Choosing the right proxy for access to Nike Snkrs

Sneaker enthusiasts often face challenges in acquiring desired models at local stores without significant markups. In such cases, the manufacturer's website becomes a primary option for purchase. However, buyers encounter pricing issues on the site, generally reflecting the average price of a specific region. Another significant hurdle is the regional restrictions on accessing Nike's website. To successfully purchase popular sneaker models at optimal prices, using proxy servers for online orders is advisable.

Why use proxies on the Nike site

Proxy servers serve several purposes on the site. Let's explore the best proxies for working with Nike.

Firstly, they allow users to bypass geographic restrictions set by the marketplace. This is relevant when some regions have access to exclusive products while others do not. By using a proxy from the desired country, such as the USA, users can connect to the site and access products unavailable in their region. To circumvent blocks, consider ISP proxies, provided by internet service providers and having a high level of trust.

Secondly, proxies can automate the purchasing process. Entrepreneurs might use specific programs - sneaker bots, to automatically add products to the cart and complete purchases. Using proxies with sneaker bots allows working with multiple profiles, each assigned a unique IP address. Thus, requests are distributed among different IPs, reducing the risk of marketplace blocking.

Sneaker hunting with proxies on Nike Snkrs

Sneaker hunting refers to the process of acquiring traditional and exclusive sneakers on Nike Snkrs. One of the primary tools for sneaker hunting is proxies, which can be set up in special bots working with the platform.

Nike Snkrs is a marketplace by Nike, allowing users to keep track of releases and exclusive sneaker drops. This opportunity is only available in certain markets, and often, there's a limited quantity of sneakers for each drop. For resellers, using sneaker bots - specialized programs or scripts automating the purchase process, becomes relevant. With their help, users buy sneakers for resale. Examples of such bots include Better Nike Bot, EasyCop, Another Nike Bot. Sneaker bots can complete a purchase in less than a second, automatically reading all information. By registering multiple profiles in the bot, resellers have the opportunity to be the first to acquire the desired model, then resell it at a significant markup. As the quantity of sneakers released on the site is limited, demand for popular models will be high.

To increase the speed of purchasing exclusive sneakers, it's recommended to use proxies with high trust - ISP, residential, or mobile, as they allow operations from a real user's perspective. Personal proxy servers provide a unique IP address and help bypass limits to automatically add products to the cart and complete purchases.

Using proxies can be a strategy that increases the chances of successfully purchasing sneakers on Nike Snkrs.

Top 10 proxy providers for accessing Nike


With proxies provided by Proxy-Seller, you can implement any idea for working with the Nike website.

  • Reliable ISP proxies are available for site access and bypassing regional restrictions.
  • Residential proxies from more than 200 countries worldwide for integration into sneaker bots.
  • Mobile proxies from the USA and Europe for creating and managing a large number of profiles.

The website features automatic discounts when purchasing proxy packages suitable for Nike.


BrightData is a provider offering a full range of proxies suitable for users wanting to purchase Nike sneakers.

  • Over 700,000+ reliable static residential proxies - ISP.
  • Residential proxies with a 99.99% uptime.
  • A large network of mobile proxies for working with sneaker bots.

The provider's support is ready to solve any customer problem or consider personal cooperation terms.


Ordinary users and resellers can ensure effective operation with Nike using stable proxies from Proxy-Sale.

  • The service offers residential proxies, allowing access to a multitude of IP addresses of the desired location, up to selecting a region and specific city.
  • Availability of ISP proxies for accessing the Nike marketplace.
  • 15+ locations of mobile proxies for multi-accounting and integration into sneaker bots.

The provider has round-the-clock customer support to assist in proxy settings and provide consultations.


This provider offers custom-designed proxies for working with sneaker bots, such as Nike Bot, Better Nike Bot, Another Nike Bot.

  • Specializes in dynamic proxies, which are relevant for multi-accounting.
  • Offers residential proxies from the USA and Europe for integration into sneaker bots.
  • Includes a test of 20 ports with a 2-hour money-back guarantee.

It's important to note that Stormproxies only provide HTTP(s) proxies.


Youproxy stands out from other providers offering proxies suitable for Nike due to its customer-friendly pricing policy.

  • Stable mobile proxies from the USA and European countries are available for sneaker bot integration.
  • Provides HTTP(s) and SOCKS5 connection protocols.
  • Round-the-clock customer support and assistance with proxy settings.

In addition to fixed prices on proxies, users are offered additional discounts for volume and long-term rentals.


Oxylabs offers a wide selection of proxies for accessing Nike Snkrs.

  • Available residential proxies are easy to integrate and manage when working with sneaker bots.
  • A broad selection of ISP proxy locations with more than 360,000 IP addresses.
  • Oxylabs' mobile proxy pool covers over 140 countries for effective work with multiple profiles and bots.

The service also provides its own tools and API, offering users extended functionality for working with proxies.


Webshare offers proxies supporting HTTP and SOCKS5 protocols for bypassing restrictions and accessing the Nike marketplace.

  • High-speed static ISP proxies with a high level of trust.
  • Residential proxies with a 99.9% uptime for stable operation in sneaker bots.
  • Access to over 195 locations of dynamic proxies for circumventing regional restrictions.

Working with this proxy provider minimizes the risk of IP blocks and CAPTCHAs.


At Proxy-IPv4, you can purchase proxies for working with Nike's app and website, as well as for bots.

  • Provides mobile proxies from the USA and European countries with unlimited traffic.
  • The possibility to rent proxy servers for a period from 3 days.
  • About 20 ISP proxy locations for unlocking Nike.

The provider's proxies are well-suited for working with sneaker bots and for purchases by ordinary users and resellers.


Soax is a provider of all current types of proxies for efficient procurement of Nike products.

  • ISP proxies from the USA with the option of address rotation.
  • Automated operation of mobile proxies using API access.
  • The service offers residential proxies for working with an unlimited number of simultaneous sessions and integration into sneaker bots.

The provider also has customer support for promptly addressing difficulties and providing consultations.


The provider offers IP addresses from around the world, with the option to select a specific city for unrestricted access to Nike.

  • Residential proxies from 195+ countries and 50 US states for working with sneaker bots.
  • Mobile proxies cover over 130 regions, allowing the operation of multiple accounts.
  • Fast ISP proxies provided by internet service providers for circumventing site limits and blocks.

The IP address database is updated monthly for efficient use by clients.

Taking into account the information provided about the providers, you can choose the optimal resource based on your objectives. Ordinary users looking to monitor the site and make purchases might want to consider providers like Proxy-IPv4, Youproxy, and Proxy-Sale, as their pricing policies are the most accessible. The largest suppliers of residential and mobile proxies are Proxy-Seller, Soax, BrightData, and Smartproxy, making them the optimal choice for resellers interested in acquiring multiple proxies for working with sneaker bots. Stormproxies has its own proxies specifically designed for working with bots and Nike. Oxylabs and Webshare also offer residential and ISP proxies for unrestricted access to the Nike Snkrs site and app.

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