Choosing the right proxy for accessing Reddit

Reddit is a popular social media platform where users can create topics, share content, and express opinions. By subscribing to different subreddits, users tailor their feeds to include news and discussions tailored to their interests. Next, we will explore why a proxy might be necessary for accessing and utilizing Reddit effectively.

The necessity of proxies for Reddit

Like other social platforms, Reddit faces certain restrictions and may be unavailable in specific countries, regions, or to certain users. Blocks can occur at various levels — by the platform itself, through internet providers, or by network administrators. Using proxy servers is a recommended universal solution to bypass these blocks, and they offer additional benefits:

  • Multi-accounting: a proxy allows the use of multiple accounts from a single device, helping to circumvent platform restrictions on account numbers.
  • Botting and automation: proxies can unblock access and evenly distribute the load, facilitating the automation of repetitive tasks.
  • Parsing and scraping: proxies enhance the efficiency of data collection by speeding up loading times and removing access barriers.

Beyond these uses, proxies also play a crucial role in account promotion strategies, which we will explore in further detail later.

Promoting Reddit accounts

Reddit, as one of the world's most popular social media platforms, garners over a billion views per month, making it a pivotal environment for marketing. Its vast audience draws large companies and advertisers globally, making the promotion of Reddit accounts a crucial task for SMM and SEO specialists. This promotion serves multiple purposes:

  • Traffic management: Reddit can be utilized to post links to other sites, blogs, or marketplaces, effectively driving traffic to these destinations.
  • Monetization: owners of popular subreddits with large audiences can generate income through advertising or partnerships with major companies and celebrities.
  • Increasing ratings and reputation: content from accounts with high ratings and large followings tends to attract more views, enhancing the account's influence.
  • Gaining privileges: a strong presence on Reddit can lead to special privileges both on the platform overall and within specific subreddits.
  • Receiving feedback: Reddit allows for direct feedback on products, services, innovations, and the quality of company customer service, providing valuable insights to businesses.

Promoting Reddit accounts can be done either manually or by using specialized software that enhances the efficiency of account management when paired with proxies. Proxies can aid in:

  • Bypassing regional restrictions;
  • Reducing request volume;
  • Testing strategies in different regions.

To maintain anonymity and secure access while promoting accounts, it's crucial to select the appropriate type and protocol of proxy connection. This selection should align with the specific requirements of the task and ensure secure interaction with multiple accounts. 

For account promotion, proxies with a high trust rating are recommended. These include ISP, residential, and mobile proxies. When accessing Reddit via a PC, HTTP/S proxy protocols are generally preferred due to their compatibility and efficiency. However, for software-based operations, the SOCKS5 protocol is optimal due to its enhanced privacy and performance characteristics.

Below, you will find a list of the most popular proxy providers that offer the aforementioned types of proxies and protocols, helping to effectively bypass restrictions and enhance your promotional activities on Reddit.

Top 10 proxy providers for Reddit

Let's explore some of the top proxy providers that are ideal for unblocking access to Reddit.


Proxy-Seller offers many types of proxies for working with marketplaces; sections for purchase are available for the most popular platforms, including Etsy:

  • Highly anonymous IPv4 data center proxies with support for HTTPS/SOCKS5 protocols, optimal for making calls via Zoom.
  • Static ISP proxies with a pool of more than 100,000IP addresses, high speed, and unlimited bandwidth.
  • Resident proxies from 195+ countries with a high trust factor.

Users on the network highly appreciate the stability of the solutions provided and the high-quality technical support service.


BrightData is one of the most advanced and popular services, as it offers the widest selection of solutions for its users:

  • ISP proxy for video conferencing with a pool of more than 700 thousand addresses, with the fastest response time and high uptime. Without any bandwidth restrictions.
  • Residential proxies with a pool of more than 70 million addresses, with geo-targeting at the city/provider level, obtained ethically.
  • The service provides its own extension with support for all the most popular browsers - IP address rotation can be done in one click.

The provider boasts an impressive number of solutions and tools, huge pools of IP addresses, and flexible plans.


Proxy-Sale is one of the most affordable services on the market and provides different types of proxies for a variety of purposes, including video conferencing and instant messenger platforms:

  • Static ISP proxies with a high level of anonymity, issuing IP addresses randomly and without traffic restrictions. You can purchase individually or in a ready-made package of the desired country.
  • There are many free tools available on the site that will help you check the quality of the connection during video calls, increase anonymity, and check the operation of purchased proxies.
  • Residential proxies from 200+ countries without restrictions on speed and flows, with access to any resources without captchas and blocks.

In addition, this provider has a large selection of different types of proxies, 24/7 user support, and a flexible system of discounts, which makes it one of the leading ones on the market.


Stormproxies is one of the most popular proxy providers in America, which specializes in providing residential HTTP proxies.

  • The service claims that there are no hidden costs, and there are no restrictions on bandwidth.
  • Instant access after payment - no need to wait for account activation or proxy settings.
  • The provider uses a unique technology developed in-house to make proxies 100% anonymous. Your real IP address will always be hidden.

When choosing this provider, you should take into account its feature - the binding of purchased proxies to a specific device, which may affect the success of promoting accounts on Reddit.


This provider specializes in providing high-quality proxies for various purposes with support for HTTP and SOCKS5 protocols.

  • IPv4 proxies, which are suitable for working with most sites, including Reddit.
  • Mobile proxies from more than 15 countries with unlimited traffic consumption and a convenient upload format.
  • Private proxies from Europe, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, and the USA from more than 100 networks and 170 subnets are available. Ability to obtain IP addresses randomly.

From this provider, you can purchase high-quality private proxies at an affordable price. The stated uptime of the servers is 99%.


Proxy provider Oxylabs has an address pool of 100+ million addresses from over 190 countries and is widely known for its range of solutions.

  • The service provides its own extensions and applications for Chrome and Android, respectively, which will undoubtedly be useful when promoting Reddit accounts.
  • Both static and dynamic addresses of residential, ISP, and Shared proxies are available for purchase.
  • Reddit Scraper API is available for efficient data collection without blocking IP addresses and paying only for the finished result.

This service has one of the most advanced sets of solutions on the market. That, together with a large pool of addresses, makes it one of the most attractive options when choosing a proxy for working with Reddit.


Webshare provides access to high-quality and stable proxy servers for various purposes. The main products of the service are:

  • Private IPv4 proxies of data centers from 50+ countries declared uptime of 99.97% and full customization for Etsy.
  • ISP proxy with a pool of more than 100 thousand IP addresses, a channel of up to 1 GB/s, and unlimited bandwidth.
  • Residential proxies from 195+ countries with a pool of 30 million IP addresses.

The provider is known for the stability of the solutions provided and a convenient personal account.


The Proxy-IPv4 provider provides fast and stable proxies for arbitration, SMM, SEO, and PPC activities, which are suitable for performing a different range of tasks, including making purchases through the Etsy platform:

  • IPv4 proxies from 20+ countries with the ability to randomly issue addresses are optimal for working with Etsy.
  • Mobile proxies from more than 15 countries, with the ability to choose an operator and rotation intervals without traffic restrictions.
  • ISP proxy with a high level of trust with a minimum rental of 3 days.

Users online praise the high-quality 24/7 support service, the presence of an API, and a simple and convenient Chrome add-on.


Using the products of this provider, you can easily increase the security and anonymity of video conferences in Zoom:

  • A huge pool of addresses for all types of implemented proxy servers from 200+ geolocations to bypass regional restrictions.
  • Private IPv4 proxies with free geotargeting with a stated uptime of 99% for long and stable video communication sessions.
  • The service provides resident proxies from 195+ countries to work with all popular social networks and instant messengers.

Several types of APIs are also available for scraping, solutions for market research, and e-commerce.


From the Smartproxy provider, you can purchase proxies of all current types, which will help users remain anonymous when making calls on Zoom:

  • Fast static ISP proxies from Internet providers to bypass regional blocking.
  • Mobile proxies from 700+ cellular network operators from 160+ locations for various purposes.
  • Residential proxies from more than 195 countries, with a pool of 50+ million IP addresses.

This provider's proxies make it easy to bypass geographic restrictions, so users can easily make calls from almost anywhere in the world.

Once you are familiar with the above and have a clear understanding of how to accomplish your tasks on the Reddit platform, choosing a proxy provider will be quite easy. So which proxy should you choose for working with Reddit?

To gain access to a website, the average user is recommended to pay attention to ISP and IPv4 proxies and to solve more complex problems, such as mass promotion of Reddit accounts or scraping residential or mobile proxies. Having analyzed the pricing policies of the above-mentioned providers, we can conclude that the most affordable solutions are proxies from Proxy-Sale, Proxy-IPv4, and Youproxy. Proxy-seller providers, BrightData, Webshare, Oxylabs, Smartproxy, and Stormproxies, provide impressive multi-million dollar pools of residential addresses. Users who intend to scrape Reddit should look to providers that specialize in scraping solutions, namely BrightData, Webshare, Soax, and Smartproxy.

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