Choosing a proxy to bypass restrictions in Zoom

Zoom is a versatile video conferencing platform that supports group chats, message boards, and integration with other instant messaging systems and platforms. It enables users to conduct virtual meetings, exchange messages and files, and record sessions for later review. Widely adopted in various sectors such as business, education, and healthcare, Zoom has gained substantial popularity, particularly in environments where remote work and learning have become prevalent. This tool has become essential for organizations and individual users adapting to new ways of communication and collaboration in a digitally connected world.

The importance of proxies for using Zoom

Using a proxy with Zoom can offer several advantages, particularly for users facing access restrictions or those concerned about data privacy. Here are the primary reasons why employing a proxy for Zoom can be beneficial:

  • Bypass regional restrictions: in certain countries or regions, access to Zoom might be restricted or blocked entirely. A proxy enables access to the service by routing your connection through IP addresses from other regions where Zoom is available.
  • Enhanced connection speed and stability: a proxy can help optimize the routing of your connection, potentially reducing packet loss and lowering ping times, which improves the overall quality of the video conferencing experience.
  • Increased security and anonymity: private proxies can safeguard your data by masking your real IP address and encrypting your traffic. This is crucial for users who prioritize the confidentiality of their communications. Using Zoom with an anonymous profile further enhances privacy, achieving a higher degree of anonymity.

Proxies are thus quite popular among Zoom users, especially those needing to circumvent geo-restrictions and access the platform freely. Setting up a proxy on Zoom is straightforward — the client can automatically detect your proxy settings. However, when logging into Zoom, you may need to enter your proxy username and password.

For video calls through Zoom, private proxies are recommended because they offer the necessary level of security and protection. Next, we will explore some of the most popular proxy providers that offer private proxies suitable for Zoom.

Top 10 proxy providers for Zoom

You can select the best proxy provider for video conferencing by considering the top proxy providers that offer specialized solutions for Zoom users. These providers are equipped to enhance the Zoom experience, ensuring better access, increased security, and improved connection stability.


Proxy-Seller provides a diverse range of private proxies suited for various applications, including Zoom:

  • Offers mobile LTE proxies from real mobile operators in Europe, Asia, America, and Australia, with options for time-based or link-based rotation.
  • Supplies residential proxies with ISP-level geotargeting from more than 220 countries, featuring up to 40,000 ports and a 99% uptime guarantee.
  • Provides ISP proxies from various regions with unlimited bandwidth and a dedicated 1GB/s channel.

The service includes remote proxy setup assistance, 24/7 technical support, and options for IP address replacement and returns.


BrightData stands out as a leading provider with an extensive selection of proxy solutions:

  • Delivers ISP proxies ideal for video conferencing, boasting a pool of over 700,000 addresses, fast response times, high uptime, and no bandwidth restrictions.
  • Offers residential proxies from a pool of over 70 million addresses, with city/provider-level geo-targeting, ethically sourced.
  • Features a proprietary browser extension compatible with all popular browsers, facilitating easy IP address rotation.

BrightData is known for its vast array of tools, large IP pools, and flexible subscription plans.


Proxy-Sale is known for its affordability and variety of proxy options suited for video conferencing and messaging platforms:

  • Provides static ISP proxies that ensure a high level of anonymity, offering random IP issuance without traffic restrictions. Proxies can be purchased individually or as a package for specific countries.
  • Hosts many free tools on its site that assist in checking connection quality for video calls, enhancing anonymity, and testing the functionality of purchased proxies.
  • Features residential proxies from over 200 countries with no speed or flow restrictions, enabling unrestricted access to resources without captchas or blocks.

Proxy-Sale is renowned for its exceptional customer support, competitively priced proxy packages, and robust solutions for social media and instant messaging platforms.


Stormproxies is one of the leading proxy providers in the international market and specializes in providing different types of US proxies:

  • Residential dynamic backconnect proxies with unlimited bandwidth and IP address rotation with each new request.
  • Data center proxy with support for up to 100 simultaneous streams, optimal for use in Zoom and other instant messengers.
  • Highly anonymous dynamic US proxies with automatic address rotation every 3 minutes and a 1 GB/s channel without restrictions on the number of flows from a pool of 700 thousand addresses.

A feature of the provider is the binding of purchased proxies to one device, regardless of the type of proxy, updating the pool of available addresses every 7 days, and the possibility of a refund within the first day after purchase.


Youproxy specializes in providing high-speed private HTTPS/SOCKS5 proxies for social networks and instant messengers:

  • Mobile proxies with the option to select an operator, rotation by time or by link, support for all sites and programs, including Zoom, and the ability to control via API.
  • Static resident ISP proxies with a high level of anonymity from 22 countries with the ability to issue proxies from different subnets, without traffic restrictions.
  • Individual private IPv4 data center proxies with a high level of anonymity from more than 20 countries with automatic selection and connection of IP addresses.

The website has a set of sections with promotional codes for different types of proxies and countries, and a 24-hour support service is always ready to help.


Oxylabs specializes in providing proxies for a variety of purposes, offering a wide range of products and tools that will benefit Zoom users:

  • Residential proxies with a pool of more than 100 million addresses and a declared uptime of 99%.
  • ISP proxy for video conferencing with a wide selection of locations, with rotation of IP addresses, and support for the SOCKS5 protocol from a pool of 300 thousand addresses.
  • Highly anonymous private data center IPv4 proxies with free geotargeting from 188 countries.

Users note the service for its high connection stability, high-quality support service, and the presence of a convenient browser extension.


Webshare offers premium proxy servers tailored for various applications including instant messaging, social networks, and coworking platforms like Zoom:

  • Provides highly anonymous IPv4 data center proxies supporting HTTPS/SOCKS5 protocols, ideal for secure and stable Zoom calls.
  • Offers static ISP proxies with a pool of over 100 thousand IP addresses, featuring high speed and unlimited bandwidth for uninterrupted communication.
  • Delivers residential proxies from 195+ countries, ensuring a high trust factor for users needing reliable connections.

Webshare is praised for the stability of its solutions and the quality of its technical support.


Proxy-IPv4 offers diverse proxy solutions that can enhance access to Zoom:

  • Features an extensive pool of IPv4 proxies with the capability for random address issuance, optimizing connectivity.
  • Provides mobile proxies from more than 15 countries, allowing users to choose their preferred operator and rotation intervals, with unlimited traffic.
  • Supplies reliable ISP proxies that offer a high level of trust, ensuring secure and private communication.

The provider maintains a flexible pricing policy and offers effective 24/7 technical support.


Soax offers robust proxy solutions to enhance the security and anonymity of Zoom video conferences:

  • Boasts a vast pool of IP addresses from over 200 geolocations, ideal for bypassing regional restrictions.
  • Offers private IPv4 proxies with free geo-targeting and a declared 99% uptime, suitable for long and stable video communication sessions.
  • Provides residential proxies from 195+ countries, compatible with all popular social networks and instant messaging platforms.

Soax ensures users can rely on stable connections free from common connectivity issues.


Smartproxy allows the purchase of various types of proxies that support anonymity during Zoom calls:

  • Offers fast static ISP proxies from internet service providers, perfect for circumventing regional blocks.
  • Supplies mobile proxies from over 700 cellular network operators across 160+ locations, suitable for a range of uses.
  • Provides residential proxies from more than 195 countries, with a pool of over 50 million IP addresses, facilitating easy bypass of geographic restrictions.

Smartproxy's solutions enable users to make calls seamlessly from nearly any location globally, enhancing the usability of Zoom in restricted areas.

After reading the overview of providers, users can decide in favor of the most suitable proxy and provider for making Zoom calls. Based on the recommendations and analyzing the list of the ten best proxy providers, we can state that the providers Proxy-Seller, BrightData, Oxylabs, and Soax have the largest selection of available locations. The most affordable solutions on the market are provided by Proxy-Sale, Proxy-IPv4, and Youproxy providers. Proxy-Seller, BrightData, Webshare, Oxylabs, and Smartproxy providers have the largest address pools.

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