exchanges, which is particularly useful for online gaming where communication is crucial, but also serves well for online lessons and meetings. Discord is structured around servers, each containing different channels with their own settings. Server owners can control access to these channels and assign users different roles with specific permissions. Additionally, Discord supports integration with apps and resources such as YouTube, Spotify, Twitch, and many others, allowing users to display their gaming status or stream music directly in chat.

In certain situations, users might encounter access blocks to Discord at a national level or within a local network. Using a proxy can help bypass these restrictions, enabling connection to Discord from restricted areas.

Why use a proxy with Discord

A proxy is necessary for accessing Discord when it is restricted or blocked, whether by state regulations or within local networks of organizations like schools, universities, or offices. Users looking to unlock Discord access and conceal their IP address can utilize a proxy. For platform access and account creation, either an IPv4 or ISP proxy can be used. These static IP addresses are suitable for long-term profile operation, with ISP proxies often preferred for their higher trust level provided by internet service providers.

For those needing to create multiple profiles, it's advised to prepare a sufficient number of static proxies, planning for one proxy per account. Mobile proxies are also suitable for managing multiple accounts due to IP address rotation, facilitating mass registration.

Discord supports bots that add various functionalities to servers, such as new YouTube post notifications, moderation automation, music playback, and providing weather and news information. If a bot supports proxy usage, this is usually mentioned in its documentation or settings. Some bots may have commands or configuration parameters for adding proxy information. For bots to function correctly, proxies with a high trust level, such as ISP or residential proxies, are preferred. The best proxy server choice depends on the user's specific needs within Discord.

Top 10 proxy providers for working with Discord

To purchase the optimal proxy, consider the top 10 proxy providers for working with Discord.


Proxy-Seller offers a range of proxy solutions for bypassing blocks and registering on Discord, including:

  • Over 50 IPv4 data center proxy locations for unlocking and account registration on Discord.
  • ISP proxies for stable profile operations.
  • Available mobile and residential proxies for bot integration and multi-accounting.

Clients benefit from 24/7 support and proxy setup assistance from online specialists.


BrightData provides stable proxies with a 99.9% uptime for Discord operations, featuring:

  • Global access to the platform with IPv4 and ISP proxies.
  • Residential proxies with a vast IP pool for bot operation and account registration.
  • Advanced mobile proxy infrastructure for multi-accounting.

The service offers custom solution development for client-specific tasks and regularly updates its toolset for efficient proxy use.


Proxy-Sale presents both static and dynamic proxies for Discord access, with rental options starting from 7 days:

  • Around 50 ISP and IPv4 proxy locations for overcoming restrictions and accessing Discord.
  • Mobile and residential proxies from the USA and Europe for mass account registration and bot integration.
  • Channel bandwidth of 1 Gbit/s.

Automatic discounts for proxy package purchases and 24/7 user support are provided.


Stormproxies specializes in dynamic proxies, ideal for mass account registration or tasks in Discord requiring a large number of IP addresses:

  • Proxy pool IP addresses are refreshed every 7 days.
  • Offers IPv4 and residential proxies for profile registration and circumventing geographic limits.
  • A 1 GB optimized channel ensures high performance.

A refund is available within 24 hours after purchasing the minimum proxy package.


Youproxy swiftly delivers Discord proxies at competitive prices:

  • Fixed pricing for all IPv4 proxy locations for Discord access and account registration.
  • Mobile proxies for multi-accounting from over 10 countries.
  • Stable Socks5 and HTTPs connection protocols for seamless operation.

A large pool of static and dynamic IP addresses worldwide facilitates block circumvention and Discord activities.


Oxylabs offers various proxy types, API interfaces, and advanced solutions for unblocking any website, including Discord:

  • Over 180 countries' IPv4 data center proxies for access and registration on Discord.
  • Reliable and stable ISP proxies for long-term and uninterrupted account operations.
  • Residential and mobile proxies ensure secure multi-accounting and bot operations on Discord.

The service enables efficient task management of any complexity on Discord, thanks to reliable proxies and customer support.


Webshare, a technological leader, provides static and dynamic proxies for Discord:

  • IPv4 proxies from 40+ countries with 99.9% uptime for secure platform access.
  • Static ISP proxies with high speed and unlimited bandwidth.
  • HTTP and SOCKS5 residential proxies from 195+ countries for bot operations and mass registration.

The service offers a permanent tariff plan for free use of 10 proxies for effective user evaluation.


Proxy-IPv4 enables bypassing restrictions and registering accounts on Discord using its proxy servers:

  • IPv4 proxies from 35+ countries for Discord access.
  • ISP proxies ensure a high level of security for registered profiles.
  • Mobile proxies with a large IP address pool assist in bot operations and mass registration on Discord.

Proxy-IPv4 supports stable HTTP and SOCKS5 connection protocols for various Discord tasks.


Soax provides a proxy base free of blacklisted IPs for diverse Discord tasks:

  • Residential proxies with region, city, and provider selection options for safe account registration.
  • High-performance IPv4 data center proxies.
  • ISP proxies from US internet providers for stable and prolonged sessions.

The provider updates its proxy server base daily with high-bandwidth proxies for seamless Discord access and multi-accounting.


Smartproxy offers the following proxies for Discord access and profile registration:

  • Over 55 million residential IP addresses from 195+ countries for bot integration.
  • ISP proxies with high trust level, unlimited streams, and simultaneous sessions.
  • Mobile proxies with IP addresses from 700+ cellular network operators for bypassing blocks and mass account registration.

Smartproxy's proxies facilitate easy bypassing of CAPTCHA and IP bans, allowing users to fully utilize Discord for their purposes.

Discord is actively used worldwide, and bypassing restrictions will be easy for any users with the help of proxies. To simplify the selection process, here's an overview of providers.

Providers like Proxy-Seller, Smartproxy, BrightData, and Oxylabs offer the widest range of residential and mobile proxies from around the world. For user confidence, Proxy-Sale, Proxy-IPv4, and Youproxy provide prompt round-the-clock support and boast a fair pricing policy for all types of proxies. Soax and Stormproxies regularly update their IP address databases, eliminating bans when using Discord. Webshare stands out as a technical leader in data collection.

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