Choosing the right proxy for botting in Metin2

Metin2 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that immerses players in a vast world filled with quests, dungeons, and battles against a variety of enemies. Players can explore different game worlds, join guilds, participate in exciting player-versus-player (PvP) battles, and engage in trading and currency exchange.

The use of proxies for bots in Metin2 is an established practice among players for several reasons, which will be discussed below.

The necessity of proxies for Metin2 and how to select them

Whether a user is a dedicated gamer or leverages the game's features for real-world profit, enhancing the gaming experience is paramount. A principal method to achieve this is through the use of proxy servers. Proxy servers have become essential for many Metin2 players, as they address several issues:

  • Optimize performance: proxies can reduce ping and improve connection speeds by routing through a server located closer to the game server.
  • Bypass regional restrictions: with game servers located in the USA and Europe, players from other regions can use a proxy to access the preferred Metin2 server.
  • Bypass blockings: this includes blockings from the game itself, internet providers, or network administrators.
  • Enhanced anonymity and security: using a proxy hides the player’s IP address, providing an additional layer of protection against potential DDoS attacks and other cyber threats that might occur during gameplay.

In addition to their other uses, proxies can be employed with bots for Metin2. Bots are automated programs or scripts that perform certain actions within the game, allowing players to gain various advantages:

  • Automatic farming: bots can farm resources and in-game currency automatically.
  • Scaling of trade: they enable automated buying, selling, and exchanging of game items at favorable rates using different game accounts.
  • Optimization of battle: bots improve battle efficiency by reducing reaction time and executing a predetermined set of optimal actions for specific battles.
  • Automatic quest completion: bots automatically receive and complete quests.
  • Auction bidding: bots make automated bids at auctions, often outbidding regular players for desired items.
  • API utilization: the game developers offer a Metin2 API, which can be accessed through a proxy for specialized tasks by the desired bot or script.

Choosing the right proxy for Metin2 is crucial for efficiently promoting game accounts, both for achieving in-game milestones and earning both in-game and real currency. Here are some essential recommendations for selecting a proxy server for gaming, based on general experiences with online game proxies.

  • The proxy server must be static as dynamic proxies do not provide the required level of connection stability.
  • For Metin2, it is recommended to use IPv4 data center proxies or ISP proxies that mimic real internet service provider addresses. Mobile proxies, which are dynamic, are generally unsuitable, while residential proxies often operate on a pay-for-traffic system, making them economically unfeasible for most players.
  • The selected proxy must support the SOCKS5 protocol since bots and scripts for Metin2 are designed to utilize this protocol.
  • Choose private proxies exclusively for Metin2 to ensure that only one user has access to the proxy, minimizing the risk of blocking and data leaks. Using free or shared proxies is unsafe and strongly discouraged.

With these criteria in mind, you can confidently proceed to select a proxy provider from the list of top providers provided below.

Top 10 proxy providers for Metin2

To unblock Metin2 using a proxy and enhance the efficiency of botting, consider turning to the most time-tested and reliable providers available on the market.


Proxy-Seller offers a comprehensive range of proxies suitable for gaming and botting, complemented by a suite of free tools and dedicated proxy pools tailored for specific games:

  • Provides ISP and data center proxies from over 800 subnets, supporting HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols.
  • Features an API for seamless integration into bots and scripts developed in Python, NodeJS, and other programming languages.
  • Includes a free proxy checker and an IP address tracing tool to optimize connections for a smoother gaming experience.

The service ensures rapid 24/7 support, options for fund returns and IP address replacements, and remote proxy configuration capabilities.


Bright Data specializes in proxy servers and data collection solutions, offering a range of products for gaming and botting:

  • Offers ISP proxies from a pool of 700,000 addresses, boasting a 99% uptime.
  • Provides a proprietary proxy manager for convenient proxy management, logging, and access to request history.
  • Features IPv4 data center proxies with no limits on session numbers, bandwidth, or usage purpose, available as both shared and private options.

Additional offerings include residential and mobile proxies, scraping APIs, a Chrome browser extension, and integration with popular anti-detect browsers.


Proxy-Sale focuses on proxies and solutions for online gaming and botting, featuring a variety of proxies and tools beneficial for Metin2 players:

  • Offers data center IPv4 proxies supporting HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols, providing high anonymity and random proxy issuance.
  • Delivers static ISP proxies from 21 countries with customizable authorization types and city-level geotargeting.
  • Provides free tools for checking speed, ping, route, and game ports.

The site also caters to other MMORPGs with dedicated proxy pools and offers responsive 24/7 support for remote proxy setup for bots.


Stormproxies is known for its US-based proxies supporting HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols:

  • Features dynamic residential backconnect proxies with unlimited bandwidth and automatic IP rotation with each new request.
  • Provides private dedicated residential proxies with IP rotation intervals of 3 to 15 minutes and support for up to 150 simultaneous streams, depending on the plan.
  • Offers highly anonymous US data center proxies with a 1 GB/s channel and no restrictions on the number of threads.

The service includes a 100% refund option within the first 24 hours after purchasing any minimum plan and provides 24-hour support.


Youproxy offers high-speed private HTTPS/SOCKS5 proxies along with a set of free tools ideal for gaming and botting:

  • Provides static residential ISP proxies from 22 countries, offering a high level of anonymity and the ability to issue proxies from various subnets.
  • Features data center IPv4 proxies that are highly trusted, with minimal response times and stable uptime, customizable authorization types, and the option to download purchased addresses in any format.
  • The website grants free access to various tools useful for Metin2 players, including IP tracing, IP ping, a port scanner, and a proxy checker.

Additionally, the site regularly updates a section with promotional codes for different types of proxies and countries and offers 24/7 support to assist with setting up proxies for games and bots.


Oxylabs is a provider of proxy and data collection solutions, offering a broad array of products and tools for diverse needs:

  • Offers dedicated data center IPv4 proxies with free geotargeting at the city level and a pool of 2 million addresses from 188 countries.
  • Provides high-speed ISP proxies with an extensive pool from more than 20 locations and extended session times.
  • Features residential proxies with a massive pool of over 100 million addresses from more than 195 countries, minimal response times, and the option to control traffic consumption.

Oxylabs supplies all current proxy types for online games, a comprehensive set of APIs for various applications, and maintains 24/7 customer support.


Webshare provides proxy servers and solutions to enhance user anonymity and security, with key offerings that include:

  • ISP proxies with a pool of over 100,000 IP addresses, bandwidth up to 1 GB/s, and unlimited data.
  • Private IPv4 data center proxies supporting HTTPS/SOCKS5 protocols with a stated uptime of 99.97%, making them ideal for Metin2 and other online games.
  • Offers verified high-speed proxies from more than 40 countries with unlimited bandwidth and a response time of less than one second.

Webshare also offers 10 free data center proxies upon registration, features a flexible pricing system for all proxy types, and has beneficial referral programs.


Proxy-IPv4 specializes in providing proxy servers that cater to a variety of needs including SMM, SEO, PPC, online gaming, and botting:

  • Offers data center IPv4 proxies with extensive diversity across networks and subnets, supporting HTTPS/SOCKS5 protocols.
  • Features static ISP proxies with high trust levels, enabling automation through API, access to balance and complete financial history, and the flexibility to upload data in any preferred format.
  • Provides mobile proxies with unlimited traffic, options to choose a mobile operator, and customizable authorization types.

Users consistently praise the high-quality 24/7 support service, reasonable pricing, and the convenience of the client API.


Soax offers a diverse range of proxy solutions suitable for use in social networks, marketplaces, online games, and botting:

  • Provides US ISP proxies from a pool of more than 2 million IP addresses, supporting current protocols and featuring address rotation.
  • Delivers data center IPv4 proxies with free geotargeting, 99% uptime, and flexible payment options based on traffic volume or per IP.
  • Supplies residential proxies from 195 countries, supporting the UDP protocol essential for online games like Metin2.

The service includes a 3-day trial period, a refund option, and online consultants available via chat to help customers choose the best proxy solution.


Smartproxy is renowned for its reliable service, extensive selection of locations, and solutions tailored for multi-account management:

  • Offers static ISP proxies with continuous sessions, unlimited traffic, bandwidth, and the capacity for numerous simultaneous streams.
  • Provides high-speed IPv4 data center proxies with a reliability of 99.99% uptime and support for the SOCKS5 protocol.
  • Features a multifunctional API that facilitates multi-accounting and integration into game bots.

The provider maintains a flexible pricing structure for all types of proxies, offers a variety of browser tools, and includes a free proxy checker.

By understanding the main criteria for choosing a proxy and focusing on the top proxy providers, selecting a suitable proxy for botting in Metin2 can be accomplished quickly and easily.

In summary, the most affordable solutions are offered by Proxy-Sale, Proxy-IPv4, and Youproxy. Providers such as Proxy-Seller, BrightData, Webshare, Oxylabs, and Smartproxy offer the most reliable ISP and IPv4 proxy solutions, featuring a wide range of available locations. Additionally, Proxy-Sale, Youproxy, Proxy-IPv4, Smartproxy, and Proxy-Seller provide free tools that help check the quality of the connection to Metin2 game servers.

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