Choosing the right proxy for accessing ChatGPT

ChatGPT can assist users in formulating texts, answering questions, creating content, programming, learning, and much more. The chat is capable of understanding various topics, interacting in different languages, adapting to user requests, and generating texts with a vast amount of knowledge.

If users encounter issues accessing the ChatGPT application or website, they should consider acquiring private proxies for authentication and working with artificial intelligence. Registration can be done by selecting the IP of the desired region, and mobile phone number verification can be completed using virtual number services, where the country should correspond to the geolocation of the proxy. This way, access will be ensured.

Why proxies are needed for ChatGPT

Using proxy servers can not only provide access to ChatGPT but also significantly enhance its usage efficiency. Proxies can be used when working with artificial intelligence for:

  • Hiding the user's real IP address to ensure confidentiality;
  • Circumventing regional blocks or restrictions on chat usage at the state level;
  • Increasing efficiency when interacting with a large number of profiles;
  • Routing interaction requests with external APIs.

To determine the appropriate type of proxy for accessing the ChatGPT chat, several factors need to be considered, such as the specific intended use, required level of security, and performance.

Unfortunately, the modern version of the IPv6 protocol does not support the operation with the ChatGPT website and application. If the user's primary goal is to bypass regional blocking, they should consider purchasing IPv4 or ISP of the country where such restrictions are not imposed, for example, European countries or the USA. For working with multiple accounts, mobile and residential proxies are suitable, thanks to regular rotation. Additionally, static IPv4 and ISPs can be used in the required quantity. It is recommended to register each profile on a separate unique IP. Proxies can be configured for accessing the ChatGPT application or website using system settings of the operating system, in the browser, as well as in specialized programs.

Top 10 proxy providers for accessing ChatGPT

Before you start working with ChatGPT and purchasing a proxy, let's look at the key features of the providers. Once you have determined the best type of proxy server for your needs, you can choose one of the providers.


At Proxy-Seller, users can find various types of proxies for accessing ChatGPT, including IPv4, mobile, ISP, and residential proxies.

  • Extensive availability of mobile and residential proxies in numerous geolocations facilitates mass profile registration on ChatGPT.
  • A wide selection of static residential and server proxies with stable connections is offered to bypass restrictions effectively.
  • The inclusion of a blog featuring manuals and setup instructions for proxies enhances user convenience.

Developer-friendly API is available for automating processes, catering to the needs of even the most demanding users interested in AI applications.


BrightData offers clients a wide range of proxies, from free to shared options. Utilizing mobile and static ISP proxies from this provider ensures uninterrupted access to ChatGPT.

  • A large database of ChatGPT proxies is regularly updated.
  • The service provides a complimentary trial period.
  • Users can connect to provider servers via API, proxy manager, or Chrome browser extension for workflow automation.

Reliable proxies from BrightData ensure secure registration and access to ChatGPT from anywhere globally.


Stable and anonymous proxies are available from Proxy-Sale. They offer ISP proxies from various priority countries for ChatGPT usage, along with a vast selection of static and dynamic proxy locations.

  • Responsive customer support and flexible pricing are provided.
  • Mobile and residential proxies facilitate multi-accounting and account registration on ChatGPT.
  • Round-the-clock technical support assists users with proxy setup for AI applications.

All Proxy-Sale’s proxy servers support secure connection protocols such as HTTP(S) and SOCKS5.


Stormproxies offers both static and rotating proxies, ensuring reliability and enhancing user confidentiality when accessing ChatGPT.

  • Accessible IPv4 US data center proxies bypass restrictions and enable ChatGPT access.
  • Effective residential proxies aid in ChatGPT account registration.
  • Users benefit from 24/7 customer support.

The 1 GB Storm Proxies network is optimized for high performance, ensuring stable ChatGPT operation.


Youproxy offers rental services for IPv4 and mobile proxies. Users seeking to bypass any restrictions when working with ChatGPT can acquire all types of proxies at a very favorable price.

  • Socks5/HTTPs proxies with good speed are available.
  • Round-the-clock customer support and assistance.
  • Provision of a wide range of subnets, which is crucial for registration and profile management.

For those needing to bypass blocks and create an account for full-fledged ChatGPT usage, this provider's proxy servers will be the optimal solution.


Oxylabs provides both static and dynamic proxies. Users can purchase the required type for interacting with ChatGPT depending on their usage goals.

  • Residential proxies with a large IP pool for ChatGPT profile registration are accessible.
  • High-quality mobile proxies for multi-accounting.
  • Static IPv4 and ISP proxies for bypassing limits and blocks.

Oxylabs has formed a consultant council specializing in artificial intelligence technologies to develop and enhance the services provided.


Webshare offers anonymous and private proxy servers for ChatGPT. Support for HTTP and SOCKS5 connection protocols ensures stable connectivity when using AI.

  • Static proxies from data centers, ISPs, and residential proxies are available.
  • Users can test proxy servers for free before purchasing a paid plan.
  • Fast proxies with speeds of 1 Gbps+ at an affordable cost.

Webshare's proxies are optimized to prevent DNS detection, ensuring a high level of anonymity for user profiles on ChatGPT.


This provider offers proxies for various user activities, suitable for seamless ChatGPT operation.

  • IPv4, ISP, and mobile proxies are available, ideal for multi-accounting and bypassing regional restrictions when working with AI.
  • The service offers proxy rental options starting from 3 days.
  • Customer technical support is available 24/7.

Unlimited traffic and support for HTTP/S and SOCKS5 connections ensure uninterrupted operation with ChatGPT accounts.


By utilizing proxies from this provider, users can gain access to the most demanding websites, including ChatGPT.

  • The service offers proprietary API interfaces.
  • Mobile, residential, and data center proxies are available for use with ChatGPT.
  • Round-the-clock technical support.

The provider boasts a large pool of fast addresses to tackle tasks of any complexity when working with ChatGPT and bypassing regional blocks.


For users employing ChatGPT, the provider offers all types of proxies capable of providing access and bypassing regional blocks.

  • Manage multiple ChatGPT accounts using mobile and residential proxies.
  • ISP and IPv4 proxies are available for accessing ChatGPT without IP blocks or captchas.
  • Flexible pricing policy and round-the-clock support.

Proxies from Smartproxy allow bypassing restrictions and geo-blocking since they provide IP addresses from more than 195 countries.

The article provides an overview of proxy providers offering IPs for users looking to start safe work with ChatGPT and eliminate regional restrictions. The widest range of different types for working with AI is offered by providers such as Proxy-Seller, Soax, BrightData, and Smartproxy. They offer a wide selection of mobile proxies, as well as residential ones. Webshare, Oxylabs, and Stormproxies primarily specialize in rotating proxy servers and have a range of tools for advanced user capabilities. To acquire proxies at the most advantageous cost, attention should be paid to providers like Proxy-IPv4, Youproxy, and Proxy-Sale. In turn, Proxy-Sale offers all types of proxies for ChatGPT.

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