Choosing a proxy for unblocking LinkedIn access

LinkedIn serves as a platform for professional networking, job searching, and exploring brands and competitors. It is the largest professional social network that has been successfully operating for over 17 years, offering users the ability to create profiles showcasing their achievements, work experience, and skills, as well as to connect with other professionals and participate in thematic groups. However, access to LinkedIn may be restricted or blocked in some countries. To address this issue, using proxy servers can be considered.

Why use a proxy for LinkedIn

Often, access issues to LinkedIn can be related to legal restrictions or political reasons. Access to the platform may also be limited in certain local networks, such as in offices, schools, universities. If a user's IP address has been blocked by the platform due to overly active use or other violations, a proxy can help change the IP and bypass the blockage. Unblocking LinkedIn and lifting restrictions can be achieved using static residential proxies - ISP, as they simulate the connection of a real user by displaying a real provider.

Proxies can be used for mass data collection from LinkedIn, including gathering information about user profiles, companies, and job listings. Typically, various bots and scrapers are used for data parsing. Using multiple profiles from one IP address can violate the platform's policy and lead to a ban. To avoid such scenarios, it is recommended to use residential proxies with a high trust level. Residential proxies offer the ability to obtain a large number of IP addresses with the option to choose the exact location, down to the region and city.

Large companies and entrepreneurs can use proxies to optimize business processes on LinkedIn, for example, for promotion and managing multiple accounts. Therefore, dynamic mobile proxies are suitable for multi-accounting. IP address rotation ensures safe operation on the platform without drawing attention to the user's activities.

In summary, selecting the right proxy for LinkedIn depends on the specific needs and tasks at hand. Whether it's for unblocking access, data scraping, or multi-account management, choosing the appropriate type of proxy (ISP, residential, or mobile) can enhance the effectiveness and safety of activities on LinkedIn.

Top 10 proxy providers for accessing LinkedIn

We suggest considering a list of top providers for accessing LinkedIn.


For lead generation and development on LinkedIn, Proxy-Seller offers the following proxies:

  • ISP from more than 15 countries worldwide.
  • Dedicated and shared mobile proxies from the USA and Europe with unlimited traffic for multi-accounting.
  • Residential proxies for LinkedIn scraping, with access to 200+ locations.

The service provides automatic discounts when purchasing proxy packages for LinkedIn.


BrightData, a provider with specialized tools for web scraping, is relevant for working with LinkedIn.

  • Effective mobile proxies can be used for multi-accounting.
  • ISP proxies to circumvent LinkedIn's limits and restrictions.
  • Residential proxies with a wide choice of locations for working with parsers and scrapers.

The provider offers documentation for developers and the possibility of proxy integration into third-party custom software.


This provider offers affordable prices on all necessary proxies for creating and developing profiles on LinkedIn.

  • Mobile proxies from 15+ countries for mass profile registration.
  • Residential proxies with the option to choose IP addresses from any country in the world for data scraping from LinkedIn.
  • Static ISP proxies for long-term account management.

The provider's technical support is available 24/7 for prompt resolution of client requests.


For LinkedIn, Stormproxies offers residential proxies with the following advantages:

  • Rotation every 5 minutes for effective LinkedIn data web scraping.
  • The option to choose IP addresses from the USA or EU countries.
  • Optimized residential proxies for platform parsing using any special bot created in PHP, Curl, Python, Ruby, or any other language.

These proxies operate on IP authorization, and "user:pass" authentication is not available for these proxies. Each package can be used from a maximum of 1 computer.


Youproxy offers mobile proxies from the USA and Europe for multi-accounting and parsing on LinkedIn.

  • The service provides prompt customer support for any questions and proxy settings for LinkedIn.
  • Offers a customer-friendly pricing policy for cost-effective proxy purchases.
  • Implements a refund within 24 hours upon customer request.

This provider is an optimal solution for specialists engaged in multi-accounting on LinkedIn.


Oxylabs has proxy servers and proprietary tools for web scraping relevant to LinkedIn.

  • ISP proxies available for platform access and profile registrations.
  • A large pool of mobile proxies, counting over 20 million addresses for parsing.
  • Oxylabs provides an API for collecting and analyzing LinkedIn data.

The provider's proxies ensure high-speed LinkedIn data parsing, simulating organic user behavior.


Webshare offers residential and ISP proxies for comprehensive work with LinkedIn.

  • Private proxy servers supporting HTTP and SOCKS5 protocols.
  • A trial period to determine the optimal type of proxy for user tasks on the platform.
  • Webshare proxies allow managing multiple accounts without raising suspicions from LinkedIn's security system.

The provider offers fast proxies for LinkedIn with easy management in a special panel.


Effective multi-accounting and parsing on LinkedIn at an optimal price are possible with proxy servers from Proxy-IPv4.

  • ISP proxies for bypassing restrictions and seamless development on the platform.
  • Mobile proxies from Europe and the USA for registering a large number of profiles.
  • Refunds within a day for customer convenience.

Round-the-clock technical support for clients and assistance in proxy settings are provided.


Soax offers a large database of proxy servers and tools suitable for data parsing and job searching on LinkedIn.

  • ISP proxies for account registrations and long-term management.
  • Automated data extraction from LinkedIn without manual input via the provider's API.
  • Residential proxies for captcha-free data collection and scraper operations.

This provider specializes in offering proxies and tools designed for complex data collection tasks and managing multiple profiles.


Smartproxy allows the purchase of ISP and mobile proxies that help users circumvent restrictions and grow on the LinkedIn platform.

  • Mobile proxies with a 99.99% uptime for quality multi-accounting and scraping under heavy load and intense traffic.
  • CAPTCHA bypass and prevention of IP bans on LinkedIn with Smartproxy tools.
  • A free trial period with a money-back guarantee within two weeks.

Smartproxy provides easy-to-use tools for parsing and multi-accounting.

After reviewing the information about the providers, choosing a proxy for LinkedIn becomes easier.

To access the platform and explore job opportunities, clients can purchase ISP proxies, and for more complex tasks - residential and mobile proxies. Based on the pricing policy, the most accessible proxies are provided by Proxy-IPv4, Proxy-Sale, and Youproxy. Providers like Proxy-Seller, BrightData, Webshare, and Stormproxies possess large pools of residential proxies. Users interested in additional tools for data collection from LinkedIn should consider Soax, Smartproxy, and Oxylabs.

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