Choosing a proxy & VPN for access to Facebook

Since Facebook is one of the leading global social networks offering opportunities for audiences to explore news feeds, view content, as well as for numerous SMM specialists, arbitrators, and advertising professionals to conduct business activities, the need for VPNs to unlock access or proxy servers as a key tool for entrepreneurial activity on Facebook arises, especially as access to the resource is blocked in some countries.

Why use a proxy on Facebook

Proxies on Facebook are mostly used for commercial activities and profile promotion to attract a new audience for selling products or services. Specialists engaged in multi-accounting resort to using anti-detect browsers and automation services, where individual IP addresses are an integral part. For profile promotion, bots and various software like HubSpot, MassPlanner, Followlike, Facedominator are widely used. Their active operation draws the social network moderators' attention due to a large number of actions: mass liking, mass following, and commenting, putting the profile at risk of being blocked. To avoid such scenarios, it's recommended to use a separate private proxy for each profile, ensuring that the work of others isn't halted if one account is lost.

Proxies for unblocking Facebook ADS

Individual proxies allow ordinary users to unblock Facebook for viewing and posting content, as well as to bypass restrictions set at the country, company, university, or school level. For advertisers, multi-accounting is an important aspect of Facebook profile promotion, but user activity tracking systems are becoming more sophisticated, increasing the risk of getting banned. By evenly distributing the number of requests among IP addresses, the risk of bans can be minimized, so users should prepare the necessary number of proxies. Suitable options include:

  • Data center IPv4s - optimal for ordinary users, ensuring access to Facebook and content viewing.
  • ISP- provided by regular ISPs and relevant for creating and using accounts with minimal block risk, as the proxy has a high trust level.
  • Mobile - with the rotation of thousands of IP addresses, useful for working with a large number of profiles, various bots, and programs.
  • Residential - have the highest level of trust as they use addresses of real users worldwide, which any security system won't easily block, allowing for the most efficient data collection for promotion.

IPv6 data center proxies are also worth mentioning as they support work with Facebook, but their connection speed is significantly lower compared to the others, making them less effective and thus cheaper. In this case, residential and mobile proxies are the most efficient because the social network identifies them as real user IPs.

Top 5 proxy providers for accessing Facebook

To choose the best proxy for your Facebook needs, consider the following list of providers.


Proxy-Seller offers a wide selection of proxies supporting stable HTTP/S and SOCKS5 connection protocols.

  • The service provides residential proxies, allowing the generation of thousands of IPs from 200+ countries for information gathering.
  • Mobile proxies from the USA and Europe with unlimited traffic for managing a large number of Facebook profiles.
  • The company offers a personal manager for corporate clients engaged in brand promotion on Facebook.

Thanks to prompt customer support, users can receive consultations and proxy setting assistance 24/7.


BrightData provides proprietary tools for information gathering and stable proxies for Facebook.

  • ISP proxies - 160+ thousand IP addresses for long-term use of Facebook accounts.
  • Available residential proxies - 72+ million IP addresses from 195 countries for data parsing and bot operations.
  • Mobile proxies for managing a large number of accounts as real users.

The provider's server uptime of 99.99% ensures efficient operation with Facebook.


Proxy-Sale offers users access to Facebook through fast proxies and guarantees their performance.

  • Mobile proxies from more than 20 countries for collecting data on the target audience on social networks.
  • Residential proxies for working with bots and attracting traffic.
  • IPv4 and ISP for bypassing restrictions and accessing Facebook.

The provider encourages users by offering automated discounts when purchasing proxy packages.


Stormproxies offers US proxies for working with Facebook, with other locations currently not available for the social network.

  • Residential proxies for mass account registration and traffic bots.
  • IPv4 for bypassing Facebook blockages.
  • Channel bandwidth of 1 GB, optimized for high performance under heavy load.

Customers can request a refund within 24 hours of purchase.


Youproxy provides a variety of personal proxy subnets for Facebook at optimal prices.

  • Over 30 countries' IPv4 proxies for bypassing Facebook's regional blocks.
  • The service offers unlimited mobile proxies for multi-accounting and bot operations.
  • Round-the-clock support and assistance in proxy setup.

Youproxy's proxy servers support HTTP/S and SOCKS5 protocols, ideal for simple surfing as well as for Facebook promotion tools.

Top 5 VPN providers for Facebook

To bypass regional restrictions and access Facebook, check out the following VPNs.


Using SurfShark, your internet provider won't know you're using a VPN, ensuring constant privacy when working with Facebook.

  • Bypasses regional blocks for access to Facebook.
  • No restrictions on the number of devices connected simultaneously.
  • Compatible with operating systems: iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, Linux, FireTV, and browsers Chrome and Firefox.

A trial period is offered for user convenience.


HotspotShield allows access to Facebook and content viewing from anywhere in the world.

  • Works with 10 devices simultaneously.
  • A free tariff is available.
  • Provides access to numerous global servers with unlimited bandwidth for stable surfing on Facebook.

The service encrypts all user data and keeps no records of internet activity.


NordVPN is one of the most reliable providers, offering double encryption and spam blocking for user comfort when working with Facebook.

  • Supports operating systems: Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android TV, Linux, Chrome, Firefox.
  • Offers 6000+ servers to bypass Facebook blocks and select the optimal location.
  • Detects malicious software upon downloading.

The service allows connecting up to six devices and ensures confidential access to Facebook, even when using public Wi-Fi networks.


TunnelBear unlocks access to Facebook by changing the user's virtual location.

  • Allows use of up to 5 devices for free.
  • Content viewing without long loading times and buffering.
  • TunnelBear supports Facebook on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Opera, Chrome, and Firefox.

The service features an auto-launch function at system startup for convenient use.


Speedify is the fastest VPN, thanks to its ability to switch to other networks, like mobile data or Bluetooth, if the main connection is interrupted.

  • The function of combining multiple internet sources improves the quality of live streams and content viewing on Facebook.
  • To bypass restrictions, connection points are available in more than 50 cities and 35 countries.
  • Traffic is fully encrypted across all connected devices.

Speedify allows free access to Facebook and functionalities in blocked social networks.

The mentioned VPN services and proxy providers offer the possibility to bypass restrictions and access Facebook. The choice of the optimal resource depends on the user's specific task. Residential and mobile proxies for efficient bot operation can be found with providers like Proxy-Seller, BrightData, and Proxy-Sale. Youproxy offers proxies at the most affordable prices for Facebook account registrations, while Stormproxies has IPv4 and residential proxy servers.

Speedify is the fastest VPN for working with Facebook. Providers like SurfShark and HotspotShield possess the most extensive functionalities with a free trial period. NordVPN's specialization is 100% user security without the risk of detection, and TunnelBear ensures comfortable content page viewing without buffering.

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